Love Song To The Earth

Good Morning Light Tribe,

An amazing stream of Light came in with the New Year ~ peace, spaciousness, a very different “lightness” in the air and in the breath, a clarity in the mind and fullness in the heart. You could liken it to a shift in the wind and with it, a change in the direction we are being pulled into, a shift in the influences governing our lives. Sitting in reflection of this New Year’s Day, I feel like a chiffon scarf being carried by a gentle breeze – no care, no concern, no beginning, no end. Sigh~ 

I AM sharing with you a video that a new human among the tribe here shared with me, entitled Love Song To The Earth. Certainly it stands on its own with simple expressions and meaningful intentions recognizing the amazing presence that is our Earth Mother, along with our responsibility to her.

But as I experienced it personally, I also felt the intention and love of the New HUman transmissions and the love the Shining Ones have for the Earth. Something incredibly remarkable and life changing is happening with our planet at this time – something that I feel the transformational energies in these webcasts conveys, deeply. In that way, each new transmission is a love song to the Earth, as well. 🙂 The Shining Ones nod with approval on that sentiment.

I invite you to join me, along with the Shining Ones and our Beloved Gaia tomorrow – on the first New HUman webcast of the New Year. This promises to be a very full 90 + minutes of attunement to the highest potentials of 2016, vibrational insight into the escalating violence and bazaar weather closing out 2015, a meditation and illumination to awaken innate capacities to hear sacred harmonics and follow the energies of peace ~ even as so much seems to be spinning further out of balance.

As always, these transmission of 5th World frequency and light will include the essence of magic and the element of surprise, depending on who shows up, the intentions present and the willingness of all to experience wonder and open to the Mystery. I would be honored to start out the year in community with you so plan to come with the light of who you are…

Walking Toward The Light in 2016 – w/ DeAnne & the Shining Ones
Sunday 1/3 11:11am est

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One comment on “Love Song To The Earth
  1. joyfuljudy says:

    Looking forward to what you and The Shining Ones have to say tomorrow.

    Happy New Year, DeAnne.


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