Scorpio New Moon ~ Laser Focus and Intention!


14906941 10211217007443617 4088728740227602233 NGood Morning Beautiful Light Tribe,

Where to start – WOW WOW WOW ~ the synchronistic world is vibrant and electric in this NOW ~ helping us to align with new levels of Self and Creation, Love and Surrender, ongoing! I AM awed with how every facet of existence and nature are collaborating on behalf of empowering the New Self as we connect on so many levels with a new timeline potential. The interconnected nature of EVERYTHING is magnified on a quantum level right now ~ making it effortless to see how “this is connected to this because of this and for this purpose!” Just stunning.

A couple of weeks ago I deviated way off course for my DeAnne aspect by going to a Fall PopUp market here in Asheville. I am not a shopper – I am not even a browser… I like living simply and strive to not accumulate a lot of stuff. When you go to places that sell things – there is a greater tendency to buy whereas if you go to the woods instead – you maintain more of a balance between need and want! 🙂 But my favorite yoga teacher who is a crafts person was going to be at this market and I wanted to support her by stopping by. I did not buy anything – but was quite captivated energetically by a beautiful Moonstone ring.

The essence of that ring stayed with me until I had to dig (super sleuth style) and connect the ring with the owner AFTER the market had disbanded. Long story short, we arranged a get together and that moonstone ring finally came home with me. There is not a doubt in my MIND that this moonstone and its ENERGY is connected to the trio of Super Moons happening October through December – we discussed the importance of these Super Moons on the current webcast. ( This is a truly elegant, very ethereal fire orange and blue moonstone ~ shown in the photo above. I thought it appropriate since I just brought it home today, to use it to honor this Scorpio New Moon.

It is equally significant that this New Moon vibrates COMPLETION ~ the powerful energetic and light-intel that came in at the end of this current webcast. Yes, there is a profound level of completion present in the ascension spiral at this time – that what was… is in another place, very distant. This is both an important and comforting awareness in regard to the current US election! This Scorpio Moon also supports balance as we move into greater clarity and strength around the New Self and new found purpose! Remember – New Moons are about anchoring NEW – so whatever changes, shifts, new priorities and intentions you have been working on recently – invite this beautiful Moon into your efforts.

A final note of support – Scorpio energy is very exacting – think of the STING of a scorpion – there is not a lot of room for error! You either get stung – or you don’t! Use that awareness when working with this moon ~ kinda sorta decisions or situations won’t cut it. Again, the completion energy we experienced as wisdom in the 10/22 webcast – this Moon will really serve you to find clarity and make very definitive decisions around any movement you are ready to embrace. Be it the end of a pattern or belief that limits you, a relationship that defines you based on old perception, a job that confines your expansion ~ even an old injury or dis-easethat deems to curtail the level of freedom you are tapping into energetically…. this level of completion present now for the taking vibrates a finality that mirrors the death of a thing – so that something new may be born! Scorpio energy is very passionate, driven, strong, commanding, somewhat intense (:-) says she with a Scorpio Moon) and yet very dedicated and very loyal! EMBRACE that energy in this Full Moon ~ allow the doors to shut that have been communicating completion in your life, so that the NEW and POWERFUL, Authentically YOU doors may now open, joyfully and fully!

Om Mani Padme Hum Beloveds!

P.S. even though the artist, Katrina Alexa is local – she does have an Etsy shop – check out her beautiful work!

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3 comments on “Scorpio New Moon ~ Laser Focus and Intention!
  1. joyfuljudy says:

    I’m sure with you when it comes to shopping. I don’t like it! I perfer to get in and out as soon as possible. I don’t like to browse either.

  2. Karen says:

    I agree, DeAnne, synchronicity & miracles of the NEW are here NOW for our flowering. I too have recently purchased a new ring which I did not need, but was drawn to put on my finger most insistently!! A silver frog with similar coloured gemstones as your beautiful moonstone. I feel a magical resonance encircling me & guiding me to Let It BE…….thank you Shining Ones xxx???✨✨✨

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