The Roar Of Joy



The roar of joy that set the worlds in motion
Is reverberating in your body
And the space between all bodies.
Beloved, listen.

Find that exuberant vibration
Rising new in every moment,
Humming in your secret places,
Resounding through the channels of delight.
Know you are flooded by it always.

Float with the sound.
Melt with it into divine silence.
The sacred power of space will carry you
Into the dancing radiant emptiness
That is the source of all.
The ocean of sound is inviting you
Into its spacious embrace,
Calling you home.

(gratitude to Lorin Roche for translation)
and to Sierra Hollister, Sun Lotus Kundalini @ Asheville Yoga for the Yukti’s she shares.

Practice: Listen to pranava , the hum of expansive joy. This sound is everywhere, including inside of you. Notice the sounds of delight that others make: ahhh , ohhh , mmm ~ what is your sound of delight? The sound that you make in delight ~ whatever the delight ~ is your natural pranava. You want your mantra to feel like it not only comes from within you, but also leads you there.

symbol-tattoo-designs-927761~ there is a voice that doesn’t use words……. listen ~

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3 comments on “The Roar Of Joy
  1. Diana Donovan says:

    Ahhhh- this is wonderful DeAnne! Honoring the sounds and my natural pranava -what a great idea and practice. Thank you 🙂

  2. Karen says:

    I WILL ((((((((+))))))))

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