Defining 2016, Redefining Existence

Theologue-3Theologue by Alex Gray – The Union of Human and Divine Consciousness weaving the fabric of Space and Time in which the Self and its Surroundings are Enfolded.

Let’s take a few breaths together to truly feel this moment – tune into and find your center – call all your energy into this moment and see if you can sense an alignment of the mind, the body and the heart.

The New Human is an ancient to future synthesis of the movement of Light on our planet. There are really ancient wisdoms being released from within the human and planetary DNA as well as codes and intel coming to our planet at this time from the Cosmos via Solar Light. All this activity is activating a new power, a new level of consciousness, expanding the choices and potential we have as a species. The big picture gets bigger every day.

It is important for the individual stepping into this new existence not only to do so with an open heart, fully embracing multidimensional existence as the new normal, but I would suggest as well, to really take time intuiting how you would define this year, thus far. Obviously this is an activity for your feeling nature – there are incredible new spaces present, the energies are quite dynamic and communicating with us, humanity, in a new way. But it is for us to listen and pay attention and respond in new ways, as well. From your feeling nature and intuiting from your inner wisdom, what is the vibrational world communicating to you about this year… is it revelation? reset? a sense of unlimited reality, expansiveness, are you experiencing an increase in sparks of illumination?

There is a significant and quite beautiful migration underway, Gaia and Humanity are merging into the New Solar Christed Grid System… and what this means, what this will look like as it begins to manifest in your life – is that we, as new humans, are no longer viewing reality with the identity aspect. There is a felt consciousness SHIFT. And too, when a trait of the identity aspect projects itself into a NOW moment (such as defensiveness, taking things personally, etc) you will recognize it and feel the tension around it dissolve – along with the willingness to let it go. The new normal is the ego conceding to a new understanding, a softening and felt humility. There is a sense of the LSM being complete and the HSM, the Christed Self now at the forefront of your waking reality. This is a major SHIFT in human consciousness, the whole cosmology of human nature really.

Personally, I AM aware that my service work – connected to this New Human/Shining Ones/New Consciousness Spectrum, keeps shifting as well – I had a logo done toward the end of last year – and where I will incorporate that somewhere and in some way – there is an entirely new design coming in, as well as a new look and energy for the website, yet another new logo that exacts a more clear and even simple vibration for where the work is going. This process can feel exhausting when viewed thru the identity aspect but is very liberating and light filled when experienced thru the Galactic Self! We, our Christed, New Human Self, we are moving quite quickly into these new spaces, along with Gaia – this is a huge evolutionary moment for the population of Solar Christed HUMans who have chosen to move with Gaia into a new dimensional level and destiny.

Again, what to look for, what is the new felt essence around this movement and SHIFT as the New Solar Christed Grid continues to anchor and expand?

An expanded sense of PEACE has anchored in our world, Gaia herself is vibrating more peace as she fully anchors and embodies this new Christed Solar Grid. This can be felt in the animal kingdom, in the energies of the trees and water and nature in certain areas. I have a cool personal experience to share about this demonstrated peace. I shared on a recent webcast that I got a new car at the beginning of the year. My former vehicle – that I loved for so long and had such gratitude for because it so reflected my life in the mountains – but it was going on 16 years old and it had a lot of quirks. The locks would stick for ex – so I’d get locked in the car and locked out of the car – I had to remember to double check all the doors when out because sometimes some would lock and others wouldn’t etc. This is just one of many peculiarities the car had and as a result of that – without really being aware of it – there was always this tension present when driving my beloved old car. Now, with this new car – what I have noticed is I just feel so relaxed – so peaceful when I am in it – it is such an effortless experience. And the curious thing about this scenario, old car to new, I recently shared on the show that I had no idea that I would be in this new scenario even a month before I got the car – but I wonder now, did the car come in to reflect the greater PEACE that is here now – or am I just more aware of the peace because of the car? 😉

Regardless – you will see and more importantly FEEL this peace permeating your personal experience in subtle and profound ways. The more you are aligned with the vertical dispensation of this new energy system – the new grid now forming – the more palpable this felt peace will be – and the heart will open accordingly.

