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11889642_10207694572864954_4017064727978019740_nGood Morning New Humans,

I AM expressing a moment of gratitude for all who aligned with and held their intentions high for the Cosmic Trigger just passed. It was incredibly powerful and revelatory in effect on our individual and collective journeys. To say we are sufficiently and effectively launched into the Equinox Gate pales in relation to the demand of our focus over the next month as we aim for Clarity and Mastery in the way we perceive, engage and embrace our journeys from this moment forward.

In the revelatory aspect of this present surge of activity emanating from our Sun, you want to pay attention when similar messages persist in showing up in very diverse circumstance of your reality. These are messages we need to get in order to move up and maintain new levels of embodiment. During this latest Cosmic Trigger, the teachings of this New Human Paradigm were loud and clear and many, be it out in nature or within guided vortex experiences, in newly acquired mantras or simply observing those we share the journey with… and each one of those messages, Divine Guidance, had to do with a deepening awareness of embodiment and our necessary merge with the esoteric, the Mystery, the fullness of who we are.

So, the next New Human Transmission will delve into this Divine Merge, what it really looks and feels like to emancipate our bodies, minds and emotions from separation and the natural consequences of doing so. It is so important to understand that not only do we go through certain phases of spiritual development in the journey from human back to spirit, but that that process is greatly accelerated in this NOW. The key or clue, however you wish to frame this phenomenon – but the key is understanding that with this Divine Merge, we are not leaving any aspect behind, that is just more duality. We must be consciously working with the physical, mental, emotion, spiritual and esoteric qualities in equal measure, bringing mastery to the fullness of who we are and in so doing, emerge as a new being in new relationship to our power and to all life.

On the final day of this Cosmic Trigger Shift, I had a very purposeful and reverberating encounter with a young donkey. I was riding my bike through the rural valleys east of my home. I have ridden these back roads for years and have never had this encounter before and yet, right there on the side of the road munching on a pile of corn husks, was this precious little donkey. I, of course, laid my bike down and went to visit and have a conversation with said donkey. It was totally unimpressed with my presence – it just stood, twitching its ears and staring at me as it chomped on its mid-morning snack! I was completely filled up in that moment, I wasn’t looking for any lasting impressions. But the energy of the encounter stayed with me, I kept seeing the penetrating stare of the donkey and those big twitching ears – as if to challenge me, “was I seeing and hearing” what there was to gain from this not so ordinary encounter.

This is the message the donkey came to share into this now with its X Flares and M Flares and C Flares, into this passage of beyond powerful Cosmic Triggers and potentially life altering Equinox Gates. First and foremost, IT IS TIME TO NOT BE CONTENT AND COMPLACENT while walking the road to your goal. Donkey teaches much about patience and humility – they have wisdom and teach when to use it with Divine timing. The donkey appears to aid in realizing outer recognition of inner potential and the strength that comes from internal fortitude. And finally, donkey medicine teaches how to move with the flow and allow Spirit to work/trusting one’s strengths and listening with both the head and the heart. The donkey is a master of intuition.

This felt important to share – for the energy it conveys. I invite you to meditate on these offerings from the animal kingdom in the new spaces created by this sudden burst of activity and boost we have now aligned with. Again, the next month will be a whirlwind of movement, change, split second opportunity you will not have time to deliberate on and FOCUS, FOCUS with the intention of CLARITY, FOCUS with the intention of MASTERY in how we engage life.

Mark your calendar NOW for the next New Human Transmission: Merging With the Esoteric, Mastery Level Embodiment September 6th, 11:11am eastern

One Love, Light Of Peace,


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