Yearning Into Passion Into Service

Cosmic DanceBlessings of Light on the Path, to ALL,

It is unusual to have so many New Day posts right after a live transmission, but it has been a BIG WEEK! Please spend time with the energy and intel in each – (including webcast) each standing on its own, each part of a greater crescendo that continues to build as this NOW year gets underway.

The magnetics grow and expand daily – this incredibly profound and beautiful invitation to a new experience of life. Sophia, Cosmic Mother, Divine Feminine and your own True Divinity are at the heart of this energy. We are ALL feeling it ~ and depending on where your primary focus is in your world, there will be a wide spectrum of experience from tension and body aches, fogginess and feeling unsettled – to prophetic dreams, cooperation and flow, feeling in LOVE with and seen in new ways in your NOW experience.

Two recent experiences to share for insight:

Last night I dreamed of “my home”, located on the rim of the Grand Canyon! It was a one story house with a curious geometric floor plan and large windows on every side, each of which overlooked the expansive, caverness beauty of the canyon. There were a few other beings in the house with me – all dressed in white – the vibe was that of a temple where healing took place – but it was my HOME! This was one aspect of my night…

I woke up with pretty severe pain in my back – my whole back – like I had been run over by a truck. It was an 8am yoga morning – a regular class with a teacher I love. From a 3D, mental aspect – this discomfort was such that most might have opted to lie in traction most of the day! But I know my body and that when energy is moving, I need to move my body. So, I went to yoga ~ and several incredible, beautiful things happened; from the intention I set to the music that was played to this really exquisite new pose that we learned. By the end of that class, I had no awareness of any pain, my heart was so full and open and insights came flooding in. I was standing on the rim of the canyon! 😉 

Without being able to explain it in any logical way ~ tuning into what my body experienced, I feel as if a goddess, the energy of Goddess, morphed through my body. Why the concentration in the back? It had to do with burden, carrying many lifetimes of weight, as the old feminine archetype has so selflessly done: suffering, grief, trial and tribulation, doing, doing, doing from some other imposed expectation at the expense of Self. I feel the dream of my home (consciousness) on the Grand Canyon ( infinite peace, beauty, unlimited spaces and life, natural wonder, sacred place) – along with the presence of highly vibrating beings – the dream reflected one level of possibility – the shift through my body reflected something leaving to make way for this new NOW that is unfolding. And overall, I feel the whole night and ensuing day in my life, was more so a canvas depicting the greater movement and shift of energies in the Collective.

What I AM feeling so deeply in my being, in my thoughts, in my emotion and SOUL – is the essence of yearning, powerful, toe curling, life changing longing. And not longing as verb – but as a noun. I feel the essence of the Divine, Holy Mother, Goddess, expansive life so present within and all around me. And “she” is whispering, “feel this yearning, this desire for NEW life, to know your Self newly, to experience the freshness of inspired life springing up within you ~ imagine this yearning energy as your own passion waking up ~ allow it to show you a new level of your own purpose, a new capacity to serve.”

The energies are swift and exacting – light is pouring into our psyche and pores, pouring onto our planet and affecting hearts on a subatomic level. Next week, one week from today – is an event many are viewing and anticipating as something terrible, with no redeeming qualities therein. And what is so important and powerful for new humans and lightworkers to acknowledge and breathe into – is that the energy some view as chaotic and unconscious, filled with hatred and destruction, is the same energy that manifests as love, as transformation, new solutions and conscious life. It is the energy of CREATION – of LIFE. How much more conscious are we now and what will we do with this gift?

The new energy, the NOW energy is here, present to everyone and each moment – how we use it and interact with it, absorb and create with it – is up to each and all of us. Every moment, whatever the details, is an opportunity to plant new seeds of intention and experience or to succumb to the old ways, old agendas, old expectations and agreements. There is only ONE Now – it is as new as you are willing to be.

Grateful Heart, Full Heart, Quiet Mind ~ With Love,

Remember to spend TIME, creating lots of space and stillness around the New Human Transmissions – you will feel the presence and benefit greatly from the transformational energies, as you do so. In each moment, we are reborn!

The New Human – January 17th webcast – Welcoming 2017!

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    YES *** YES *** YES *** lllllllllllllllllll (those “ones” just appeared on the page on their own accord !!!) 🙂 ONE LOVE 🙂

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