Light Shining Through

20151015_101616Blessings of Color and Light New Humans,

One of the most significant changes occurring in our daily reality as this new Solar Light penetrates our being, is in our relationship to time. Really pay attention to this as you shapeshift through your experience. While the mind may still be entrained to the old constructs of deadlines to meet and endless lists of shoulds, listen to the deeper current of a new energy flowing, calling you to a new rhythm of being. There are only “things to do” within a certain vibration of reality (and time) – yet in the same moment with the appearance of the same reality all around you, is timelessness. And tuning into that, resisting the impulse to jump up and join that wheel of the old cycle, we find an invitation to more being. Less doing, more being. It is definitely an inbetween place (dimensional bridge) and very foreign to the conditioned mind. Pay attention to thought-streams like, “I AM getting nothing done today.” Look deeper. Feel deeper. Getting nothing done according to who? Who’s agenda? Who’s expectation?

The invitation is into a different relationship with time! And it will change your “routine” with everything – notice that, be mindful and allow these new magnetics from the SUN to pull you into subtle and significant changes within the reality around you. Because there is a known element that appears to be unchanged to the egoic perception – but energetically that same environment is very different indeed!

I feel this fiercely strong wisdom within guiding me out of even the healthiest or relatively inane “routine activity” as far as repatterning goes – calling me into NEW routines with the dog, with the clothes I put on and how often I wash my hair, in the yoga classes I go to, when and what I eat and how I spend time in nature. I actually hear this inner voice attuning my awareness to, “is this really what you want to be doing now? how could you be doing this same activity, but differently?”

This is the activity and movement of this current influx (gateway opening 10/14-10/18) – within the greater Ascension movement. These electron fluxes come to enhance the mastery movement and potential always. In the current New Human transmission (10/11 webcast) I talk about this fantastical Ascension activity that is energy within energy, movement within movement, activity within activity – ever calling us up and out over the obvious – expanding awareness to the ever present dimensional shift to new understandings and new LIFE!

To be aware of and catch the new rays of the Sun with your DNA is to notice the old pattern in your routine reality while simultaneously engaging a new one! Pay attention to these strong expansion sensations – stay out of the mind in judging anything – and keep forging the new! Note to Self as we continue to move forward that 3D and low 4D levels are technically already gone, so our movement now is all about re-creation. This energy for re-creation of 3D/low 4D is set to dissolve in 2016, yet could just as conceivably drop off earlier in response to our ability to be NEW and participate consciously in the Ascension. That is the power we have as conscious, fully awake new humans!

PAY ATTENTION – notice the difference in the light, notice how your consciousness speaks to you and the sensations moving you from inspiration, intuition, instinct and desire versus old patterns and an endlessly wandering mind. If you are constantly aware that you are seemingly doing everything new – attending to the smallest of details with your person and the way you flow reality… then you know you are catching the rays of the New Sun with new DNA, awakening vibrational you to a very different reality! The waters of the Earth and the SUN are just so pregnant with data streams, light intel, go often to the nature where you are and invite this new light in – remain as available as possible to the higher possibility that is YOU –  and feel the JOY of becoming.

Much Love,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones



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3 comments on “Light Shining Through
  1. Joyful Judy Wollam says:

    I’ve noticed since returning from the Fall Equinox event that things which were once important are not as important now. I’m allowing myself to BE more-just BE.

    • DeAnne says:

      well that is the greatest compliment you could share about being in this new energy with the Shining Ones, Gaia and myself! Keep Shining Judy – when you allow your Self – you always shine!! ??

  2. Karen says:

    Right he ho, it’s off to the beach I go! ????????

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