We Rise And We Transform

Spiral Yogaart ElizalynntobinBlessings Light Tribe,

Internally Still and Centered:

It seems that each day, the energy is picking up momentum, with daily conscious adjustments becoming a necessity in order to remain internally still and centered. If you notice a frantic quality either in your personal flow or in observing those around you ~ this is the higher timeline energy impacting 3D. Just be as aware as possible how you are feeling: “am I feeling swept up in this moment, is there discrepancy between what my interior knows is wise and what my 3D aspect is engaging, am I participating in this moment in an old pattern of self or am I attuned to the peace and clarity that is present, ongoing?” These questions will be helpful to keep your old identity aspect on board and cooperating with the new identity that is emerging.

Incorporating New:

I signed up for a 4 week yoga series at a yoga studio on the other side of town for the month of January! I felt guided to explore and discover, see what others are doing, experience a new space and new people. I love my yoga studio and teachers, but this is an opportunity to experience my Self out of my element (comfort zone)  – and to observe others experiencing me, for the first time. It is curious and magical that when I signed up for this class last month, I really could not have anticipated what the greater movement of energies would be doing, how they would feel in the moment. But after the first day today of this new yoga experience – I became very aware of being catapulted to a new sight line? like making this decision and this choice propelled me through a personal portal where I can now see my self from an expanded lens of awareness.

Personal Portals, Collective Gateways:

So, we have two points of awareness to shine light on here, within this fast moving river of ascension energy. First, that in addition to the collective gateways that affect us on a global level, we have personal portal opportunities, as well – moments and days, perhaps even weeks wherein our personal and conscious choices line us up with energetic openings that refine our awareness of who we are being and where we are going. And secondly, that these personal portals heighten our ability to truly SEE ourselves with a new precision – not only see ourselves objectively but actually feel both the energy of our former selves and the pull of the new energy guiding us into a new relationship with everything in that moment, especially our true and divine Self. All of this is preparing you to answer – WHAT DO I WANT? from the true and wise Self.

New Alignment With The Higher Self:

This observation and sharing is important for two reasons – both of which we highlighted on the current New Human Transmission. https://deannehampton.com/webcast/january-7th-2017-welcoming-2017/  A new relationship with the Higher Self is being established with the new timeline – a new aspect of Self is making the decisions and likely choosing a very different and more expansive reality from within which to create and actualize. The more we anchor and heed the pull toward this new alignment with the Higher Self, there is clarity, peace and a new buoyancy around the new paths are lives are now taking. Additionally, the Christmas into January Gateway established a new energy that is allowing us to observe ourselves more astutely, we are able to see what triggers us and make wiser choices now toward a level of Self and reality we have only just begun to catch glimpses of. What we know for sure is that this new Self resides in an expanded level of heart consciousness – first and foremost, you will feel increased waves of compassion filling your conscious state and reality – compassion for Self and all we have gone through to arrive at this NOW moment of ascension… and compassion for every living thing under the Sun. From the perspective of the Higher Self, the experience of reality we know in any given moment begins to soften, taking on the qualities of Cosmic Mother, of Peace, of holy perfection and divine purpose.

Divine Purpose Emerges:

For today, for NOW – I encourage you to acknowledge many times a day that you and your life and everything around you, are very different. I am reminded of a scene in the Harry Potter movies where the children are at the train station, ready to depart of Hogwarts. There is a train that the muggles (mere mortals) use for transportation – and there is another train that transports new students to the magical plane of Hogwarts school. That train is only visible to the would be wizards, magicians, the gifted and magically inclined. These extraordinary individuals are identified at birth and when mature enough – are invited to Hogwarts to actualize their innate capacities and unique talents. 😉 

Discernment Is Key:

Be very discerning with all that is appearing before you. Every experience present and manifesting in this now is for you to take into your new expression of Self. You are no longer blending in to what is and has been, you are magnetically attracting the experiences of the New Self. That experience may appear known with old and familiar constructs – but the invitation present is to BE with that experience from the new timeline energetic – shining brightly, rising to the occasion, transforming the moment with your wisdom, transmuting old consciousness with your compassion, your truth, your strength of Self and your ability to Love.

My mind is a clear pool of water,
my heart is a chalice of Light.
The New Human

Lift your intention and heart to the Light ~
Love and Unity,

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4 comments on “We Rise And We Transform
  1. Merina says:

    Beautiful and Perfect! I wish it was as easy for me as you make it sound. I AM open to and love it, and know that I have made great strides. Yet the process can be difficult and sometimes painful, both emotionally and physically! There is resistance, there is fear of the unknown and the desire to stick to the familiar with staunch justifications. Yoga helps, nature certainly helps and as I slowly let go into the newness of the experience, I become aware that the different possibilities can be fun, fulfilling and joyful. As I get more and more glimpses of the newness, I feel safer in letting go into the NOW. In Deep Gratitude to you and the Shining Ones!

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Merina ~ you know, if it were easy, we would all be evolved!????And yet, spirituality is not complicated – it is instinctive to our truest nature – we’ve just gotten really good at covering up what is true. It really is about not only paying attention to how you “feel”, but listening to and remembering how to trust that instinct, your intuition and heart consciousness. The heart knows about boundaries, serving when we have something to give, to share, to teach rather than overextending out of need and obligation. Pay attention to your body, which often follows the mind. The feminine (ie peace) is a state of relaxation – it is soft and allowing, it feels joy and gratitude in the simplest of acts. When the body is tense and the mind busy – this is guidance that we are OFF the path and OUT of center. Then we are not going to be effective no matter what we are doing. Play with the imagery of expanding YOUR connection to the new energy, your new Self, new relationships with the world around you – and inviting others into THAT – rather than blending into “other”. Hugs ಌॐಌ ????????

  2. Rosie Mulford says:

    DeAnne- thank you for this! Perfect for me right now. I think it is no coincidence that you came to the new studio at the time of this writing- I find that in order for me to be a witness to myself, I have to step out of my routine or my typical places. Why is it that we can always rearrange someone else’s furniture but not our own? Why can we give great advice to others but not ourselves? When we are not so intimately involved, it is way easier to see the Truth. And that is HOW we find discernment. “Viveka” means keen discernment and it is the ability to discriminate between the real and the unreal. I know for me- it takes my stepping way back to be able to practice that- I just can’t see clearly when I am too close. Thank you for these great words! Much Love to You!

    • DeAnne says:

      ಌॐಌ???? Gratitude Rosie, We are kindred spirits, I feel guided to connect not only with your yoga mastery – but who you are, your presence and your walk on the earth. I’m paying attention to that and following through.????

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