Grace, Gratitude, Growing and Becoming

12509392_10207782252929437_7487976855219939658_nGood Morning Light Tribe,

The most powerful thing you can do in this moment is to remain open. Open your mind, your heart, your energy fields and consciousness to a different reflection of the existence all around you. As we fold in upon ourselves and unify with so many layers and levels of ancestry and dream, vision and hUman potential, the most transformative action you can take is to OPEN UP, trust yourself and meld your consciousness with the new Grids connecting us to the crystalline consciousness in a much stronger way than ever before. When we are still, we can feel this new Grid enveloping us, scooping us up into a life unimaginable. The “force” is so much stronger in guiding us to the highest and strongest of potentials in each moment and more than anything, this energy, this love and lightness of being vibrating up through the center of our core is telling me we are in for a brilliant passage this year.

I went to the Dance Wave here in Asheville Sunday morning and joined 80+ people in 90 minutes of ecstatic dance. This is such an amazing experience on so many levels. The room we dance in belongs to the Masonic Temple, oh, the history in that building. Upon entering you are greeted with a golden image of the all-seeing eye. The 800-1000 sq ft room has wooden floors and large windows with geometric design that the light streams magically through. Embedded in the wooden floor in various tones of wood is a large replica of the masonic emblem.

On all this ancient backdrop, a very current humanity descends each week. Singles and couples, straight and gay, ages ranging from infants to senior, professional, working class, Doctors and creatives, attire from the very traditional to the unapologetically avant guarde… the doors open, and they come. And it is church of the most beautiful kind. People come as they are with whatever life they are currently experiencing, they come to be invisible, they come to be seen, they come to forget and they come to remember, they come to express and they come to feel, they come to unload and they come to fill up. But most of all, they come to be free. We all come to free ourselves and join with community in a very safe and unconditional space.

Do something everyday that scares you! Open your Self UP. There is a LOT going on for humanity and earth ~ stay focused and honor the unique ways the “force” calls to you in this passage. That which is brilliant may equally so cause some to contract and loop into old patterns. If this occurs, breathe, release judgement and discover new opportunities to lend a hand, share compassion, join in community and express your heart. There are realms of light and eons of ancestry along with growing numbers of devoted, light tribe the world over that are constantly overriding the old reality as a new one finds a solid footing in this NOW.

Blessed are those who DARE for the new world. Blessed are those determining to participate in this extraordinary phase of our Ascension with JOY, with FORGIVENESS, with PATIENCE and the DESIRE TO SERVE only and fully the Light. I Love each and everyone of you and am grateful for this path we share.

DeAnne and the Shining Ones







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  1. joyfuljudy says:

    Interesting that you are doing ecstatic dance in a Masonic Lodge. My Dad was a Mason and I have friend who also does ecstatic dance. She will be leaving for HI soon to join others in dancing. Enjoy!

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