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Welcome To A Very New Reality

Good Morning Beautiful Light Tribe,

We had such a powerful transmission of the New HUman Consciousness and Energy yesterday, 2 plus hours of transformational energies, guidance, higher realms participation, metaphor, supports and tangible examples of how to create with your own unique and powerful light. The world of metaphor and mystery is growing and expanding and revealing to the human family a new living language. What a gift to be living in such powerful and auspicious times.

Shortly after the show, I felt the strong desire to get on my bike and ride. Ride, Ride, Ride… into the nothingness, flying at top speed through the peaks and valleys of the countryside near my home. I was FILLED with power and strength and felt such a beautiful high and release with this hour long ride. I was less than 5 minutes from my car when something shimmering in the grass caught my eye. As unlikely as it could possibly be, there were 2 peacock feathers laying side by side. I immediately stopped my bike, picked them up with excitement and rode with them dancing in the wind 4 feet about my handlebars.

Loving the bird kingdom as I do, I was thrilled to discover this random gift from the Universe. But when I got home and read what the energy of the peacock was – I discovered those feathers were ANY thing but random!

At the heart of this transmission was the parallel between the newly elevated status of Mary Magdalene and how she was now recognized as the one who first witnessed the Christ ~ with the shifting identity of this humanity and the resurrection of a New Reality via the Solar Christed Light of a New Human…

Peacock is a Universal symbol of resurrection. The ability to see the connection between the past, the present and the future and its loud and raucous call, almost like laughter, reminds us to laugh at life. The peacock’s feather in all ages has been considered as a sign of beauty and knowledge; beauty because it is beautiful, knowledge because it is in the form of the all seeing eyes of the goddess ‘Hera’.

It is almost as if the details of this peacock description were used verbatim in the show! Re-listen after this awareness and the presence of peacock energy and see if you don’t feel the magic and wonder of this PRESENCE of higher intelligence that dropped in with these feathers. Just stunning.

Finally, this family of bears descended down the mountain the last 10 minutes or so of the show… this was a beautiful and so relevant gift from the beloved to everything we are beginning to see and understand and embody with this Divine Merge. There was such a level of synergy and cooperation, Jim being home to calm Bodhi as the ALL of us stayed with the soft and peaceful spiral dance of the frequencies present in this transmission. Mamma and 2 babies walked from the back deck where we were creating the show around to the front, the babies came up on the front deck to swing on a table and then the whole family hung out in the front flowerbed for a bit. All as we wrapped up the show. All without disturbance. All in peaceful flow.

This webcast is so layered with multidimensional expression and meaning, value and purpose for the new minds and new hearts of an emerging new human. Great healing is taking place. Separation is dissolving. Higher Love is expanding as an intelligence of new wisdom available to those who are truly ready for CHANGE. Please share this New Human potential with the world around you and listen more than once to all the light sustenance and blessed assurance you will find in this webcast.

Blessed and Abundant July New Humans,
With Love,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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4 comments on “Peacocks, Bears, Synchronicity, Love
  1. joyfuljudy says:

    Love these pix and their significances.I didn’t know that about the peacock.Do you think it is significant that their call sounds like the word “Help!”? I’m seeing this from a different perspective now. They are telling us that they came to help us. So agree with you about Mary Mag.


    • DeAnne says:

      I’m thinking that your hearing the word help from the peacock is not a universal impression – I know for me, it sounds like a call, mournful and mystical call. Regardless, the messages from the vibrational world with around the show energies and intel was quite profound to me. Last Wednesday I found a LARGE conch shell and a red should hawk wing completely intact within 10 minutes of one another in remote nature These too tie into the guidance coming in now for the high vibe tribe – the animal kingdoms are really amplified in interaction and significance now if we are paying attention!

  2. Michele says:

    Oh my goodness! Yes, the animals truly are amplified now with interaction. When the deer come around now and I come out they don’t run away. Also, there is the sweetest rabbit that comes around often and did not run away when I walked around fairly close. It is the cutest, sweetest”interaction” going on. I only realized it after listening to your sharing of the light!!and truth of your being. I love you Deanne, michele

  3. beshelja says:

    love you deanne! gratitude to all the beings helping us, joy for all and faith in the higher plan xoxo sarifina

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