In addition to the energy of peace being a greater presence in your world – there is a felt “lightness” – of just feeling really HAPPY and free with your expression and love and SELF. It’s kind of like an energy now operating through you that says, “hey – this is who I AM and I AM really happy about it.” Be aware and make note of that, shine the light of your consciousness on that. Be awake to this new expression of existence that is interfacing with our planet and species at this time. It has a lot to do with an overall, greater sense of harmony – and again, this is an easily intuited essence in the feeling nature. As the identity Self and Galactic Self merge, there will be a definitive shift away from discontent and expressions of separation. We just don’t have time for that really. Anything lacking harmony will be especially uncomfortable – and this is true both in our personal experience and in the Collective, as well.

The New Solar Christed Grid continues to anchor and expand – whether you are a Gridworker, Lightworker, GateKeeper… Wherever you are in your ascension process, you are encouraged to envision this system of 5D and 6D gates and lines similar to the classic lei line system – the art included with this post by Alex Gray is a good representation of this lei line system. Close your eyes, envision and FEEL this new golden harmony in process. This new grid is specifically for the purpose of assisting Gaia and Humanity in raising and expanding into Christ Consciousness. This is the light activity that is dismantling the old paradigm agendas. The old systems are scrambling. Take care not to misinterpret their terror into personal fear. If you come up against any seemingly defiant agendas around personal finances, health, shifts in income or job status, abrupt relationship shifts, seeming misalignments when taking care to line things up for the greater good, etc – observe it as something passing by (via Christed Self) rather than taking it on personally ( via identity aspect.) There is a lot floating around out there, both unsettled and looking for a new “host” to call home. See illusion for what it is and only give your energy to what is true, what is LOVE and of the heart and resonating with the Christ.

Breathe and determine, kinda like renewing your vows as a Christed Being – vow to Recognize your Self as already standing in the highest potential outcome – – – and everything else as a net of energy (torus field) that has been cast and must now align with you and the NEW Ascension Timeline. No more sending your energy OUT and looking for what you think you do not have. As this New Solar Christed Grid anchors and becomes you – YOU are the magnet for your new life – new experience of existence and the world around you. The YOU standing at this intersection of old and new, lower self and higher self matrix is empowered to change all future outcomes for the highest good. In the vibrational world and the purest nature vortices, Gaia is showing us ancient technology and codes which appear to have been placed hundreds of thousands of years ago to be part of this new reality NOW! Who we were then created the trajectory to this higher timeline and we are empowered now as New Humans to step forth and compliment that outcome.

Spend time contemplating this merge of Christed Timelines and outcomes because it has the potential to accelerate everything at a very rapid rate. Feel and attune to this intersection of all things across time and space, inside of you. If you are still and trust your Self and really tune into the HUm, new HUman, you will sense the through line that is in perfect harmony, perfectly balanced and stabilized as a new center within you!

It is that new center that will unlock the world of MAGIC that we talked about and more importantly ran a lot of transformational energy around on the 1/31/16 NEW HUMAN Transmission. You are encouraged to spend time with that new awareness, this element and gift of the natural world. It is the new consciousness that is revealing the magic of this world. There is so much magic on Earth and it wants to be involved with us and us with the magic on a daily basis – even when so much of the world is chaotic.

Really bring awareness to the things that knock you out of center – and stop making excuses for them. KNOW THYSELF – this is what Mastery is all about … and greater still – take care of THY SELF first and foremost – and the world around you will be better able to take care of itself. Create more space and time for CONNECTION – with your Self, with others, with nature and with the Exquisite Rhythm of the Universe.

