Extraordinary Life, Beautiful Life

sunrise-4Good Morning New HUmans,

As your New Year unfolds, I encourage you to find time for visiting and revisiting the powerful light intel in the first New HUman Transmission of 2016! Here are just a few teaser highlights from this 2 hour spiral of the Shining Ones’ love and wisdom:

– Shining Ones say hold centre, new centre/core
– backpacks for poor
– turkeys are shared blessings… message of peace
– be in the world and create space for ourselves
– many not on board with war
– only fear gives it power over you
– hold event like paris in hands
– blow vision into collective field
– shapeshifting crow magic
– holding a golden thread
– rain, new territory, electric water 😉 

Listen to these highlights below.

There was, as always, a lot of magic and mystery peaking through the thinning veils of our existence here ~ profound invitation to more love, more life, more TRUTH and expression of the Divine New HUman. We are so necessary at this time, each and every one of us. These light-encoded sharings of transformational energies are remembrances communicating with the crystalline DNA within, for the purpose of AWAKENING and empowered New Earth creation. Marinate your Self in these frequencies, share the gift of their radiance with others and know how very much you are appreciated and loved for being you!

Webcast: 2016-01-03
Theme: Walking Toward The Light in 2016
Meditation: Beyond Time, Beyond Mind, Moving with the Rhythm of the Universe
Music: Mother’s Wingspan by Ben Leinbach

Here is the highlight clip from the webcast.

Members may listen to the complete webcast here.

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One comment on “Extraordinary Life, Beautiful Life
  1. darstar1@sbcglobal.net says:

    What a powerful way to begin 2016. Thank you for such a high-vibration, life-changing webcast. I especially like the suggestion to cup your hands and hold an event in them, then fill the event with love and change the image of it and blow that new vision into the collective field. That’s such a tangible way to really make a difference in the world, so simple but so powerful.

    I smiled at the appearance of the crow through its sound. The caw of the crow also appeared to me on New Year’s Day at the end of my meditation in the woods. I’m so looking forward to a shape-shifting, magical year. Thanks for being such a beautiful portal of light.

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