All Kinds Of Grateful

12239929_10203956152459243_3798603462792143202_nBlessings of a Beautiful Morning to you Light Tribe!

WOW – what an amazing couple of hours yesterday on the ATHN Telesummit! The Shining Ones were beaming with wisdom and love for this humanity and Earth – the energies were high with support and guidance and the remembrance of this new Light on behalf of all. You are WELCOME to listen to the archive and SHARE – in support of this intention and the constant presence of this Light Race of the New Sun. For now – I AM sharing the JOY of all this connection and new potential with you via a fantastical meme from Hippie Souls! It is SUCH a New HUman sentiment – and I DO KNOW, with a grateful heart, what it feels like to be mad with JOY for the unquenchable beauty of our Earth Mother.

BIG LOVE to my Light Tribe in this AMAZING NOW MOMENT!
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

DeAnne and the Shining Ones sharing the wisdom and light intel of a New Humanity:
Click Here To Listen To Replay:

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