Gateways And Eclipses, Aligning With Mastery

Blessings New Humans,

The next two weeks offer the opportunity to further refine what we desire from existence as the old systems continue to dismantle and fall away. As always, the energies present support both personal and global clearing away of all that does not serve the highest good. While so much seems so over the top in extremes and out of control variables ~ our conscious choices, actions, thoughts and emotions remain our personal power and compass in affecting collective outcome. The center we feel, the truth we trust, the compassion we hold and the consciousness we abide in, in any given moment, not only supports our own mastery, but has tremendous impact on raising the collective vibration. It can be all too easy to take on the emotion and instability happening all around us ~ but for those engaging the higher trajectory of Ascension, this is a time when deep choices about your dominant desires, the trajectory of your personal path, how you want to serve and the creation of the New HUman Self become all important. Beneath the rumble and dismay all around, there are light, happy and magical passages present through the end of this month that favor the emergence of the Higher Self and turning the dreams of your Soul into New Reality.

Passages of note are the Lunar Eclipse today (10th), the February Gateway on the 22nd through the 25th and finally, the Solar Eclipse on the 26th. In fact, the Solar Eclipse is a choice point (tremendous consciousness pivot) for the larger wave of light anticipated around the March Equinox. The new templates of Self will receive a significant boost with the Equinox, as will Gaia. This is why we will have a New Human Transmission on the Solar Eclipse – to create a container for the light intel and “future now” energies that will be present on the 26th. Suffice it to say, there is a higher wave of light linking the new timeline and higher future potentials of which these gateways and eclipses play a huge part. All convey a message of expansiveness, to be bigger and bolder with our creativity, our inspirations, our actions, our care of Self and compassion for others, in the way we play and work and love and find stillness and live our joy. Gaia continues to play a unique role for this humanity in facilitating a dimensional shift with HUman DNA, Photonic Light and multidimensional merge with numerous higher dimensional beings such as the ones that gathered over DC in January. (here is a link to the 2/1 webcast for more on that experience:

There is tremendous clearing going on ~ as New Humans, we are moving away from drama, conflict, concern and worry about the external and gravitating toward affairs of the heart, creations that feel expansive and deeply meaningful, expressions of new identity, actions that reflect personal empowerment and divinity as we move joyfully, gratefully toward higher trajectories of new Christed timelines. ( It is worth noting here that as I sit expressing the current energies through this blog ~ a red tail hawk is circling just outside my picture window. If you listened to the latest new human webcast – this will make you both smile and sigh.)

My most recent experience with the new templates of Self involve the addition of my 5th tattoo. This is my largest and most bold tattoo – (metaphor) it took some real chutzpah for my DeAnne aspect to commit to and embody! But I AM SO HAPPY and grateful that I did. The tattoo is on my left forearm and is the 3rd Yoga Sutra – the Sutra of the True Self:

         तदा द्रष्ट्ु स्वरूऩऽे वस्थानभ ॥् ३॥

Tada drashtuh svaroope avasthanam ~ Translation: Then The Seer Abides in Itself ~ resting in its own True Nature ~ which is called Self Realization.

I was not thinking about a tattoo or planning for one at any time in the near or distant future ~ but when I heard this Sutra in Bhakti Yoga ~ I had a deeply meaningful experience within ~ an experience of my own inner light. Do not underestimate gestures and actions that unite your personality aspect with higher vibrations of Self – that align you more fully with who you are in the NEW timelines.

This is a time to move forward with clarity and joy, with an open heart and a free mind. So much is coming in ~ communicating directly with your higher vibrational Selves via the Sun and our Earth, light waves and ancient vibrations. It is our personal and collective responsibility as higher vibrating beings to direct our energy, presence, thoughts, emotions, dreams, service and action toward visible creation of new – stay off the old timeline energies, why invest in that which is dismantling? Gaia and many dimensions of light are supporting creator beingness, moving forward and manifesting dreams. So dream your biggest dreams ~ rest in your own True Nature and consciously release the old design of Self. It is a NEW DAY!

One Love, One World,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

Next New Human Webcast: Sunday February 26th 11:11am eastern
Theme: Solar Eclipse and March Equinox, The New Templates Of Self

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2 comments on “Gateways And Eclipses, Aligning With Mastery
  1. Karen says:

    ????????????????????✨ Tomorrow I say my final farewell to my life of 7 1/2 years & head home to the Byron Shire of northern NSW ~ Rainbow Obsidian Land ~ to begin my New HUman life. Hallelujah ~ on Angel & Red Tail Hawk wings I fly……OM Shanti OM xxx

    • DeAnne says:

      This sounds WONDERFUL Karen ~ NEW BEGINNINGS, NEW YOU ~ and the poetry of how you express your change TOTALLY makes you a New Human! Many hearts are with you on your journey ~ wishing you One Love, Peace, JOY and expansive life in Rainbow Obsidian Land! ಌ ????????????

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