The Miracle That Is Life

Good Morning Beautiful Light Tribe,

For the last 6 weeks the energies have been on an incredible arc of elevation, all for the purpose of a newly defined Self. Do you feel that? Imagine the Universe delivering you a brand new model of Self, all to your most heart inspired specifications! There is such a strong vibration of freedom present with a strong desire to create! We are learning through all the acceleration and intensity to truly surrender to all that is changing, including our service. This is huge and quite confounding, (throw out any guide books)  yet also incredibly liberating and inspiring. What I AM acutely aware of and what I ask you to consider is that we’ve come to the end or edge of all known footing – meditate on what that means and looks like.

In 3D (known), the grooves support and even encourage making a decision and staying that course, following the decision thru to a fairly fated outcome  – traditional marriages, work for the sake of security, institutional constructs, age related health issues… would be an example of this. Remember the story I shared on the last webcast about the leaf I found in the creek that was completely transparent? The leaf was still a leaf in appearance – but its former identity – conformity – reflection had been washed away. You don’t have to choose this but this is a profound abundant joyous resurrection of the true Self that requires we be willing to veer or shift  from where our current reality with all its facets and pieces would naturally go – willing to step out ahead and perhaps alone to establish a new partnership with this divine feminine wisdom and love.

You must step fully into the light now to experience the love and grace and support that is present. This will bring your new human status into full recognition while your former identity kinda fades into obscurity – no longer visible to the new Self. When the field around you shifts by virtue of the new identity emerging from within, you will no longer cling or feel attached to or judge what was. We have gotten high enough in vibrational elevation where a very solid clear glimpse of the new reality is in view. Think of everything that you have known and chosen and experienced so far with deep appreciation (feeling) but as a tapestry that belongs to a human grounded in a new reality.

The path and work that will be supported now is working directly with the field  – which is mystery – as in co- creating with our truest Self, the higher realms, ancestors and our beloved Earth Mother. It requires an utterly still mind and a lightness of being. If your mind is not still – you must do whatever you can to quiet the chatter and align with support – stop accepting limitation because support is EVERYWHERE all around. That is where we are now – we must possess self control in remaining in high frequency – love, beauty, gratitude, joy, peace, service, compassion ~ think of the millions of humans on this planet who have no conscious connection to the light! So the choice of happiness and the decision to shine in each moment no matter what is our spiritual responsibility now more than ever before. We are experiencing levels of consciousness that are quite transcendent, the monkey mind is uncharacteristically quiet about this atmosphere of new mind we are entering while the body feels strong in response to the cognitive and cellular upgrade underway, respectively. This will be most apparent in your perception, initially. It is liken to being in the metaphoric stage of shedding the former self and being aware of that process and feeling it as it occurs. Just a stunning and blessed opportunity, indeed.

So many things impress me deeply about my immediate journey – I share so that you may delight in the metaphor present along with me. I AM traveling in a completely new reality or world than I have known previously (my first time out West). I AM climbing almost daily to new and extreme elevations and vistas (vortices in Sedona) and surrounded by really vast spaces. (Grand Canyon) There is a great deal of unknown and yet, all the while and throughout – I AM not thinking about what I left behind or what comes next – the mind is free and I feel swept up into experiences of meeting people I feel like I have always known (eternally) – daily we find ourselves being gifted abundance via free parking passes for State Parks and complimentary foods and drinks in really “new” restaurants that serve a 100% organic, gluten and grain free, in-sourced menu. There is a sense of being “carried” rather than moving against a current. I could go on! And the feeling is that we are emerging from the incubation, hibernation, trying to figure ourselves and everything else out phase into this incredibly blessed and divine opportunity to truly reevaluate and redesign our lives to compliment our new level of consciousness. It takes grounded devotion to ride the ongoing waves of the mystery!

This is a time of recovering parts of our being society has encouraged us to forget ~
a time of remembering how to embrace the world within.

There is something so exhilarating and fulfilling about being on a path that feels true and of the light and you see (feel) where existence is taking you – (so true you would follow it anywhere and do anything – no questions asked – no if ands or buts – it is like watching the flower of the true Self grow ) but you have no idea how you are going to get there! What is happening is that the “tonal”  – the physical body/self and “nagual” or Self we are seeking reunion with, are merging into a unity that has always belonged to us – the Divine New Human.

The waves of light will continue to push the Light Tribe into significantly higher and higher states of consciousness. The energy does not step down, ever again. Veils will thin, some souls will use the waves to step out of body. I have a moment to share with you here that my DeAnne aspect was really challenged by initially and I had resistance to even sharing it with you because it is intense any way you perceive it. But the Shining Ones encouraged me because it ultimately defies any belief in the seeming impact of lower densities and it incredibly, beautifully depicts the higher process underway.

