Embracing Change, Being OM ~

Being OmGood Morning and Many Blessings,

Ommm is the order of the day New HUmans~ everyday, within the many facets of our lives and the greatly changing landscape of our world, may we return again and again, to Om. Om is an ancient energy, Om is an intention, Om is the reservoir of the sacred heart. And so we venture forth, into this best and worst of times, carrying the peace of Om within, speaking the words of Om, trusting the wisdom of Om, offering the holy nature of Om to all beings, everywhere.

On the current New Human webcast, we talked about this moment as being one in which we now have a seat at the table in regards to our power, the strength of our light and the capacity of our consciousness to view the world rightly. Not through our history and various attachments, but through a level of remembrance that allows the emotional and mental body to remain above the debris of an unconscious and deconstructing world.

Our world is one within many. We begin to take back control of our lives when we stop investing in the conditions, emotions and primitive constructs erected by a primarily masculine paradigm. This year is one of moving rapidly into a world once considered to be fantastical  – the supernatural, the magical and just plain weird. It will be more important than ever to use discernment because of all the realities present – there will be a constant vying for your attention via opinions, accounts, explanations, visions, reasoning – and each individual must continually decide what is true and aligned with the world you choose and what is not. For energetic support with this new discernment, spend time with the current New Human Transmission, Energy Rising. https://deannehampton.com/webcast-page/ Be aware that any story that you are presented with, someone will have already decided what you may know and how much – even that you get to know at all.

This year will demand that we all get very good at aligning ourselves with people and information that represent the consciousness and reality we desire to see manifested! You will become adept, as well, at balancing your personal needs and those of your family with this grand shift and spiritual ascension underway. They are of course, one in the same. You will become much more aware of your internal change than ever before  – the numbers with this awareness will grow exponentially – each one affecting all they come into contact with.

There are early eclipses this year, two this month! ~ that will definitely be markers for change. Be astutely aware that this month will be an opportunity to hone your patience, as every little thing will be affected by this eclipse energy. With February being a shorter month as it is – eclipse energies are present several days before and after the actual event. So, welcome this opportunity to be very aware of self and reactions, how things land for you in general. Remember we talked about this year as being a grand canvas within which to redefine what is real and illusion, the new timeline energies are providing access to who you are as a higher vibrating being. From that new perspective, responses are softened with allowing and trust that everything is unfolding exactly as it should be. Be patient with your Self, with one another, with time and technology, with where others are on their path and with what is waking up and reordering itself, within.

A Lunar Eclipse will fall on the 10th/11th  – with a Solar Eclipse on the 26th. Both Lunar and Solar Eclipses are of great significance. There is a heightened level of energy that impacts every aspect of our conscious and unconscious life. These are especially beneficial times for performing spiritual practices such as chanting, meditation, mantras ~ (things that return you quickly to center!) as well as initiating significant activities. Make use of these eclipses to up your own game of being Authentically, compassionately, wisely and empowered YOU, Divine New Human. I feel strongly to make the last New Human transmission before departing for Mexico, on the Solar Eclipse, Sunday the 26th. We will use the energy dynamics that day to seal up the month of February and to look at what the month of March entails. Zoom, Zoom, Zoom ~fierce are those that welcome change, allow change, choose, embrace, promote and dare to BE change. For they are the ones who will truly know life – who will know true life.

Om Shanti Om ~ that all beings everywhere may know Peace.
With Love Always,

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  1. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    Om-ing daily.

  2. Karen says:

    ✨????????????((((((((((((OM)))))))))) *** SHANTI *** ((((((((((OM)))))))))????????????✨

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