Yesterday morning I went to dance church … New Humans that have been following these transmissions for a while know about the gift and beauty of dance church. An open space within which to express your Self through dance with up to 100 others of every shape, size, age, background and preferred orientation of existence. This scene is an opportunity to experience deep and very personal connection while being in a very safe and unconditional environment. After the 90 minutes of dance, we gather in a big circle for an opportunity to share, if desired. And what came to me to share about yesterday’s dance wave was how meaningful it is to be able to communicate with others, without the use of words. I had so many moments when another danced by and shared a look or an expression with me that communicated love and welcome and “happy you are here, good to see you” on so many levels – all without words. Yet, another demonstration of the NEW that is here and the felt peace that is present.

Spend time intuiting how you would define this year, feel this new energy and allow it to deepen in you as a new expression – an expression that carries with it PEACE, Lightness, happiness and more authentic connection with the world around you. We will spend time on this passage that is redefining existence on the next New Human transmission later this month… consciously preparing for the Spring Equinox that is just around the corner. I will be in Mexico on the Equinox this year – this will be a very strange and unusual Equinox –one that we will not soon forget! Very extraordinary in many ways and one that requires we are integrating and embodying the themes of RESET and COMMITMENT already introduced this year. Mastery comes with integration and embodiment. So, plan to join the Shining Ones and my Self as we deepen in the remembrance of this New Human, New Solar Christed Grid emerging as a new power on our Earth ~ as Gaia and Humanity rise and expand together into Christ Consciousness.

It is a blessed and wondrous time to be waking and existing on this bluegreen planet – I AM honored to be in communion in this  space with each of you! One Love ~ Light of Peace to ALL.

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8 comments on “Defining 2016, Redefining Existence
  1. fitzcan says:

    Last night was the Super Bowl viewed by MILLIONS. My daughter has recently called my attention to the group Coldplay and how their newest work is very high vibe. She also mentioned last night that she heard they would be performing at half-time. I was only half paying attention at first as I multi-tasked but was then very heartened to hear their message and sat down to watch. “Where ever you are,” the vocalist said in between his singing, “we are in this together!” The drummer wore a t-shirt with a gold image of the flower of life. There were flowers, spirals and rainbows all over the stage AND they finished with a song singing “We’re going to get it together somehow…..and flower.” The camera flashed to the seating in the end zone where thousands of people held up cards that spelled out “Believe in Love.”


    • DeAnne says:

      🙂 yes, we went to a Super Bowl party (my first) at a local venue and a major draw was to see Cold Play LIVE. It is curious I just posted a blog with Chris (lead singer) and his now ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow earlier in the week… it is not surprising that they are consciously redefining their relationship based on the needs of the children and making higher vibrating choices for the good of all. I have enjoyed their music for years and they did not disappoint with the LOVE and UNITY demonstrated in this national venue! It was VERY COOL to get the whole audience involved in such a beautifully personal way! This is the FUTURE of a humanity remembering and choosing LOVE, HARMONY and ONENESS.♥

  2. Joyful Judy says:

    I don’t watch Superbowls but this year I did-mainly to see the ads and 1/2 time. I too was wow-ed. There was so much metaphoically and symbolically going on. And then to end it with “Believe in Love” just blew me away. Now I know why I watched. Mankind we are on a roll and it is going to get better and better

  3. beshelja says:

    I had not heard of ColdPlay before and saw the halftime, was enchanted by the energy current of flowers and spirals as he sang, he was skipping with joy at one point. that made my heart skip with joy. that is what my heart yearns for, to find that space where I am skipping with joy and with others. Deanne is there an equinox event in Mexico that you are going there for?

    • DeAnne says:

      That twirling and skipping with JOY – I do the same thing in Dance Church – and when I saw it from above and he was dancing on the neon swirls of color? I imagined that that color is ALWAYS under my feet, as well! 😀

      We are going to Mexico to participate in an ancient Toltec healing and transformation ritual – the ultimate goal of which is to bring it back and incorporate it into a new healing center here in the mountains! So yes, we WILL be participating in an Equinox event!!! It all feels very purposeful to have lined up this way!