We were on our first, 8 hours of travel day, of this 3 week odyssey into mystery and light. We were driving on a highway where the speed limit was 70 mph with a steady stream of traffic, all moving together toward a destination. What I will describe next all happened so quickly, almost in an unreal fashion. Suddenly, right on the edge of the highway that was also a bridge and while in fast movement, I saw a mother duck with 4 or 5 babies – the mother had her wings up with a frantic look on her face and as the shock and speed of all of this activity was clicking in my head – I saw one of the babies fly up in the air from the windspeed of the car in front of me! It was insane! WTF? There was NOTHING that could be done. There was no place to pull over – no possibility of trying to go back – it was not possible to STOP the momentum of the moment around those ducks. The only choice given the traffic and environment we were in was to keep moving. This is important and the main point the Shining Ones wanted me to be a voice for in this moment. Mind you, it was a teaching moment for me to and I had to sit with this for days to get to its most pristine form.

First, we are never shown things just to be traumatized – we are never in the wrong place at the wrong time – experiences aren’t bad or meant to have a negative impact on us, ever! This is the work and path of the new perception, new mind, new human. If we are left unsettled, it is our spiritual responsibility to stay with the energy, following it much like we do with sound in the show – stay with the energy until we get to the love  – the message and guidance vibrating love. In that way we heal the tear or schism within what appeared dense or shadowy.

Stepping back from this, into only Light and remembering what we were shown back in January about the many who will transition this year… the intel I received within the metaphor of this seemingly tragic moment, is that THERE IS A FAST MOVING WAVE OF ENERGY – it grows faster and more swift and fierce each day. It is a choice to move with this energy and change, shift, allow, surrender as we go, to keep up with the pace. Moving with the energy means taking care of the Self, honoring the Light that you are, caring for the body temple and adjusting tethered lifestyle practices (and thoughts) to new levels of freedom. There is no judgment on whether your body can handle the light. It is a Solar consciousness embodiment and that means the heart center is especially vulnerable. We have spent so much time preparing, clearing, training ourselves to interface with our bodies and calm it when the light gets stimulating. This experience was an uber blast that really necessitated evaluating what is real and true. As I tuned into the energy of it, my DeAnne aspect was able to “let go” of the form of it (ducks and suffering and helplessness) and see how the higher energies were ultimately communicating love and support for what we are undergoing as a species. There will be things we will not be able to control or do anything about! Period! We must discern and know what is ours to do and what must be released into its own consequence. (Again, which is never without love.) As we keep up with our own momentum, movement, devotion and return to the Light – we are a part of the healing and spiritual rebirth of a planet and species!

It is not lost on me either, as there are no accidents and divine perfection sees to every detail of our experience here, that the energy of duck is about filtering out what is not needed! (sigh) Duck teaches (thank you) us how to maneuver through emotional waters with grace and comfort. There is such beauty and love in the language of the Light. This understanding of the new consciousness allows us to rise, take in an incredibly expansive existence and explore our own Mastery as One Human Heart. That is the imagery and energy I will leave you with today…

As you view this moment in all time and space through the consciousness of One Human Heart ~ you will remember and understand that only One Love can reside there. That love is with you in each moment and will travel through infinite galaxies and back and insert itself in your known reality in infinite ways to remind you, there is only Love. I took the above photo at the top of Cathedral Rock Vortex in Sedona yesterday… notice the heart. Notice the golden light in the sun. Notice the peace, the beauty, the invitation. Notice the Love.

I will be “home” (the definition of which is shapeshifting for us humans everyday!) home in another week or so. This trip has been one of such demonstrated extremes… from SNOW to 90 degrees, from climbing 6500ft peaks to venturing into vastly deep canyons, from exploring the underworld in toltec traditions to remembering how to ascend through the heavens in the same ancient teachings. In a couple of days, I will be riding serious rapids (whitewater) in Colorado and I just invite you into that metaphor with me. Fierce, fearless, without limitation, following joy and mystery where the mind defies the ability to go. On the previous blog I shared an energy invitation with you via words – WE ARE HAPPY AND FREE NOW!! The Shining Ones filled me up with that intention to share with you. I was inspired to share a visual of that energy with you the next day on top of Mesa Vortex in Sedona. Notice the shirt ~ remember New Humans… we ARE free now! ???

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  1. Karen says:

    Thank you DeAnne for the upliftment in your words & photo. I embrace your exuberance, your encouragement & your devotion to OUR path of resurrection, transformation & NEW HUMAN BEING….in gratitude to the Radiant Eternal Life Force of Love & Light….Blessings xxx

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