12391025_1175767569103331_1668021808053092641_nMerry Christmas and Gratitude to the Light Tribe of a New HUmanity,

So many blessings fill my life, not the least of which is that of walking the path with each of you! Because I know we are family, I know we recognize one another as more than the hUman doing a role, but the Divine BEing we each are, as Light. I AM especially grateful to have such beautiful New HUmans like you in my life to share this journey. Thank you for your support of this intention and the beautiful work of the Shining Ones, heralding a New Paradigm of Enlightenment, Peace, hUman potential and planetary significance for our world at this incredibly auspicious time.

This has been an amazing year of Mastery that will culminate with a deep inner shift for many. The Solstice Gateway opened an expansive energetic of Shifts earlier this week, creating space for YOU to allow this culmination and make time for the profound transformation occurring within you. This is a time when  our beloved planet and all of Creation is migrating to the Christed Grid Systems. Have you noticed the expansiveness present? How have the new energies been communicating with you in this current, Christmas Gateway? We are at a place in the Ascension Timeline when full embodiment begins to occur with a passage of transformation in full swing NOW through mid January.

Last night, all night long in Asheville, we had incredibly powerful lightening and thunderstorms. In December! I cannot remember the last time I witnessed a storm such as this one. Hard rains that have continued into the day this Christmas Eve, flashes of electric white brilliance filling the darkness all night long. It felt very magical – very cleansing and without apology. Yes, the Christed Grid Systems are in a provocative reset that defies any expectation of what is “normal” or what has been. These new energies are saying LOOK UP and over the usual frenzy and unconscious fulfillment of what hUmans do during the holidays. FOCUS ON THE NEW LIGHT, witness the transformation present in whatever the environmental and personal circumstance you find your Self in.

When I relax my 3D vision and peer into the photon, Christed energies, I see all the crystals that have been placed around the globe by Light-workers, there is this magenta “aurora borealis” like wave of light creating a Gateway of 5/6D Unity consciousness, along with a Golden-Crystalline Christ-light bathing Gaia and hUmanity in a very high frequency right now. We explored the new harmonics, the penetrating tones currently amplified in the vibrational world in the recent New HUman transmissions. The level of Light is simply tremendous. It is changing us, it is changing everything.

You are encouraged on a multitude of levels to make use of the recent 5D Forum post supporting the light-body with new lifestyle habits. These “ascension tools” will greatly assist with the physical implications of this new level of Light while calming the mind and nervous system around its implications on our Sun and planet. The most POWERFUL thing you can be doing is focusing on the expansion of consciousness and the return of your Christed Self. Listen to the nothingness until you hear these new harmonics, they are communicating directly with your inner knowingness. Notice what the incoming energies are doing, in your personal experience and in our world. You have the capacity to keep your multidimensional torus fields aligned with your Ascension column for physical, emotional and mental balance which will activate the inner knowing of what to do when these waves arrive to emerge. This in turn, allows for acceleration for all.

Something so holy and significant is happening to our planet and hUmanity – I feel a significant Shift, along with new intel coming on Christmas, the gift of the Magi, the wise ones? for those who are in receivership of this new energy. It is so significant that we are blessed with a FULL MOON on Christmas Day, 2015 – as all the planets align and go direct while the moon is full in her radiant heart. I cannot say for sure what the message will be… I do know that the new energies are taking each of us into deep repatterning and reset – as in a total life review from the moment of your inception to the point of full actualization. WE ARE EMPOWERED to BE the highest expression of who we are now. In honor of the full moon, consider taking this day, regardless of your holiday traditions, to be with the ones you wish to be with. Allow them to love you and nurture you. Take time to love and nurture your Self and in so doing, receive and be filled with the gifts of spirit. Be in gratitude for your life, your health, your gifts, your personal medicine, your support, your creativity and your community. Unburden yourself of unimportant responsibility on this one day, and strive to be in a place of peace, full of energy and light and life!

I shared with you in the 5D Forum about the whole body reintegration Jim and I are doing with rolfing. It has not been without resistance from the carbon based DNA, this new alignment with the crystalline DNA of the New HUman form. I told Kate, my rolfer, about some physical tension I had been experiencing – yesterday in session – and she knew exactly where to go. We worked deeply on the fascia and tendons of the inner thighs! She went on to tell me that this session was working directly with my core – that the inner thigh muscles, along with the PSOAS – were key in the alignment of the spine with the core of our being. I was so amazed and felt so blessed in that moment. Likewise, I went to acupuncture earlier in the week and Sam, the medicine man of this holistic care put needles in my ears! I asked why and he said, “that is the Spirit Channel.” Sigh~ I share these 2 experiences with you to just hold up to the Light how very close the new energies are in providing for us experiences that attune the body, mind and Spirit to the Light, to wholeness and to LOVE.

Ultimately and deeply so, this holiest of days and times for our world is a time for you to reconcile with your WHOLE BEING. Make time for this. Allow the moments to rise in you where you say to yourself, “I love you”  – and send that sacred remembrance deep into the core of your being, deep into the core of ALL beingness and feel the beloved, “Source Divine”. All that is, exists inside of you, inside us all and all living things. The Shining Ones are so close and taking such care in tending to the light in our hearts, expanding our perception of wisdom while encouraging all to stay out of the mind. All of existence is moving really fast – just keep moving, don’t try to understand or think on any one moment, be fierce in non-attachment and ride the energies with trust and surrender. Personally I have been increasingly filled with such promise about what lies ahead, I feel lighter, brighter, with less care of the details and more attuned to the wonder and incredible blessing of it all. Life is so very precious – as are you. Behind and in between all the chaos, drama and amplified extremes of the “reality out there”, is profound JOY and a deep sense of LOVE. Make room for it on Christmas Day ~ open your arms to the wonder of it ALL.

Last nights fervor of storms and light filled sky have now subsided into a profound stillness. In that stillness is the integrity and purity of your original being, before mind, before time. The only thing that has ever been asked of us in this journey from darkness to Light once again is that we love, stand with love, BE love. Don’t hold anything back, infuse the world with your love, your compassion and your Light.

My wish for each and every one of you, all my relations, this holiest of Christmas days – simply and deeply – May you be free. May you know LOVE.✨?✨?

DeAnne and the Shining Ones


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5 comments on “JOY TO THE WORLD
  1. lloyd says:

    nameste Deanne and the Shining Ones, what a beautiful message on this Christmas Day and all the celebrated holidays. what a wonderful light show that you had in Asheville, breath taking ! may all come back to you many fold on these festive holidays and shifts of consciousness. Merry Christmas !

    love, truth, & peace

  2. joyfuljudy says:

    Thanks for the uplifting message, DeAnne.
    I sure would have loved to have witnessed that storm that came thru with all its cleansing energies.
    I’m doing some of the things that you recommended but have not had rolfing yet.
    2016 here we come!


  3. DeAnne says:

    Gratitude ladies for your messages of support and for demonstrating community. I know there is a lot of silent community here and feel it benefits everyone when we make our light and presence known here. There is a strong energy pulling us into a higher octave in 2016 – may we ride that light wave together, as One, into greater Unity, Harmony and LOVE! I AM grateful you are here! xo

  4. judith says:

    ahh, thank you for washing us with waves of your heart light. i love your detailed descriptions and the care you take with the words to really give clarity. may all feel loved, may all say “love you” to ourselves. in love, j

    • DeAnne says:

      The Light in me honors the Light in you Judith – this blog, intel and imagery is one of the ways I can demonstrate that.?

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