      I am slightly amused that with this LONG and heart infused post and intel – the comments are about the SUPER BOWL! 😉

      Love to the NEW HUMANS~ ???✨?

  4. Tasha says:

    Things have the ability to accelerate for us at a very rapid rate. How this looks for me is practicing discernment regarding how to respond to certain situations, for example, I can’t always go into mass consciousness if I am working on my light body upgrades in a very deep way, I need that time to breath into different spaces. Many of us are doing this work for the love of our planet and the cosmos and not for ourselves…so I can be of little service if I don’t take the time I need to repair myself and tune into Source. I see many lightworkers and ascension workers getting burned out, taking on too much or using their abilities for self gain, which causes them to loose their abilities. Not that we can’t enjoy the material, but we have to look at our motives behind it, if they are fueling self-attachment (since of pride, superiority, boost the ego, seeking praise, etc) or helping us to make progress to be of Service.

    We have to discern whether our intentions are Pure or if there is a level of Self-Attachment. We know the 3D human has self-attachment, so having compassion for that part of ourselves, we can make the shifts to a more Pure Christ-Consciousness spaces. I see other lightworkers and ascension workers experiences various limiting beliefs keeping them tied to the 3D matrix and see many levels of self-attachment, feelings of superiority or inferiority.

    The 5D species vibrates at a level of Purity, co-creation and harmony, without the little self getting in the way. They have evolved out of the little “I” and have no self-attachment. We have to refuel and take care of our bodies, mind, and spirit and know when to discern. We have to be mindful to not get caught in the illusion of Oneness and think that everything is just perfect. In an ultimate sense yes that is true, but we have to take notice of the true situation that is happening to see the ultimate Oneness…otherwise that illusion oneness bubble will pop and then one will be wondering what happened.

    To be in True ultimate Oneness we have better ability to discern and see the suffering in our world and know how to respond to it. We can also rejoice at the ascension that is being done here as well and the progress underway. Some ascension workers are leaving the planet via ascension to a 5D environment, vibrating completely out of 3D and have completed their mission, being of service in other ways and others continue to stay to be of service while anchored in a body.

    Neither is better or superior, just the Truth of what is happening. For many there is a safety of staying in the illusion of oneness bubble, but it is not safe there because it keeps them limited and unable to see the contamination that is on a mass scale, until the contamination comes and pops their bubble and then they find themselves unprepared. For me, I can’t have my blinders on and live in the illusion, nor can I live in fear or panic. Staying connected to Source is key, breathing in peace, taking refuge to live in Truth, and practicing discernment are crucial.

    We are being called to Evolve and can accelerate very fast. For me, I can’t get caught up in matrix or mix with others where the energy cannot expand. I have to discern how to use my energy, our energy is our power…power to ascend or to stay, power to remain in 3D or leave 3D. Power to move through limiting beliefs or refuel those beliefs. This is a Divine power, not a coercive power that fuels the little “I” of self-attachment, power that fuels our 5D abilities to move into our multi-dimensional selves to live in greater harmony with our environment in Purity. It is important for me to be mindful of when I am acting from sincerity of the heart and when it is my little ego self that needs healing, where am I being critical or seeking to enhance my sense of self…That’s what we ultimately have to let go of to move into the Christ-Consciousness. That’s the Intel and take away I received from reading this post. I appreciate any feedback or insights. And Yes that is awesome that we are seeing the shift to Love that came through at the Superbowl….very awesome indeed…we can see our work here on the planet is indeed paying off. Hugs and Loves to you all.

  5. Tasha says:

    One of the things that I love about dance church is the loving space that the dancers hold for each other to dance our bodies however we feel we need to move. Regardless of how awkward or beautiful it may look…we are seen and supported to dance in that space with a shared intention. <3 I know I need the support and love of others of like mind to bring things into my awareness that I cannot see for myself so that I can change and grow. <3

  6. fitzcan says:

    I am slightly amused by the focus on the super bowl too…but it is a good metaphor!! I too rewound the video so I could watch the skipping part. Haha

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