Remembering Something Precious


Good Morning Beloved Light Tribe,

With the August 21st transmission of the New Human complete, I have felt the pull and deepening all week from Mount Shasta. I AM aware this sacred mountain has served as a crown-type chakra for Gaia ~ and though that is shifting along with all of our ascension roles and paths in the coming months, she continues to be a strong transmuter, providing clearing at several multidimensional levels. I wonder what role she has agreed to play in the timeline decision my Soul has made at this point in my own ascension journey.

A few things to keep in mind as we move towards the final days of August. This is a tremendous energetic time of completion and new beginnings ~ an opportunity to align with our next level of service, if that is what we want and choose. It does not surprise me that there has been a surge in the New Human Walk The Path of Light Initiation of late, because this focus of intention, as with this time, is about refining our habits, ideals, beliefs and energy to a new level of relationship with existence. It is possible to know what you want/desire and have a strong intellectual capacity for spiritual practice and understanding… all the while your energy, vibrational you, is communicating and attracting something completely different. What you want to be witnessing in your Self and reality at this time if you have truly chosen the higher timeline available, is a decided pulling away from intellectual gathering, hours on the internet or filling UP with the ideas and wisdom and teachings of others. Because, it is not what is in your knowledge base, your current thoughts and/or even feeling about what you think you want or are ready for… it is about where you are vibrating. Period. Energy = Energy. Vibration = Vibration. A really good place to start getting your energy body to begin working with your identity aspect, is to align all of your thoughts, your actions, your practice and your words, with LOVE.

The new timeline is experiential, very much a moment by moment shifting arc of movement that you will sense strongly is taking you further and further away from everything you have known. The New Earth dimension of our beloved planet is vibrating TRUTH ~ she doesn’t care about the minutia and story that we use to explain why we cannot move mountains and trust the nothingness and SEE THE SIGNS we have sent to our own Selves, right in front of us, at this time. The conscious thinking mind, ego consciousness, is bound by fear and in a perpetual state of WAIT. Fear and wait go hand and hand.

There is no wait, everything is perfect to BEGIN NOW~ with what is present, as you trust HER and move on the possibilities that have presented themselves to you. Meditate on this light intel ~ because come September, there are 2 distinct timeline variables available to this shifting paradigm of humanity and earth. Neither is better or worse, right or wrong ~ but they are quite different and will result in a very different experience of life, inner and outer reality, come January. These last days of August are critical for each individual to get very clear on and make a conscious choice to either accelerate your ascension timeline or intend the desire for it to unfold gradually.

If you have worked with the latest New Human webcast (8/21 High Heart/Diamond Heart Union ) you have a strong vibrational sense of how open and generous the vibrational world is right now, revealing quantum levels of new phenomena to support your experience with the quickening underway. These new levels of phenomena and the return of ancient wisdoms are a preamble to the September wave ~ which will be encoded for the ascension timeline you choose. Pay attention to your life – what is showing up? – in your dreams? as opportunities? in random exchanges? … are you bringing in more old pattern in the way you dance with spiritual phenomenon? the light realms? with the unknown and the unfolding of your path… or are you leaping and trusting and letting go of OLD as you demonstrate your reach to eternity??? Because the strongest wave of LIGHT in decades is about to enter our realm. I will be somewhere in the folds of Mount Shasta on September 1st to welcome and embody this energy. I know with every ounce of my being that this placement was decided many lifetimes ago… as is my conscious choice for acceleration at this time. I AM going to this Crown Chakra, Lemurian Gateway without a plan ~ without attachment, without need.  I AM giving my Self to the moment, with trust in the me who has a pre-agreement with this mountain and this moment.

This brings me to the first of several choices you may make in the coming days if you, indeed, choose the higher accelerated timeline; not just for your Self, but for all.

