November 2015 Energies

Sat Nam with Radiant Light New Humans,

I AM learning to play in a new medium to share energies, sound and light with you and the many… this my debut creation! I feel SO EXCITED to have yet another avenue within which to CREATE and SHARE these new frequencies and the wisdom of the Shining Ones. We are SO Loved… EnJOY! ?

p.s. gratitude for the idea and encouragement Sloane, let me know how I did! 😉

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8 comments on “November 2015 Energies
  1. Isabel says:

    I loved it! Thank you. And I am shining in this now moment.?

  2. says:

    Beautiful! The visuals really help to anchor the message. Thank you so much for this gift.

  3. Georgina says:

    I think you did a wonderful job!! I loved this. The visuals help me to travel in consciousness, while listening to your precious, soft, melodic voice. You are such a treasure DeAnne, thank you so much for being here to help us along the path. XO

    • DeAnne says:

      YAY!! Well each of you are my HAPPY thought for the day! 🙂 It is always my intention to share this energy and intel in the most effective and far reaching way. When I wrote this piece in the blog on 11/4, the Shining Ones filled me with the necessary “next step”, to create a visual and USE MY VOICE (which if you follow the live transmissions you are aware that there is a certain hertz frequency and lightcodes communicated therein) to “step it up” a bit in reach! So, I spent a day learning a new technology with joyful enthusiasm! I so appreciate the feedback and assure you there will be much more where this came from. The more I create these multimedia pieces, the more proficient I will become, promise! 🙂 We definitely have a NEW logo we are about to roll out that will be incorporated into the beginning of these videos so stay tuned for that. KNOW THAT everything I do and create and generate on behalf of the Shining Ones and this New Human remembrance and wisdom is because of the many of you, unseen heroes in my world, that show up and offer your presence, your support your LIGHT and your Love. I AM deeply grateful for this Tribe! xo ??✨????

  4. cyndy says:

    thank you deAnne! came to the the site to read the ‘new day’ and was surprised to hear your voice and receive your transmission! what a gift! the message – perfect in this moment. so much gratitude for you. much love

  5. Sandra says:

    Very beautiful, helpful and inspiring, DeAnne! Thank you!

  6. Janice Harpest says:

    Very calming, beautiful and helpful, DeAnne! Thank you and Blessings!

  7. Karen says:

    ???Blessed BE???The Beauty of ME???

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