A Way In ~

I see in my heart a twelve petaled lotus
And it glows as bright as the Sun.
From my heart center,
extending up into the heavens

and down into the Earth’s core
Is a central column of Light.
It dances and pulses and radiates
with the wisdom and truth and love of Source.
That Light is in me and that Light is me.
As I send the radiance of that Light out onto my experience
It grows, larger and larger until all that I see is that Light.
I stand in the center of my Truth
Knowing that my Truth is the Light of all Creation
extending from infinite wonder
back into Infinite wonder.
From the center of my heart,
I see the Central Column of Light

link into and through my being,
the many levels of my multidimensionality;

the heart of my mind, the heart of my Soul,
the heart of the Master, the Christ, the Monad,

the Ascended Masters, the planets and star beings
and intergalactic relations of my vastness.
The love and power of many galaxies
speak to me through my heart center

and I have drawn that power into my being
through the intelligence and trust of my heart.
In the Light of All Eternity,
I stand confidently yet humbly

in the Presence of my Beloved God, within and without.
I dedicate the innocence and wonder, purity and love
of my heart center ~

to the Light from which I came.
Every day, every moment, every experience and relationship,
every thought, every desire, every breath….
All this and my heart belong
to the pristine Path of Enlightenment

that I have been entrusted with.
May I be a candle in the night, ever burning.
May the One Light and One Truth within me
guide me in my actions and my perceptions of all things,
so that I may walk gently and in peace
Upon the earth.
May my joy and my gratitude and my inner peace be a beacon
that brings more of the same to others.
In the center of my heart is a twelve petaled lotus
And it glows out over all of my creations.

(c) DeAnne Hampton

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6 comments on “A Way In ~
  1. joyfuljudy says:

    Wonderfully written, DeAnne. May my joy also be a beacon for others.

  2. Tasha says:

    I very much resonate with this. I am devoted to the pristine path of enlightenment for all beings. I am devoted to embodying the Buddha Nature, the Christ Consciousness. The more I step into contemplative awareness, I am free. I am one love. My heart sings its song!

  3. Karen says:

    Namaste DeAnne ??? in blessed oneness I honour these words of beauty, wisdom & truth ?

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