Becoming A New Radiance

20151014_140434Blessings Beloved Shining Ones,

You have perhaps been feeling it for days, like the waves on the ocean beginning to swell, creating more of an impact on our bodies, perceptions (mind) and desires (heart). If you have not yet received the memo, this new Light will not be denied. As I talked about in the current New Human transmission, there was a reset of consciousness and energy that anchored in the grid on October 1st, the gifts and realizations of the Equinox/Blood Moon Gate continue to roll out as a golden radiance filling up more and more of the 3D/low 4D with energy for re-creation. If you are paying attention and walking into each day with newness, allowing for change and new expresssion into the nooks and crannies of your known – then you are noticing the difference in the light, sensations and integration since this last tremendously expansive passage.The veils (magnetosphere) continue to thin, allowing for more transparency and movement in the Ascension process. The waves (electron flux) of this new Light and energy have moments of ebb and flow as with any body of water – yet the truly amazing thing is that even when the energy dips (a cosmic breath) the powerful expansion sensations, remain. We are learning and remembering to live more and more fully in the new energies, bridging the dimensions while we hold this golden radiance steadily in both spirit and matter. Blessed Be!

Today, initiates another influx that will remain active for 5 days – through the 18th. All that is required is the willingness to receive more amplification, more unknown, more change in reality as we know it and greater expression of what is unique and beautiful about each of us. It is the uncensored willingness to follow the lead of our inner light and when the big waves come to us, allowing them to take our lives and make them brand new.

Ascension is the conscious choice to engage in our own Evolution. There is no “busy-ness” as usual for the new human emerging, the old reality (3D/4D) is what is dismantling and disappearing as the new human steps into a shapeshifting world. It is SO VERY IMPORTANT, (and I AM talking to you) to keep building the new. There will be less and less of a foundation to walk on as the old paradigm dissolves. It is not necessary, as in eras past, to witness empires fall before something new can be built. This new Light energy is very much a tsunami nature, if we remain in rigid spaces it will come crashing through with consequent chaos. As we remember and embrace that we are ultimately made of the same liquid substance as this new Light energy, we will ride these waves without fear, clinging to nothing, trusting a truer existence to be the shape of our newly initiated lives.

Mindfully stepping into each golden moment will look a lot like the avoidance of routine at all costs. Leave a lot of space for breathing, catching your breath while feeling the transformation enveloping you. Laugh, explore, be silly and jump in when the energies are pulsing within you and likewise, be still, create, serve and intend the New Light forth when fatigue sets in and the next step eludes you. These are deeply transformative and revelatory times as unique to your person as the stars in the heavens. The one true thing you can count on is that Existence, itself, is accelerating. Choose well and honor the path before you. Expect nothing to be the same and celebrate that experience with your lives. The New Human is the recognition of a new day, a new choice and the power each has to BE the New Paradigm of a very New Earth and World.

Blessed are those who hold the Light, you are in my heart always and I love you dearly!



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7 comments on “Becoming A New Radiance
  1. Jean Canale says:

    Whew! I feel it. I feel like I am on the front of a rocket this month propelling me to move forward…not hold on…just keep going with the flow of new energies …stepping into new space without much time to think…just trusting.

    Whew!……. and all the while you are there DeAnne sharing your joy and perspectives…

    Gratitude and love,

  2. Kimbrewmeistress says:

    You reinforce and echo the exact emotions/vibrations I’ve been feeling, yet not quite known how to express. I’m so thankful for your brave, insightful leadership into this exciting, wondrous adventure that IS this NOW. You MATTER. So very much! Thank you!

  3. DeAnne says:

    Gratitude Ladies,

    There is a yoga teacher that really stands out among many exceptional teachers at Asheville Yoga Center. Instead of relying on many unique routines she has made up in her repertoire and rotating those routines as most instructors do – she comes to each class and first connects with the class, asking for special requests. Someone may want to concentrate on core or shoulders for example. There will always be the asanas and foundation of the type of yoga the class promises, Warm Power Flow for example, but she then intuits the whole class, feeling the energy of the room and those present, creating the class as she goes in a very organic way. It is ALWAYS fresh and new, never “routine” and yet satisfying and dependable. This to me, is a very true experience of yoga – and LIFE. She is so in the moment and so herself – and consequently in addition to yoga itself – she is TEACHING THAT, through example. She is SUCH a new human – whether she recognizes that or not.
    I share this as a very real experience of how we, humanity, are becoming more intuitive and remembering how to follow energy in the way we live our life and the choices we make everyday. As I affirmed in the current webcast – WE ARE THE SHIFT – it is not happening outside of us – it is not happening when… it is happening NOW by our willingness to live differently in our bodies, in our relationships, in our jobs and within the social sphere of our world. Life is as different and wondrous now as we are willing to allow it to be. I AM a reflection of you and you are a reflection of me and together, we are creating a new reality! ???

  4. Deanna Medley says:

    ~ LOVING YOU ~

  5. Karen says:

    May I walk my talk as YOU talk my walk!
    Love you DeAnne, thank you for your clear 5D perspective & insight……it always resonates with what is happening in my life, but you do bring so much more truth & clarity to the fogginess of my vision/path……I keep trusting all is well, as it is ……. Sweet Grace…..Divine Perfection….as I attempt to integrate this New Light via the ebb & flow of my sometimes fragile mind/body 3 D’ness! You lift me up Shining Ones ~ Guardian Angels ~ Ascended Masters ~ Holy Spirit ~ Mother/Father God ~ I AM ~ Light Tribe …… Blessed BE xxx For Peace on Earth ?????????

    • DeAnne says:

      Beautiful, authentic sharing Karen, you have a radiant heart that is in good company here in this space of new hUmans. “You” are the reason I do what I do – I AM a reflection of you and cherish this connection! ??✨

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