Dates Of Power ~ Assisting The Acceleration!

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There are currently very positive things happening such as the momentary victory @ Standing Rock ~ signs of change and shifts in power from the old paradigm to the new. It is so important to see even the smallest victory as an opportunity to change your perception, to shift your belief system and as Steve Jobs would say, to “think different.”

I had an “interesting moment” with a yoga friend. We are not close friends, we have very different lifestyles and certainly a different relationship with both our Self – AND our experience of life. Nevertheless, we are friends – we care about one another, occasionally we hike together and we practice yoga together several times a week. I have taken the opportunity over the 2 years of our acquaintance to shine light on a reality bigger than her perception and emotional attachment, yet she clings tenaciously to the sciences, to facts and statistics ~ to things and a reality she can “control”, even if that control makes her miserable.

Yesterday, I experienced just how fearful she is of the unknown when I suggested to her indirectly that the pipeline in Dakota being stopped was not unrelated to Donald Trump being President elect! 😮 In hindsight, I suppose it was a bit of a stretch to throw this into her wheelhouse ~ that even when one end of the observable reality seems to be spiraling into an abyss and panic, that we can still move forward and continue to awaken and use our consciousness, our means and choices and actions in new and expanded ways. In truth, when understanding the world vibrationally, ALL these facets are related, the very best of humanity rising up while other humans seemingly behave very poorly and to no good end.

This little “story” from everyday life in one little speck of the vast world we live in is actually incredibly important and significant as a reference point for the shapeshifting scenarios and relationships we ALL find ourselves in. I knew I could not push the energy of this specific encounter any further than I did – in her reality of understanding, the new president elect has the power to detrimentally affect both her personal future and also, to destroy our world as we know it. What I did do was have an “etheric” conversation with her – meaning, I walked through in my consciousness, all the things she “needed” to hear, if she were ready to let go of her grip on the consciousness she resides in.

This is as an important of “innersize” for YOU and your expansion at this time, as it is for the greater energy field precariously hovering on the new timeline. This person said to me, “DeAnne I know you are a positive person BUT” – and went on to give energy to all the worst case scenarios the new presidency is putting into place. I knew not to engage her further in that real time moment – her heals were too adamantly dug in to her perception of reality.

In my energetic discussion with her I countered – it is not about being positive – it is about understanding consciousness and energy. The perspective and understanding of reality I reside in does not believe that anything outside of me has control over my reality and circumstance. I also TRUST existence and the process as it is unfolding. I AM sure the majority of you reading this are on the same page with me in this, but it is REALLY important that we are giving voice in some way, deflecting the limiting and fearful belief and lifting our view of ALL that is unfolding around us to that of compassion, forgiveness, kindness, wisdom and interconnected vision. We are not trying to “instruct” or get someone to be other than they are, but neither are we quiet about the light we know and the greater existence that is calling us out of slumber. We must be able to look at perceived victories and perceived disaster and set back, with equal knowingness and trust. John Muir said, “When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” Not only are we being given opportunity to demonstrate our maturity and the level of consciousness we reside in ~ but our humanity, as well.

You, yes you, right now, wherever you are in the world and whatever your circumstances, you have an unprecedented opportunity to assist in the ascension process. Please remember that as old systems break apart, your focus must stay on the higher experience, the highest outcomes. As vibrational stewards of a new level of consciousness and energy for our world, we understand that every event outpicturing in both our personal and collective experience is begging the question, do we want to continue to allow the old regime/paradigm to run and rule the world or are we ready to stand up energetically and take back our sovereignty which we have been ignoring and sacrificing for so long?

There is tremendous support this month to align with our greater intentions, visions, power and service. From the energies of the 12/12 to the Gemini Super Moon Trifecta on the 14th, the Solstice Gateway on the 21st and especially so the days around Christmas and Hanukah when a large percentage of the world will be doing and focusing on the same thing! The “spirit of the holidays” will be strong for many people as we mourn what is leaving and witness a new level of community and love rising. The gift to be had this month is that we will find, if it is what we desire and allow, that we do not have to work so hard to change the world… and it won’t happen with our suffering! That victim consciousness, powerless to change paradigm is finished. Know that this NEW CYCLE (which everything is pointing to with an energy of PEACE and Promise if you are still) will flourish with our intention and alignment focused on mastery. It is up to the high-vibe tribe to stabilize the higher timeline experiences for all. Everything is working together for the good! The accelerated timelines are vibrating, shifting all timelines, dissolving all vibrational timelines. This is the greater truth and love of the existence around us now.

The next New Human Transmission will be Saturday 12/17 – we will focus on Creativity and building the Inner Light of the Spiritual Warrior. That and whatever “appears” between now and then. I have had interesting “visitations” in the last few weeks from different realms of light. I feel the Consciousness of the Cosmos more strongly than ever in my life and intend to share the visions, guidance and energy of these experiences with you in this transmission. ENERGY = ENERGY. The New Human is a New Consciousness Paradigm viewing the world and ALL its events through the lens of Unity, Inner Wisdom and One Love. If you find yourself confrontational or with the need to steer another’s thoughts or viewpoints to yours… stop, breathe and just listen. Listen to what is rising from within for it will teach you more about your Self than you have to teach someone else. 🙂 I believe in this NOW – I trust this NOW – this NOW is unfolding according to a higher prophecy and love and it is timeless. It answers not to the old – but to the new, not to what is dying but what is coming into new existence all around and within.







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4 comments on “Dates Of Power ~ Assisting The Acceleration!
  1. joyfuljudy says:

    Sooooooooooo interesting to read this just now. I had just read a message from Heidi about being misunderstood by so many people. I wondered what I was going to say to her later when I finish my morning meditation and spinning routine. I went to set up your site for spinning but decided to read this first. What you wrote is what I needed to read (of course!). I like your reminder that “It won’t happen with our suffering……..” and “stop, breathe and just listen”. Your friend reminds me of my daughter. Time to spin-day 17.
    Nameste’My Friend,

  2. Marianne says:

    This phrase: ” vibrational stewards of a new level of consciousness and energy for our world” resonates deeply – and clarifies further my purpose, my love, my joy, and my own personal challenge every minute 🙂 I feel so much gratitude to you as you accompany us and inspire us all through this passage in time-much love, Marianne

  3. Karen says:

    ???????????????????????????????? “I’m thinking about good vibrations, it’s giving me excitations…….”
    In oneness I relate to your post with much joy & gratitude DeAnne Light (key) words of truth just popping out every where for me… keep lifting my vibration & focus of intent, higher & brighter, Christ Aline & NEW…..(even amidst a very sad, but inevitable relationship breakdown)….I have been blessed with the Power & Promise of BEing the change I so wish to see. I AM so truly grateful for this empowerment of NEW energies that sustain & support my heart’s desire for a NEW Earth….Namaste dearest All ???? Walking the Golden Path with you my friends ????????????????

  4. DeAnne says:

    Strong Women of the New Tribe of Humanity ~ beautiful reflections from 3 very different parts of the world, it is so comforting to me knowing you each are doing your part to restore balance and stay awake and be LOVE ~ even when it is challenging! 🙂 You fill my heart with gratitude and JOY and inspire me everyday to keep moving higher into greater light, wisdom and service. ಌॐಌ ????????

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