Peace Mantra

Good Morning Light Tribe,

We sang this mantra in yoga this morning, a bhakti flow class accompanied by my teacher Michael, on his guitar. It is beautiful in its simplicity and expansive in its intention. Known as the “peace mantra”, it is interpreted as follows:

Om ~ May all be happy, may all be peaceful, may all be surrounded by kindness, may no one suffer from sorrow ~
Om ~ Peace Peace Peace

This felt like the perfect post to leave you with as I head out into grand adventure and serendipitous travel. I will share from the road, so stay tuned here and you will be in my heart throughout. Yet, in this moment surrounded by so much light and presence and love for this humanity, may we join together in our minds and hearts to carry this intention with us into the possibility of each new day that lies ahead. In filling our hearts with the deep desire that all beings, everywhere, be happy and free, we assure the greatest potential for our own happiness and freedom. And so it is~ Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

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