Golden Solar Radiance

4594363872_155af1ca0a_bI was up on top of Shining Rock last evening… just absorbing the golden solar light and marinating in the energies of this NOW. There is such a deepening present, the energy of community and a deeper love, profound love, really – is just enveloping the planet. This experience was made manifest in a very real way with the New Human Equinox Gathering and I still feel such tremendous gratitude for that experience. There is exceptional support and power available to bring deep healing and greater community to our planet and world, with the understanding that where we focus thought and energy INCREASINGLY so, is being amplified as the creation of personal reality. TRUST the Universe….

It is challenging to be at the keyboard for any length of time, the Great Mother, our beloved Gaia and all her kingdoms are calling me now more than ever… calling me to new discovery, new trails that seem to have suddenly appeared, extensions of the trails I have known and frequented and loved. Such a beautiful metaphor there as the bridge to new realities of dimensions becomes more accessible and clear. I keep hearing and feeling, “expect nothing to be the same”, and it isn’t for many of us. I continue to be guided “off path” in both my time in nature but also in the flow of everyday. As the Shining Ones keep emphasizing, while the foundation of the old paradigm dissolves, it is vital to build the new, the next. That new is outside of routine so it is vital to avoid clinging to safety lines and to consciously create opportunity to vibrate with the spaciousness ushered in with the Equinox of 2015. I sense we will be talking about and marveling at the ascension thrust humanity and Earth experienced with this gateway for many years to come. Slowly pace your energy level, breathe often to intentionally calm your nervous system, attune your mind to your own sovereignty and create space, newness in your everyday to connect with this New Light in stillness, in gratitude, with vision of how love would have you deeply engaged in service at this time.

These portals and stargates are gifts of great love – and for those engaged in the conscious choice to embody your own evolution, each one lends itself to greater personal and Collective transformation. This is really happening, profound change is anchoring while we find our way in this Gateway daze that will carry us like a river flowing into years end. NOTHING IS BUSY-NESS AS USUAL for the high-vibe tribe of a new humanity and earth. We are the Golden Race of New Human 2.0, floating on this liquid light cascade, remembering how to create out of nothingness and live in undefinable spaces, once again. You need only ask for the guidance, clarity, courage and most importantly, for the energetic alignment with the light that is your highest reach at the given time. Your transformation lies within, patiently waiting for “you” and your story (known)… to step aside so that YOU (mystery) may step under the beam that radiates the activation points of the New Earth. TRUST Gaia….

Be with those of your reach today, those who mirror the authenticity in you, and celebrate in community with physical and non-physical alike. This is your essential nature – to love and be in unity with one another, each moment and all that is. Know that we continue to be in a deeply transformative, revelatory and greatly accelerated time. This is the new normal. Consider the rest of this year to be a cascading crescendo of high frequency light energy of power and love preparing you and the planet for a resurrected existence. Trust the mystery….

Remain conscious at all costs…
LISTEN to your bodies….
listen to your hearts….
love and then release resistance,
have gratitude for ALL your stories that delivered you to this NOW –
and then Trust your Self…
as you willingly become the Solar Light.

There is no other… only you, only Light, only Love.♥♥♥

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One comment on “Golden Solar Radiance
  1. Chantal says:

    Thank you DeAnne for your guidance, unconditionnel love and light that you share so gracefully with all of us everyday.
    Lots of gratitude for you and your work.

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