Remaining Centered And Balanced May 2016


Namaste’ New Humans,

I invite you to take a deep breath ~ bring your focus inward ~ and just feel this moment.
As you breathe in ~ tune with the rhythm of the Universe, gentle yet powerful waves of light
flowing within and all around you – as constant as the seasons, the tides of the earth’s oceans,
the sun rising and the sun setting. Gently, effortlessly, eternally. PAUSE~ and as you breathe out –
use your intention and breathe out all that is heavy, dense, all that limits your vision, all that restricts
your voice, all that inhibits your love in any way.

Feel this moment ~ feel who you are in this moment ~ allow the fullness of this moment.
Breathe in peace ~ breathe out everything else

MAY is all about emergence ~ coming more and more into the Light of who we are, truly. The inner work and cocooning is over and it is time for those embracing Authentic Life to begin to step up and out into greater
roles of service. Not sure what those greater roles and service are ~ no worries. What is important is that we welcome this time as a divine opportunity to really take stock of our lives, from habits to relationships, from the work we do, to the place we live, the day to day details of the life we know today and most of all, truly re-evaluating our power as creators – all that we have created… and with renewed intention and determination and faith, begin to redesign our lives to reflect our new level of consciousness. This is incredibly important because there are 2 things happening simultaneously that comprise the greater ascension movement as our world evolves… imagine in your minds eye a double helix, DNA spiral. Within that exquisite spiraling activity and light, energy is both evolving, moving up, expanding, ascending ~ and at the same time, devolving, a pejorative spiral, contracting, descending, resisting change, resisting transparency and integrity, resisting love. The descending spiral is on auto-pilot, it is unconscious, it is consumed by emotion and fear, it is trying to save itself. The Ascending spiral is conscious, it is moving outside of convention and time, it is fueled by the Divine Feminine Light, its design is autonomous and yet its nature – inclusive, inviting as many as are ready for change and conscious life, into a new experience of existence.

This is an incredibly powerful time for our planet – Gaia – and for this present humanity. Everywhere, all around, within all facets of our society and world, we see impending chaos and upheaval. And yet, it is all within a higher order that is moving and expanding within a Divine timeline over which we have much more influence and capacity than we can imagine. In the 3D zone that still very much operates under an old paradigm of authority, it will be increasingly challenging to stay centered and balanced ~ because all foundations are shifting – life as we know it is redesigning it Self to a new consciousness. As you work with the image above, much like a huge river moving in 2 very different directions – (crazy making to just imagine) It will be increasingly important to focus on your goal, your one and true purpose – that of knowing your Self as Light and powerful in influencing an evolving world in ways only you can. This is what is waking up within you. Know that both sides of the river – the double helix energy ascending and descending at once, the old paradigm and new paradigm are equally invested in succeeding. The energy expanding is much more powerful than what is coming undone, still, you will feel the pull of these magnetics as the dark gets darker and the light intensifies and becomes more brilliant ~ and the most important thing you can do is to be aware of how these magnetics are affecting your mind, your emotions, your body and habits and choices… and determine to remain balanced, Loving the Self, honoring the Self and extending your reach everyday toward a new center aligned with the highest good ~ Life untethered, Life reflecting harmony, Life as an energy that moves through you toward a design reflecting Unity, Harmony, Service and Love.

Here is an exercise to engage throughout the day, any and every time you feel the old paradigm pushing or pulling on your Light. Take just 5 minutes and breathe into your heart. See the breath flowing in and out of the heart – then focus on something you appreciate, something that you love or that makes you feel love, something you are grateful for… it can be as simple as the flowers in your garden or a pet, those first peaceful moments of the day before it takes off in so many scattered directions, a yoga class, special time spent with a friend or loved one…. focus on that experience as you breathe effortlessly in and out – fill your heart space with that energy and then see and feel it expanding into your whole body, filling in every ounce and atom of space within ~ and finally ~ send it out to your day, a person, an experience or possibility.

It is increasingly important to bring the moments of our lives into conscious awareness and alignment. As we do so, we will not lose our balance and we will see the truer path before us, the direction of our highest good, which is the One True Path. What we do for our own highest good, in honesty, in light, in service and in love – we do for the millions of humans on our planet, regardless of their level of conscious awareness. This phase from now through the Summer Solstice is one of buoyancy, lightness, new vision and clarity – along with new resources to support the new and greater service we are moving into. In the next New Human webcast on the 22nd of this month, we will run supportive energies of 5D and 6D creation, to enhance creativity – Source energy, New Humans of a New Sun, Christed Solar Light. Intention and Love must be consciously directed toward eliminating non-resonate habits – the old defaults we cling to out of fear, doubt, anxiety and survival. A newly empowered aspect of the MD Self has moved into a new position within ~ strong, centered, ungovernable, beautiful, expansive, filled with the Light of true existence.

Gratitude to the many dedicated and fearless Warriors of Light and Love in this NOW – may we continue to remember and gather as One, united in One Purpose, on behalf of One Love.

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3 comments on “Remaining Centered And Balanced May 2016
  1. Karen says:


  2. joyfuljudy says:

    Thank you so much for making this into an audio and visual presentation. It is so much easier for me to take it all in this way-loved, loved, loved it.
    I went to a Matt Kahn event on 5-8. He said, also, that we are well on our way in this Ascension process. I’m walking my dog, Lucy, early in the mornings now. Such wonderful energies at that time of the day. We enjoy our special time together. Blessings, My Friend, jj

  3. JH says:

    THANK YOU, De Anne, for your beautiful voice and this beautiful entry, both in
    words & pictures.

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