On Full Moons And Freakin Supernovas!

moon1Taurus Full Moon
Sun in Scorpio ~
Moon in Taurus 4º
Tuesday, October 27 6:05 AM MT

We’ve been feeling it for days, actually we’ve been feeling a whole lot of everything these days, but I’m talking about this very earthy, October Full Moon! I know I AM not the only one who’s been waking up often and dreaming fantastical dreams for many days now. This moon carries with it a feminine polarity – meaning, it is a good time to gather your energy up and concentrate it into a strong focus or desire.

Determination and Devotion have and will continue to pierce all illusion!  There is quite a bit of rock and roll intensity “out there”, dominating forces will try and pull you down into what is dismantling and coming undone. The best and most powerful remedy is to acknowledge what is right, acknowledge your growth, the support around you, the wisdom you have gained… really see and celebrate the gifts.

Sit with and breathe goodness and light into what is in balance in your life instead of what is not. In other words, give your energy to the light, not the shadow. In so doing, this moon will work with your perceptions in bringing in a new balance – something to find joy in and celebrate as we continue our reach for a new and different existence! Shine on New Humans – you were made for these times!

With the Love of Oneness and the Strength of Eternity!


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2 comments on “On Full Moons And Freakin Supernovas!
  1. fitzcan says:

    My natal moon is in Taurus…..feeling the love of the earth, and the fall colors, and cozy golden milk by the fire! 🙂

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