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astral3Blessings Of Radiance New Humans,

This last weekend brought in a tremendous influx of Light ~ it is a phenomenon really. New support is coming through an opening in the Crystalline Grid that will continue to increase in the weeks leading up to the Summer Solstice Gateway. One of the ways the Solar aspect is manifesting in the new human is the awareness of the mind body connection ~ Corporeal Consciousness ~ we talked about this on the current New Human Webcast.( ) As the mind is freed up from the old constructs, conditions and beliefs perpetuated by the old paradigm ~ the physical body is releasing old programs and growing stronger, feeling more anchored in something altogether different than the energy of separation and density that is the old world. This is very real and noticeable to the conscious Self. It affirms the divine merge underway. Miraculous and spontaneous healing will continue to manifest as the Solar aspect blossoms and we allow new life. It is so important to focus on the One True Goal – Love. And this is not a selective and conditional love – but a full embrace of the Process, the True Self and the pure Love of Source in this inexplicable and grand awakening of a planet and species. Our power is expanding with divine opportunity to interact with our Higher Teams and Higher Selves. Pay attention to the Sun, to nature, to the increase in beings, orbs, light phenomena and tones, of late. Gaia is singing through the Crystalline Grid. The True Self is singing through the old tapes and patterns that have limited you in times past. Over the next several months ~ until the Fall Equinox – the new reality will take over your personal reality as you know it, if you allow it. With all your mind and heart and Soul, surrender to the flow of the higher path as often as possible, where there is always peace and the mind is clear and the heart is free.

And speaking of allow~ this is a time of taking back parts of our Selves and Light, Power and Authority to LOVE that society has encouraged us to forget. The deeper we go into the mystery of ourselves, the more light we accrete and embody as the Truth of who we are. This is why I feel so strongly about the focus of the New Human Summer Solstice Event here in the mountains. This experience will be one of deep unity, learning ancient practices that will allow you to rescue pieces of the mind that have become trapped in old story, old timelines, old beliefs and contracts within the lineage. You will have the opportunity to meet and experience the ancestors and find healing there that will ripple through all your known and unknown relations. As we awaken from this deep, deep sleep of an unconscious and fear-driven reality, it is time to remember how to both dream and die consciously so that we may ascend to a new experience of existence, of being human and of co-creating once again with the earth mother, Gaia.

After a day of recovering lost fragments of the True Self and integrating them into a new awareness ~ we will spend a day in vortex energies, communing with the elementals, nature spirits, new races and species now appearing to our higher levels – and merge with the new Divine Feminine that is anchoring on our planet at this time. We will “play” together in ancient nature rituals that will help deepen our connection with Gaia as never before ~ engage in sacred geometry to facilitate cellular repatterning and activation of new DNA and learn the “language of the forest” so that each may go back and begin teaching and sharing these principles with others. You are now the teachers and leaders who will comfort, guide, activate, heal and create stability in the collective. It is a great responsibility to nurture that new power.

So come ~ this Summer Solstice will be an opportunity to resonate more fully with the emerging Solar Light within the planet and the HUman heart grid. The deeper and more centered that process within you – the quicker and easier you will be able to embody the higher states of consciousness, the new vision for our world and your unique and necessary purpose in these newly emerging times.

A Toltec Dreaming, New Earth Experiential Event – Summer Solstice Gateway




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