Lion’s Gate, Crystalline Merge, Equinox Pull

meme-wonderGood Morning Light Tribe,

We gained tremendous momentum and a new, stronger alignment with crystalline activity over the weekend. I had such a grounded, unified and blissful recognition of Self and existence in the Shining Ones vortex during the Lion’s Gate peak – I invite you to sit with the imagery above as a true depiction of this current portal and passage. Light radiance in the form of a perpetual wave activity marinating the body temple, activating new sequences within, illuminating the mind and expanding the pineal stargate with Divine lightcodes of remembrance and higher wisdom.

As I climbed and wound around and over lapped this new trail/grid system in the shining ones woods, I was impressed deep in the knowing of my Soul how adept I am becoming in walking in the mystery. Remember, metaphor is the language of the Light – learning to feel what you hear and see what you know vibrationally is an essential step in aligning with the vertical dispensation and your own highest Mastery at this time in your ascension. If you have been following this activity with me via the webcast and blogs, new trails have appeared in the equivalent of 5th World in the feminine quadrant of this vast acreage of forestry. I have only been on these trails once and already know every connecting spiral, winding over and through 3 different valleys (ie dimensional rise and fall)  – moving effortlessly along this terrestrial serpent as if it were my own nature and being. In the mystery, the human nature and the truest nature of the earth mother, are one. Like water following the timeless flow of a river, unimpeded, without resistance, unceasing.

I have discovered a cave, earth dwelling, a canyon passage (a narrow pathway through 8 foot high rock) and many more of the massive rock that comprise the ancient site. Remember, the ancient site is in the central quadrant of this forest – it sits atop the central column trail. This new grid system and ancient rock are in the feminine quadrant. NEW IS ANCHORING DOWN into plain site – to be accessed and worked with by more of the human faction. I have been sitting where guided – all along the trail – climbing up on the massive boulders and running a tube of light frequency from the Galactic Center, through my body and into the earth much like the picture you see above. It changes her harmonics to do so – or perhaps the configuration of my current vibration, with these new frequencies and the changes in the earth grid are making these harmonics more audible. Whatever the case, the result is pure love -an anointed bliss that makes seeing the new earth movement and passages more visible – crystal clear in nature. A new reality of immense beauty, palpable and treasured beauty is here, calling us inward and up above, simultaneously – we are climbing the ascending spiral of Self within – to be the new seers and stewards of a very different earth experience. It is all so very much – so very profound and filled with inexplicable, but deeply felt Light.

I invite you to meditate on the meme and visual included with this blog – each of the people called to the activity and intention of the New Human Equinox Initiative will be working with this effervescent column of light frequency and acquiring new and deft ability with the pineal stargate. Know that the new humans choosing ascension at this time ARE the golden children of a new Golden Age of Light, brand new, fearless, filled with wonder and the joy of authentic beingness. The Return to the Golden Age – the path back is one of incredible beauty and grace… things that affect the heart. The energies in the Shining Ones vortex will change your experience of your Self and the world around you for it IS the essence of heart consciousness. The Golden Age is coming to the earth – it is alchemical. We will be working with this alchemy for the Fall Equinox, creating an alchemical conduit for the final of the Blood Moon Gates. Atlantis had this golden alchemy – yet it is this current humanity with greater opening through the senses, the sensory heart, that has the capacity to at long last actualize the Golden Age.

You are encouraged to spend 5 minutes as you go to bed, from now up to the Fall Equinox, remembering the beauty of the day, each and every day. The old world condemns mistakes, the new world learns from them. “Wonder is returning to our world. Higher life, greater potential, ancient wisdom. A New Earth and family of Light are closer than has ever been the possibility for our species to Actualize.” This is true life and it is here with us, right now. Hold this remembrance in your pineal’s Light daily and listen for the genuine and exquisite ways this passage is calling you to the wonder of Divine New Human, experience and Life.

One Love, One World, Peace within and without,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

***NEW WEBCAST THIS SUNDAY – 8/16, 11:11 eastern – more of August energies and deepening in this amazing activation and ascension passage – preparing for Fall Equinox!! Join us!!

*** And for your convenience – Replay of guest spot on ATHN 8/4 –

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  1. Karen says:

    888 YES *** YES *** YES 888
    May I have the eyes to see & the ears to hear this New Earth RE`sonance of Wonder & Beauty ~ by Thy Divine Grace ~ Blessed BE ((((((((+))))))))

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