New Moon, New Energies, New You

spiritual-1WOW!! AMAZING NOW! And regardless of the current details and feelings in your experience – this NOW and this WOW belong to you – and nothing can or will take that Truth from you. Push through, there are planes of BLISS with your name on them!

Today is a New Moon and this one is all about refining what is truly important, what belongs to the Authentic Self while allowing the excess to fall away. I will expound on this energetic in Sunday’s webcast but essentially it is looking at your life as if it were a giant jigsaw puzzle – with some pieces neatly in their spot and a whole lotta OTHER pieces waiting around for you to find their spot! lol The SHIFT point being, that we are in such new spaces with so much repatterning internally and permanent SHIFT to new dimensional spaces… the many or most of the pieces of your puzzle lying in wait no longer fit the new you are merging into! That includes new beliefs, new attitudes, a new relationship with your emotions and power and the people around you and most especially so, your SELF! Aren’t we having so much fun!!

So, the energies of this New Moon, entering @ 8:53am mountain, are in support of you finding a new sense of Whole, within your Self and your life. This is a Leo Moon with Venus conjunct the Sun which is all about the heart – manifesting with the heart – and it is an optimal time for you to discern which pieces of the puzzle fit effortlessly and support your path… and which ones have served their purpose, are connected to old or perhaps belong to someone else and thus, no longer fit the new path of heart you are walking.

Be especially loving, nurturing, forgiving and PATIENT with your Self and life in general, as many things are still in process and feeling unsettled. This is an OK place to be! With the Lion’s Gate still reverberating and now a Leo Moon upon us, all this lion energy connects us to our ability to be in our power with courage, to communicate our presence with fierce love and align our intention with action and wisdom.

Happy New Moon and DO PLAN TO JOIN US for a New webcast this Sunday! I promise it will be extra special and fill you with gratifying Peace.

Unifying Our Higher Levels – this Sunday, 8/16. 11:11am eastern

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  1. Michele says:

    Thank you again for lighting up the pathway.

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