Pause, Take A Breath ~ New Moon


Good Morning Light Tribe,

As we settle into July, let us remember that it is in loving the Self and trusting the process of our journey that we sit at the intersection of who we have been and who we are becoming. This month will be one of transformation and shifts into new and unexplored life. Some things to keep in mind so that the shifts and movements support you and feel nurturing to your body, mind and Soul…

Remember to breathe~
Change your posture~
Find frequent pauses~
Cultivate Soothing thoughts~
Acknowledge you are always doing the best you can, and so is everyone else~
Suspend Judgement~
Practice Forgiveness~
Remind yourself often, its not personal~
Intend a state of Self Awareness ~
Look up!

As we learn to have empathy for others and ourselves… life expands, perceptions soften and we breathe with greater harmony. Take advantage of today’s new moon energies as a time to nurture yourself, love your whole being and heal emotions. (New Moon, July 4th, 5am MT) Something beautiful and holy is ready to emerge, within and without. Take time to allow whatever wants to happen to unfold. Remind yourself often that you are both the dreamer and creator of your experience. You can focus on your desires or be weighed down by emotions and negative feelings that linger from times past. Just know that this New Moon empowers you to move into a higher emotional center and deepen your care of the Divine Self.

Love the Light, Embrace the Light, BE YOUR LIGHT this New Moon,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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