December 2016 – A Sacred Passage

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Blessings of Namaste’ New HUmans,

You may have felt the lift and strong center in the last couple of days ~ a beautiful gateway opens with the passage into December. It is rare and precious to witness duality from the new timeline and our own very new energy upgrades. At once we see so much heartache and turmoil spinning in the 3D zone ~ all the while experiencing, feeling, being this new level of peace; deep deep peace. And that peace is allowing for tremendous expansion in the DNA, in personal consciousness and energy and in our capacity for real and lasting change.

The accelerated timeline is overwriting the lower experience ~ never has it been more important to focus your thoughts and energy and choices on compassion, love, peace and grace. This December Gateway will remain open until January, a gift to prepare our minds and bodies and hearts for new existence. All month this sacred passage will deliver continual influxes of radiant energy, pure and much higher frequencies than we have experienced before. There will be ongoing opportunity to shapeshift, moving in and out of dimensional experiences for the purpose of consciously choosing a world where all is peace, where all may know peace, where peace is all there is.

Know that your DNA follows your consciousness. We are incredibly empowered NOW to create and shape a new reality; both in our personal experience, but also for the Collective. Pay close attention to your energy – to where your mind wanders and to what your heart is communicating to you. All humans, the world over, are being challenged into ACTION by external unfoldment. It is ALL spiritual! We will see the change manifesting as goodness and light for all as WE respond differently, with trust and consciousness and awareness of our own light.

EVERYTHING IS CHANGING ~ on a subatomic level ~ thanks to the Solar Influxes accompanying these gateways. The new order of being is calling for Unity, Harmony and Evolution. Ask your Self often within your quiet moments of personal challenge and within the greater challenges of our human family – how can I respond differently here ~ how might I evolve who I AM being within this circumstance? You and you alone are incredibly powerful in affecting great change within any circumstance, personal or global. IMAGINE what we can do together, collectively ~ seeing not what is wrong and seemingly overwhelming in nature but what is right and the possibility for change, for a new power, new reality, therein.

I encourage you to embark on a mission of love, of giving and expanding and sharing in any way you can this holiday (holy day) season. In the past 2 weeks have packed up and handed out 3 backpacks filled with warmth and nutrition and joy to astonished humans standing on the side of the road in need. I feel immense frequency in my entire being expand each time I do. Won’t you join me? Jim and I made a pact to forego any gifts this year and instead ~ are redirecting our monies, time and supplies to Standing Rock and the hundreds of families who have lost their homes due to the fires in Tennessee! I met a young woman in yoga recently who just moved here by herself, in search of new life. I noticed that she wore the same holey pair of jog pants to yoga several times… so without asking, I went home and “lightened up” my yoga attire, preparing a bag for her, along with some Christmas goodies and treats. The point is – REDIRECT the old while expanding into the new – in any way you can.

Energetically – this month has the capacity to ALTER LIVES in ways unimaginable – as do you!! December is an exceptional month to expand beyond old limitation and see clearly the highest path forward. NEW NEW NEW is the path forward. And I can tell you with great certainty – the highest path forward vibrates love, forgiveness, compassion, sharing, caring, community and peace. As with the previous Standing Rock post – we must take care with our energy, with who we are being and what we are engaging. We will learn MUCH about ourselves this month… and come January the Light will be shining brightly on a new path, new direction, new purpose… OR will be just more of the same. WE GET TO CHOOSE. WE are empowered to choose. Walk with strength and intention out into the field of reality now outpicturing all around you ~ and intend to BE CHANGE – TO LOVE and share your LIGHT with it all.

Peace, Gratitude and a Very Full Heart,

Gratitude to this incredibly beautiful New Human for sharing the energy and grace of this song! ????

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4 comments on “December 2016 – A Sacred Passage
  1. Merina Ty-Kisera says:

    Gratitude to Alicia and to YOU, HU is bringing the subtle into the obvious and encouraging transformation! I choose LOVE!

  2. Kathleen says:

    We are so here. Beautiful heart sharing. Thank you DeAnne ✨????✨

  3. Karen says:

    I will keep that in mind…for sure! “Ït is ALL Spiritual”….Namaste DeAnne xxx

  4. joyfuljudy says:

    Six years ago I made the decision to no longer celebrate C’mas in the traditional way. My daughter was in a severe depression and needed my help. Today she is much better and I continue to no longer want to celebrate C’mas in the traditional ways. Instead I focus on giving to those who are truly in need. Two days ago I gave a homeless man my hat which had been given to me. Feeling his joy was my gift to me. Thanks for helping the woman who has recently relocated to Asheville and others, DeAnne. We are making a difference. I saw an ad on TV which surprised me because for a brief second the word Nameste’ came on the screen. It had nothing to do with the ad but they snuck it in there. We are making headway. Nameste’

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