Precision, Passion, Peace


Good Morning Tribe of A New Humanity!

I acknowledge this light in you, the new and transformed and beautifully wise… we are in deep preparation for the Equinox Gateway. There is an Eclipse coming up on the 8th that will serve to really prepare the mind, body and heart for deep, focused choices and permanent alignment with a Unified Self. Pause here for a moment, close your eyes and breathe into the feeling of a Unified Self ~ imagine your being and life in unification with the highest possible outcome. Sense this presence of wholeness and peace in your body, see various aspects of your experience and the world around you in this fulfilled state.

Over the last few months we have worked deeply with the theme of focus through various new human modalities. I have shared too, the image of a bow and arrow, and how in this now with all the work we have done, we have essentially released the arrow of our intent and our task now is to stay the course of that intention, follow the arrow to its highest potential and take care to not be distracted by doubt, worry, fear or negative agendas. This ability to follow energy  and sound will be anchored more fully into the cellular being with the meditation the Shining Ones have disseminated for the Equinox, New Human Transmission coming up on the 13th of March.

This month is ushering in tremendous new beginnings, almost as if March were the beginning of this year of profound movement and change for our world. The energies of the last 4 months have been sealed up and what we are catching glimpses of now is the long term impact this changing paradigm will have on our world now, through 2020. It is critical that you surrender to the higher consciousness completely, really listening to your heart and remembering that embodiment of the Crystalline Consciousness is a personal quest. Really take time discerning what a full and without resistance merge of the Higher and Lower Self looks like from your current state of consciousness and surrender all that appears less than love. This passage you are feeling and experience and in the center of right now is here to provide a complete shift in vibration and conscious thought, feeling, belief and service moving forward. Breathe deeply, stay out of routine, listen to your feeling nature, follow the vibrations all around and within you and LOVE this moment with all your heart. You are completely capable of embracing, embodying and transforming in this blessed now.

I invite you to meditate and feel the vibration of the words heading up this post. They are from the Shining Ones and weave together in a beautiful spiral to follow into the coming weeks. Precision is a refinement of focus and all important for each of us as we prepare the whole of our lives for permanent shift. Passion as a frequency lights a fire under your gifts so that they may truly blossom into an empowered service for an ascending world. Indeed, your brothers and sisters of humanity need you! And finally, the vibrational HUm of peace is twofold in this current passage to the Equinox Gateway. First, finding and keeping peace in your emotions, your words, your thoughts and choice of experience right now is going to afford you the strongest alignment with the Christed Solar Light energies… additionally, the combined efforts of precision of focus and passionate service, making your whole life a passionate devotion to the NEW, will result in a greater sense of peace about the world around you and who you are in it! See the spiral and become it New HUmans!

LOVE to all, my family of Light~
DeAnne and the Shining Ones


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2 comments on “Precision, Passion, Peace
  1. Sandra says:

    “making your whole life a passionate devotion to the NEW” feels amazing.
    Thank you so much, DeAnne. <3

  2. Karen says:

    I AM that I AM…….thank you Shining Ones ☯?☮

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