The JOY That You Are

woman-leapingJust enjoy the sheer being, the sheer joy that we are, the sheer joy of the sky, the trees and the birds ~ this miracle that is happening around you, this fantastic world, this incredible existence! Just enjoy it and it will start showering many flowers on you. Simply remain still, silent, absorbing ~ and the energy will accumulate, will become a reservoir. And one day, it starts overflowing for no reason at all ~ not that it is going to search for anything, not that it has any motivation, not that it has any goal, nothing, for no reason at all but simply because it is too much and you cannot contain it. And it is not that you are trying to pour it into existence, no. It is happening on its own ~ you are just a watcher ~ and there is delight and there is celebration. Osho

Good Morning Beautiful Light Tribe,

Just a few more days left in this expansive and intense gateway helping us to lay a foundation for this brand new year ahead. We are in a massive reset, just relax into the idea that up is down and left is right and that what was once inside of you can no longer be contained. The world needs your creativity, your courage, your wisdom and tenacity to see between the spaces that still contain density, fear, disillusion and fixed ideas. You have chosen a time to be alive in which all the forces of the Universe are aligning with the authentic power and wisdom within you. No longer are the veils being reinforced with ignorance and limited vision, no longer is the carbon DNA of an old paradigm dominating the instinct of the living light within. Pay attention to the Sun, talk to its new radiance and be aware of the correlation between how the light in our world is changing and the activation of the Crystalline, New HUman DNA activating within. IT IS A NEW DAY, new humans ~ everything is different now. Align your mind with the highest Truths and your heart with the greatest potentials of love ~ love as a force for good, love as a living intelligence, love as a transforming particle of light within every known and unknown circumstance. Begin each day with a new purpose beloved ~ this is the innate power within you. Begin anew, be your own Divine motivation to rise and shine like a New Sun all your potential, all your love, all your magnificence and all your Mastery. Begin today, begin now, let nothing distract or deter you from this moment because it is everything you have ever dreamed and desire it to be. Breathe ~ the world is transformed.

All Love ~ DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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2 comments on “The JOY That You Are
  1. Mariusz Jędrzejewski says:

    Hello Dear DeAnne,Thank You for the Motivation.You know about three weeks ago I had a dream -visions ,I watched You as You surrounded by People who want to learn something ,but at a certain site when not withstand the pressure of being intrusive ,and You tell them firmly depart.I do not know what might mean ,or fatigue ,or trick.Meaby You know better DeAnne its probably mostly a message to You.The vision was clear ,and the atmosphere friendly.Greetings DeAnne Sincerely Mariusz

    • DeAnne says:

      Selah Beautiful Mariusz,

      Thank you for sharing, I love that we were together in the dreamtime!;-) I would definitely trust the energies of the dream even if the meaning is not completely clear to you! It feels to me an expression of the importance of our paying attention to energy – understanding that in any given moment, our lives and this process may either move forward or stay stuck by virtue of what we surround ourselves with. Energies never lie – light always seeks the higher order in each moment – inviting us to gravitate toward the circumstances and persons that allow us to be the highest expression we are capable of. 🙂

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