The True Measure Of Freedom

image copy 14Happy Monday New HUmans,

My heart is still full with gratitude and peace following yesterday’s New Human transmission. There was such an immense presence via big beautiful waves throughout – increasingly so for me it feels as if I AM being carried, riding these waves high above any perceived density and remaining separation. Some of you who have shared with me their experience noted a palpable and growing awareness of remembrance along with greater confidence and clearer guidance in their newly emerging Selves. And then there is the LOVE. It is so amazing and profound to me to be able to feel so much connection through many probable realities in the new existence all around us.

The transformational energies within these transmissions lend themselves increasingly so to the experience of what it means to live in a completely new, fresh reality everyday, ongoing – offering such joy and renewal in the resurrection of the True Self. The addition of the new rituals of the heart that were introduced at the end of the webcast will be invaluable supports as we shift the primary frequency of our lives from the mundane to the magnificent. Never doubt your identity as a new human and the significant role you have to play in the growing collective of Light Tribe remembering, awakening, shifting and transforming in these new solar waves all over our world. Blessed and sacred times, indeed.

Do plan to listen many times to this and all New Human Transmissions – you will experience them differently each time! They will continue to meet you where you are and work with your expanding energy and consciousness in support of a more effortless and meaningful journey on your way to mastery.

I still see the eyes of that little squirrel standing before me, holding its heart. Gratitude for sharing and co-creating this space with me ongoing.

With the Love of Oneness and Light Eternal,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

The New Human – The Choice Of New Existence
Meditation: Peace In, Peace Out Music: Shanti by MC Yogi

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