Thinning Veils, Collapsing Worlds


Good Morning Light Tribe,

I see now the importance of staying focused and quiet, following the energies and remaining off-line during the Equinox Blood Moon week of brilliance. What a week we both manifested as a humanity and were gifted with. Indeed, everything is different.

There was a big Shift yesterday, October 1, the integration of the Equinox for the most part is complete and the vertical dispensation became a floodgate once again, filling our New Human potential with this incredible font of higher insight, revelation, wonder and wisdom that our vibration could and would not have been able to access prior to this final week of September. Just a lot of surrender and magic, love and new sight on the realms of existence that are overlapping with the known, the presence of off-worlders from various dimensions whisper through the veils such that you cannot deny their presence. I AM so excited and with this new level of data stream pouring in like a river, know I have some grounding and centering yet to do to fully own the new in my body temple. I AM delighted to take that on, me and the Mother!

What I know for SURE is that the New Human Consciousness has bumped up to a new level, for now we will go with The New Human 2.0  – which will be the theme of the next New Human Transmission. I have so much more insight and embodied awareness of additional attributes and expressions of this new human potential – which of course changes the whole PLAYING field of my life – and the many who are called to this new potential of existence. Plan now to join me for this truly brand new dispensation of energies next Sunday, October 11th, 11:11 am Eastern. Along with all the new layers and levels of what it means to be a New Human, I was also downloaded with the most incredible blessed and beautiful meditation to accompany this newest capacity of being human, it is definitely a Mastery Meditation, surrendering the last vestiges of our fear and separation to the Mother and to the Mystery, becoming One with Divine Radiance. That alone will inform the body, mind and spirit of the new atmosphere we are in and the responsibility we have to step into it, NOW!

Finally, Bodhi and I found a window inbetween the rains to go and be with the Mother yesterday. I was strongly guided to the masculine quadrant of the Shining Ones woods to work with the social matrix, 3D world and energies. More on that in this coming show – but for this moment and to share with you here, we had a simply treasured experience of encounter with a baby elephant! 😉

Yep, you heard me right. I was called off path and over to this tree that was oozing mystical energy and light – and found myself staring into the face of a baby elephant – simply precious in frequency and gift from the vibrational world. It was a moment that captured how thin the veils are and how all the worlds that seem so separate and foreign to the conscious thinking mind, are collapsing and merging and revealing new insights about the true nature of humankind. NEW HUMAN, indeed!

I could not wait to get home and discover the traits of elephant, although my mind did not need that piece to receive the fullness of this gift! Elephants reflect LONG LIFE, they are strong but peaceful, they have the ability to remember long lost friends, acquaintances from long ago! 🙂 Are you smiling with me here? They are unbelievably great swimmers, they resolve to overcome obstacles and learn by observing, taking nothing personally.

Seeing and feeling this baby elephant in the Shining Ones woods filled me with the understanding of what the Shining Ones mean and have been sharing about a “new living language.” We will no longer depend upon the 5 senses to explore and take in and understand the nature of reality – a new experience is unfolding beyond the limitations we are bound by in the denser planes. I understand the “unbelievably great swimmer” energetically as a new human trait in being able to move through the waters of consciousness without getting pulled into old belief and understanding. With the New Human Equinox gathering I can affirm that we are INDEED, remembering long lost friends and family and beginning to come together in new ways. That it was a distinctly baby elephant reflects we are at the BEGINNING of a very long new life, one in which we no longer fall into the trap of our “egoic needs” but move through space and time as a river flowing without beginning and without end.

Yes, I feel the integration portal of the Equinox Blood Moon Gate shifting into a bountiful time of receiving as a NEW HUMAN. I AM grateful to be journeying with the many of you, also embodying the traits and gifts of a New Humanity. I look forward to sharing these new human traits and revelations of The New Human 2.0 October 11th! Come and bring the Light of your radiance to join in the intention of new life and the experience of a new world, new Earth and new humanity. It is time.

One Love, Light of Eternity,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones



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7 comments on “Thinning Veils, Collapsing Worlds
  1. Chantal says:

    I am smiling with you widely 🙂
    Much love and appreciation for all your sharing and teaching.


  2. beshelja says:

    Wow, love this sharing! I went camping last week and encountered a young male moose bull crossing my path. It’s given me strength, as i am feeling very dizzy this week and it is really a challenge to be around people and back at my job. Giving me messages about what i know no longer feeds me, also realizing some fear around that. hmm, guess i was looking for the all-magical post-blood moon : ) Your sharing grounds me back, thanks. Judith

  3. Marianne says:

    This so resonates…so beautiful. After having read a book this summer about Elephant ‘Sanctuaries’, the picture of the baby elephant lit me up:)
    The description of elephant energy gives me more to ponder on the dance between the flighty ego and sacred empowerment…..that elephant has no ego and is so powerful and – not mentioned in your description – has such strong group alliances (the females) supports your/our deep quest for New Human’s supporting each other in groups, for the larger Earth Family. The baby elephant encourages me to know we are evolving, encourages me to continue to use my power to evolve – in the most loving and gentle and authentic way possible.
    Once again – thank you! Namaste 🙂

  4. Kathleen says:

    I will most certainly be joining you, the 11thh is my birthday. What a great gift! Thank you in advance DeAnne✨?✨

  5. Joyful Judy Wollam says:

    I love elephants and what they stand for. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your encounter.

    My meditations are better since I got back from the Fall Equinox Event.

    Oh, the wonderous adventures we all are going to have!


  6. Karen says:

    OM Ganesha ((((((((+))))))))

    • DeAnne says:

      OMMMMM Ganesha, indeed. And a baby!This experience and the day still reverberate in my being – that a heart can be so filled with gratitude, a new dimension of peace marinates us as we become NEW beings! ?

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