  • Pre-agreements – the choice of the higher, accelerated timeline is marked by pre-agreements, set in place by you, that you will feel, recognize and begin to see evidence of in your current reality. What the light realms have shared is that the only part of these pre-agreements we are responsible to is the role we agreed to play. To stay with the higher timeline ~ keep moving with the energy and consulting the earth mother on behalf of your role and service and she will co-create a very new experience with you. Remember, it is not possible for another to delay your pre-agreement responsibilities.
  • GET OUT and co-create with Gaia and with fellow humans! When timeline splits are present as they are now, you must actively call forth what is unfolding. This brings us back to what I shared above with the Walk Path Initiative. It is not possible to call forth the greater shifts with thought/mind or in the presence of doubt or fear. So you want to know that what you say you want is what you are vibrating. Then you will be assured that you are ready to carry the intention into the shifts ahead in 2017. EVERYTHING exists as a possibility, but as we CALL FORTH, with our love, this mystery of the higher reality to reveal itself (I encourage the use of the New Earth song I shared in the current webcast – we begin to ground it into this reality as new creation!
  • Open your New Human, Crystalline Portals: Here come those New Human templates – both in the book ( and that we discuss often on the New Human transmissions! CREATE, MEDITATE, TONE, DANCE, SING, USE YOUR CRYSTALS and give them space to BE NEW, as they too, are changing, EAT VIBRATIONALLY, LOVE your SELF unconditionally! This is how you can ACTIVELY open your DNA, the vertical dispensation – and continually clear your being, your land, the human heart grid and this planet! PAY ATTENTION if you are called to travel before this September wave and do not hesitate to do so!
  • Observe and check your Emotions: we all have emotional default mechanisms that come into play when the outer reality is not meeting the needs of the inner child. The lower timeline and those invested there ( media, politics, issues with finances, family members on different timelines, fears magnifying our own attachments etc) these will serve to pull you into emotional entanglement and prevent alignment with the acceleration ahead.
  • Seek Council often: I shared this beautiful thing that is happening on the current webcast ( High Heart/Diamond Heart Union ( where I recently was invited into the Council of the ancient oaks! Be it those you respect and value in human form or the increased presence of ancient elders and galactic councils, SEEK support and be willing to renegotiate your agreements to align with the accelerated timeline. Gather with your tribe! Don’t know who they are? Hint: Seek time with those who inspire you, who stretch your mind and open your heart, with whom you feel an undeniable authenticity and the invitation to be Authentic you. The best teachers are not necessarily those that feed your intellect but those that alter your energy for good. This will assure you maintain the frequency to align with the higher timelines now streaming.

As August draws to a close and the grandest of mysteries beckons our highest and best Self –  you have the opportunity to anchor new plans, new dreams, new collaborations and new intentions. This is a time to speak your Truth and believe what you say, honor what you know, trust what you feel and in so doing ~ reflect the higher experience in each moment. Check in often with your own High Heart council and ask: what does the higher experience feel like? what does one do on an accelerated journey? what would I be willing to allow, release, forgive and BE to be invited into initiation with the ancients at this time….

Breathe ~

There is SO much love new humans~ so many realms of light and love, promise and wisdom returning on your behalf. As September enters in, it activates a highly charged passage ~ an opportunity to stand in your mastery and serve as a sovereign, humble, blessed and bountiful new human being; a shiny human. 🙂 Be kind to everyone in the days ahead for we are all fighting a battle ~ but the rewards are great and many. There is a vast amount of heart activation available to each and everyone right now ~ to the children of a new Sun, a new day, a new power and a very new existence on the exquisite blue/green crystal we know as our Earth home.

You will all be with me and the many lighted beings of interdimensional planes as I walk into the loving embrace of Mount Shasta next week. We are the blessed recipients of many ancient streams of knowledge coming forth at this time to help us write a new destiny for the human race. sigh ~ In the midst of seeming chaos, is a new kind of human ~ a new human ~ a homo-luminous being lighted from within. The human heart grid of this new race of beings is being anchored by the yearning to create a type of world where war, pollution, exclusivity and struggle are things of the past. These divine new humans have an innate sense of the sacredness of life and are devoted to finding a way back to it. Cherish these times ~ consider that the extreme imbalances we see in the world around us are the result of something precious we have forgotten – that must now be remembered. Rejoice in the growing desire within our species to search for something beautiful, true and eternal. Something wonderful is happening ~ something of which you are an essential part. May you remember the Way, align with the Way, trust the Way and fall in love with the Way until such a moment when nothing else matters and the Way, becomes you.

One Love Eternal,
DeAnne, Gaia and the Shining Ones



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2 comments on “Remembering Something Precious
  1. Joyful Judy says:

    Well stated. I am focusing on aligning with The Way in service and Love.

  2. Karen says:

    May I REmember✨?? May I REceive ??? May I Align & May I BElieve ??✨
    In service to the Divine Feminine ??? Light & Love

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