September Acceleration: New Personal And Collective Choices

Beautiful New Day Blessings New Humans,

And a beautiful NEW DAY it is! With all the shifts and changes, intensities and adjustments to new energies this year, the one persistent constant that stays so present in my mind and heart is HOW VERY BLESSED we are to be living and evolving in this moment in time. WOW! When I AM still and tuned in to the great mother ~ master teacher, what these fierce, unrelenting energies truly convey is how loved we are ~ that there is something that wants for our freedom and mastery and healing as much as we want that for ourselves… something working just as tirelessly on behalf of our ascension as we. What you are reaching out to, IS reaching out to you. What you yearn for and seek, with equal measure, yearns for and seeks you. And you need not concern yourselves with whether or not you can handle all the change, along with the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual symptoms of this ascension phase… because you are in partnership with something truly holy and divine that knows your inner most being; the capacity of your light. The ascension symptoms will lessen as you allow for your joy, as you focus not on what is coming undone but the miracle of what is coming in and transforming at this time.

All is in divine order, of course. We are receiving the upgrades in measured cadence with what is continually coming ~ given the opportunity to adjust and assimilate in increments to prepare for the global intense shifts of 2017. As we discuss ongoing on the New Human transmissions, these waves and gateways are focused on amplifying ascension and the shift in consciousness ~ this is the process and progress of evolution. There has been a tremendous shift in the Crown Chakra of the higher vibrational collective – something that Mount Shasta showed me during my time with her and which we will go into in more depth on the next New Human Webcast, September 18th. This is allowing for a tremendous amount of personal and collective download, effectively bathing the body temple, cells and carbon DNA with this incredibly incandescent golden ascension light. Again, this just speaks to me of the tremendous love that is present to support our expansion at this time. With the opening of the September energies (I was at about 8,000 feet on Shasta, facilitating the portal between her magnificence and the Shining Ones vortex) the photonic light has taken on a whole new level – a more intense, results driven phenomenon that is magnetically serving to prepare us for a crucial tipping point next year. This is all very exciting! As the transparency expands on our planet and our crystalline DNA activates accordingly, we are being filled with clarity and peace about who, what and where we are in the evolution of this incredibly special and powerful planet.

September is about CHOICE – first and foremost. NEW choice, empowered choice, sovereign choice and a more comfortable relationship with Mastery. It is time to own who we are – and move, choose, decide and BE accordingly. There is only this moment and it is vibrationally calibrated for your expansion and alignment with your highest destiny. Nothing can keep you from the place that is yours to serve in. Your tribe, your highest potential and your sacred work are looking for you as much as you are looking for them. Remember, as well, that the way we live our lives is our sacred work! Don’t procrastinate when it comes to taking care of your needs and your path of Light, DO IT NOW. As you stay with this momentum, jump into the fast moving current and follow the energy ( follow your heart), you will be supported by the intensity in a way that brings you JOY and opens opportunity and fills you with an immeasurable gratitude. We will talk more about the timeline choice between major acceleration over the next year or a more deliberate ( and much longer) unfoldment over decades in the next show – for now, I encourage you to keep your focus on consciousness; aligning your mind with your heart, your actions with your desires, your intentions with the highest good of all. This passage is really sacred – honor it, honor your Self, one another and this planet as an Ascension Collective that incarnated with high purpose, Cosmic purpose – each of whom is fulfilling that purpose in a way that serves a greater good.

Gaia, beautiful mother, wanted to be a part of this first blog since returning home to Asheville. I took Bodhi on a hike this morning in the Shining Ones woods ~ very guided, very intuited, very filled with presence and knowingness. We climbed a well hidden trail straight to the top to sit on a rock knob and look out on forever. All the way up that trail, little fragments and pieces of mica called out to be noticed, seen, appreciated and collected. It was everywhere ~ from feathery thin sheets to beautifully flecked chunks of stone. I felt as if I had come upon treasures – picking them up one by one and placing them on my hand to sparkle in the streams of sunlight through the trees. Wonder and appreciation filled me. And then magic happened – as Gaia, beautiful mother, began talking to me of crystalline DNA – both hers and my own. As I moved my hand around with the light of the sun, the shimmering mica reacting to the incoming rays ~ I smiled with the understanding that this activity demonstrated a greater process underway, within. The natural world gifted me the experience of a body transforming to Light. I encourage you to view the accompanying image with your multidimensional sight ~ a refection of what we, as human, are becoming.

Be kind and take care and trust the Light, New Human, trust your Self and the process underway; trust Love. Let go of resistance of any kind, for it is futile. Acceleration is happening ~ regardless of our collective intentions. This is an ancient, wise and powerful process predetermined to help us accomplish Ascension timelines. We did so in 2012 – and we will do so again. This is a time to consciously call forth, through your actions and intentions, a timeline which provides a heightened experience of embodiment; one that meets every individual exactly where they are and allows for Christed experiences for those who have not had them yet. Breathe in Ascension. Breathe out Ascension. Breathe for the many and breathe for the ONE. Make your acceleration choices with joy and honesty – LIVE for today, for it is an exceptional gift.

One Love, Light Eternal,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones



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  1. joy says:

    I’m glad to read that you are safely back home.

    Thanks for opening the new portal on Shasta.

    Looking forward to your program on the 18th.

    Feeling so blessed,


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