New Plateau Ahead

Good Morning New HUmans,

I AM pretty sure I can see all of you glistening on the new horizon and most definitely feel the intention and love of your hearts as we all make our way to new expressions and potentials. The Equinox energies are still quite potent, waves of Light continue to pour in with so much support for change and heart’s desire. Whereas this ascension process is working with the whole being, there is a high concentration in the pineal body, especially so since the Equinox and Full Moon passage. If you are really present and aware in your activities, you will feel the subtle shift points when the mind momentarily slips into habitual or old thought patterns. There is the opportunity to slow automatic responses down and feel the reset of a new pace, nuances of a new clarity that communicates, “hey, wait a minute, everything in this moment looks the same, but everything in this moment is different. What do I want to create now?

While we are deepening in this suspended space, the area out ahead of us speaking more directly to the new mind as the old story lessens its grip on who we are now… I AM sharing a “few” captured moments of my time in Tepoztlan, Mexico. I will speak more of this very transformative experience on the next webcast – but I wanted to give you a sense of the place and people I was with.

There is a refinement as we come down the “runway” into April, the energies are encouraging us to pick a point on the horizon where we want to focus our intention and desires and reach in the coming months. It is not necessary to have a “concept” in mind, just a sense of what that new horizon, experience, life feels like, both as something outside of you and also, something within. There is an interesting assimilation piece occurring where the new we experience outside of us, as in a setting or environment, translates to a new experience of Self and relationship with the inner being. Quite magical and surreal and peaceful, all at once. Be gentle, forgiving, loving and kind to yourself and the world around you this week. You are likely seeing new faces, even as the same people surround you. Life is shapeshifting according to our highest ideals and potentials ~ the light has grown stronger within and is seeking new expression through you. Be confident in your capacity to carry the fullness of that Light to a new destiny for your Self and our world.

One Love, DeAnne

and know it is not POSSIBLE for you to be more LOVED!







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4 comments on “New Plateau Ahead
  1. Michele says:

    Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures and your words of wisdom. The place is beautiful. So much is happening and I am so grateful to life for such blessings. One of those blessings is you. I am on Maui and we have had 2 small earthquake shakes. An elder shared a little bit about it. The veil is thinning! One love!

  2. joyfuljudy says:

    What I’d like to know is how did you keep your blouse from slipping down when you were doing the head stand?

    Loved the pictures and all the lovely energies conveyed thru them. Looks like you had a great time and met more very interesting people.

    When is the next webcast.

    Can’t wait-guess I’ll go into the archives again to listen to a show from Nov. 2010.


  3. Karen says:

    My kind of retreat….beautiful! We had a thunderstorm here yesterday afternoon with a burst of torrential rain. I awoke around 4am & my pain body cried out/responded to the EMF’s building up to expression throughout the day. Physically I was a big heaping mess, but thankfully I rested & relaxed & had just purchased Shapeshifter’s DNA Easter gift ‘Ascension’ to play. I was able to transcend for just a fraction/an eternity & feel the unity of Self. I AM truly grateful for the tools of 5th world to get me over/through the turbulence of life! I heartfully & deeply resonate with a clear outlook on a new horizon of shining truth & light…….& I breathe in deeply, calmly & in gratitude for all the blessings of ONE LOVE! xxx

  4. DeAnne says:

    🙂 it is a MAGIC shirt Judy ~ actually it is a fitted yoga shirt much the same material as the pants so it wasn’t going anywhere!

    Karen, thunder is a powerful expression from the spirit world ~ the more unusual the presence of thunder to the setting, like a thunderstorm in winter, the more powerful the omen. Even with your sensitivity I trust you were able to connect with the thunder spirits to receive their blessing.

    Gratitude Michele for your constant presence and love and for sharing the beautiful island energy with us.

    Trip 1 was a beautiful gift ~ I am not sure how much of it I will be guided to weave into the next webcast but I am full to over flowing with the experiences of this now for sure. I haven’t gotten the heads up on the webcast date – altho I already have a beautiful STILLNESS meditation to share that came in while I was in Mexico. Hint~ BIG contribution from the bird kingdom that I am so happy to bring to the webcast. STAY TUNED~ all in perfect Divine Timing. LOVE TO ALL~ ALL ONE. ????

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