Down Deep

400593_10203099843846056_1309014921_nGood Morning Beautiful Beings,

I AM headed out this morning for a vortex guided tour with two would be strangers whom I AM sure, I know well. 🙂 One of the themes we will definitely touch upon in the next webcast this coming Sunday, 4/10, is the tremendous shift, acceleration if you will, in the recognition factor of the new humanity. It is uncanny really – a woman walked into yoga for the first time this morning and made a bee line over to me like I was the only one in the room. She just started asking me all these questions, one right after the other, about myself and what I did and how long I lived in Asheville, etc etc etc. It wasn’t at all exhausting, I felt peaceful and found the answers coming in an effortless flow ~ and it is always a valuable experience for me to listen to my Self talk about the work of this New Human Paradigm ~ the Shining Ones, 5th World, the Earth Mother, et al. But what I found fascinating is that I knew this woman, she took a DNA Activation, Sound Healing course of mine more than a decade ago and I remember her well – her name, her appearance, a lot of her “story” and personality. I felt sure once she heard my name, she would remember this. Yet after 20 minutes of talking, 90 minutes of practicing yoga together and then her asking me if we could get together for tea some time… nada! Absolutely no connection or recognition! 🙂

We could conclude that she has a not so great memory ~ but within the context of this NOW and the uncanny experiences I have been having one right after the other over the past couple/few weeks, what makes greater sense and resonates more strongly is that WE ARE MEETING EACH OTHER, A NEW! It has everything to do with this radiant solar energy penetrating the veils of our human experience, we are recognizing each other in a new capacity ~ it is like the dimmer switch has been turned up to reveal a truer essence of the humans we encounter and we are remembering a deeper connection and even purpose as the energy of reunion gets bumped up in our human experience. In the April blog a few days ago I wrote of our ability and even responsibility to SHINE in our journey here on Earth ~ and AS WE SHINE~ we attract a different “audience” and level of receivership. Suffice it to say our Light in no longer under a bushel! And yet, it is for each of us to decide what we are going to do with this newly polished ability to walk in the Light of who we are and share the gifts we possess unapologetically and unconditionally!

And so it is that I head out in the morning with 2 feminine lights from the northeast… into the mystery, the Earth Mother and the Shining Ones as our guides and co-creators. More reunion, no doubt, more occasion to see and be seen, to shine and allow others to shine, to let go and trust and deepen in the recognition of an essence that lives within each and every ONE of us. The trees, the rivers, the stars and the all of existence everywhere, deep down, in the molecular heart, we are essentially identical, we are all the same. And we are remembering…

One Love to my New Human Tribe,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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  1. Karen says:

    I was born to SHINE ***

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