Becoming New HUmans


Blessings Of Infinite Light to ONE and ALL,

We step into the Light and intensity of March with open hearts, still minds and focused intentions... let that be your Mantra in the coming weeks as we prepare in the highest measure possible, for the Spring Equinox Gateway. The image here expresses the mantra and will serve as a strong visual for the strength and center now anchoring in the Christed HUman. If you want to move forward in your journey here and in your relationship to the existence around you, the upcoming influxes of Light will allow you to do so. If you are ready to strengthen and amplify this Christed Solar Light as ONE within your holy being and the New Grids of Gaia and the Noosphere of an evolving world, the poise and power of this March Mantra and visual will support this conscious, free will choice to RISE and BECOME, that which you truly are. Everything lower is being rewritten in this NOW. What a pure and generous LOVE to allow this SHIFT, this opportunity to divest ourselves of the old consciousness – to reside fully in a new state of Consciousness.

It is imperative to observe your thoughts closely, yet allow them to come and go like clouds floating effortlessly in a blue sky. The Shining Ones emphasize that the greatest way we (in form) stray from our connection to the Light is judgement of the Self. If you have no judgement of your Self, you have no judgement of anything or anyone. Separation disappears, as does pain and sorrow and emptiness ~ when we truly realize that LOVE is the only constant. Everything we have ever gone through, every experience we have ever identified with has been for the purpose of remembering this.

Love is rewriting your identity, new hUman, illumining all the ways you cling to form and condemn past transgressions. More important than what you are doing, is how you feel about what you are doing. In other words, who are you to judge when you have a “bad day” and feel not so strong and eat a little less consciously and have no desire to “put on a happy face?” The moment you judge, you fall out of alignment with all that is truly beautiful and eternal about your Divine essence. It is time to set the stories to rest. And no one can do that for you, but you. Right now, one of the most powerful things you can do for your mastery and freedom is to really nurture your Self, first and foremost, LOVE THY SELF, unconditionally. Allow whatever creature comforts you need to keep your head and your mind and your heart to the LIGHT in these coming days and weeks, reach beyond this integration of the lower and higher self and just allow this LOVE. These energies, this Divine rewrite is intense, make no mistake about that! But we have a new awareness of a higher unified perspective that is telling us, LOVE FIRST! Then the behaviors, the actions and thoughts will naturally align with that pure energy. The state of your Consciousness changes everything. Compassion, Joy, Patience, Forgiveness, Faith, Trust, Service ~ let this remembrance be the Light on your path ~ and you will find your way to the New Day.

What inspires you? Chances are, especially in the current influx, if you feel as if you are flailing or find you are beating yourself up for a choice or a moment or a day… you are lacking inspiration. Your spirit lives to be inspired – by you – in this world or duality and senses. The Shining Ones advocate INSPIRED LIFE – that it is your “work”, to be diligent in your pursuit of that which inspires YOU and makes YOU an inspiring person. This is so aligned with your Authentic Self – your true essence. What few may realize but more and more will come to know, is that this dimensional shift is not a linear/material adjustment so much as an evolution of consciousness and form. In 5th World, there will still be trees and seasons, birds and our beloved pets and summer days and tasty foods. It is your perception that will undergo the most radical change. I talk about this a lot on the New HUman transmissions ~ in 5D/6D… everything will look and feel new, ongoing! The heart’s perception is the mind of God and sees ALL as the Divine.

Begin there, beloved tribe, breathe in the accompanying image as your own and step into this month with open hearts, still minds and focused intentions. This is the I AM state of beingness. Instead of allowing your thoughts to follow your actions as is the conditioned way of being, allow instead your actions to become the higher mind thoughts that keep you always connected to the Light, your true family and the strength of your journey here. Walk day to day, moment to moment with choices for amplification, purification and expansion. And forgive your Self when it seems to go otherwise. Focus your awareness and hearts on love, inspiration and creative service rather than fear and despair. Vibration = Vibration. As this next amplified wave comes in with the Spring Equinox, Unity will be the primary agenda! Isolation and solitary paths come to a close – it is time to GATHER with your Tribes.

I will not have any access to internet when in Mexico for my Equinox immersion, but plan a NEW WEBCAST before departing, so STAY TUNED. 😆 We will delve into the energies as a NEW FOUNDATION for an emerging strength of center and clarity about our evolving world. I AM so grateful to BE HERE NOW and I AM more and more in love with the Mother each day. Her love has helped me remember my Self and a truer relationship with everything else, including the all of you. As you settle into the compelling force drawing all consciousness on the planet out of mind and into HEART, remember that Mastery is not about controlling the external; it is about mastering the inner response to the external world. Love the life you live and all that surrounds you. Something wonderful is happening that entails a new kind of freedom we haven’t felt in a very long time~ sigh, breathe deeply, bow to the One, give thanks for LOVE.

The Light in ME, sees the Light in You, always, all ways.
DeAnne and the Shining Ones




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4 comments on “Becoming New HUmans
  1. Karen says:

    I love your words of wisdom & truth DeAnne. I feel so in sync with what is happening from a 5D perspective…..yay! One step at a time on this ‘road less travelled’ I inch closer & deeper to the Reality of Higher Self & to bring Heaven to Earth – yes I can be a new human on a new earth….hallelujah! (self judgement & criticism dropping away…….)
    Higher Mind for Higher Purpose – I AM the Light of Love & Beauty…….may I humbly be a clear channel for these Awe Inspiring solar waves of crystalline creation be made manifest & to transform me…….In full faith, may it be so!?????
    Much Love, beautiful tribe xxx
    PS. One sentence I do not resonate with is…..”Everything lower is being written in this NOW.” ??? Should the word lower be the word higher???

    • DeAnne says:

      Thank you Karen – for being my eyes when mine are tired! 😉 It was to read “rewritten” and it is now corrected! xo

  2. Karen says:

    I just retread your words of wisdom before reading your answering comment & thought…..oooooh it makes sense now, what was I thinking yesterday & not getting it! Hahaha…..’RE’……. A very much resonant 2 letters in my new human mind…..Thank YOU beloved One xx????

  3. Karen says:

    Tired also…….REread……

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