Deepening, Embodying, Becoming ~ Equinox Timeline Shift

Last night I dreamed I was climbing a tree ~ the tree was incredibly unusual, otherworldly in nature, surrounded by an abundance of flowers. It was quite vast with a network of limbs that defied any logic ~ wrapping and curving in asymmetrical lines, all reaching toward the sky in scaling heights. There were others on the ground, all female, in utter stillness, hands to their hearts, watching as I focused all my awareness and being on the footing and decision at hand. The energies of precision, focus and balance were quite palpable both in the dream and still lingering after waking. A soft morning rain woke me, quite unusual in Mexico for this time of year, but beautifully and essentially cleansing in nature.

The tree in this dream was the quintessential tree of life, a dreaming tree, offering itself to the dreamer for safe passage into new and undefined spaces. It was decidedly feminine, the goddess shapeshifting to nurture and mother its beloved to new experience of Self and existence. A part of me is still in that dream, I feel the embodiment of new Templates of Self, within, defining my thoughts, my choices, my desires and my heart. THIS is the essence of the passage we are now in ~ it is so sacred, holy, pure and with unconditional invitation to embrace the new dimensional spaces we now find ourselves in.

As the dream conveys, this is not a time for indecision and second guessing, we must claim this passage with confidence and strong center. Spend time with the essence of the dream because in addition to a personal experience, it offers energy and metaphor to assist this New Tribe of Humanity with the embodiment phase. I felt a lot like Neytiri in Avatar ~ at one with the tree and my ability to negotiate the vibrational world, true existence. Additionally, I felt the full support and love of Oneness, Feminine LoveLight with me, their absolute knowing in my capacity to move and navigate new spaces.

This Spring Equinox Gateway is a deeply transformative trigger within which to fully claim ownership of the True Self, Authentic, Divine New HUman, anchoring fully the ownership of your new expression and Divine right to become your Higher Self, in form. This embodiment phase (which the New Human transmissions have been creating with the momentum of since the start of this NEW year) is KEY to the current, global frequency shift underway. As with the essence of this dream, our core must be stable and aligned with our new templates, the vertical dispensation of Self, in order to receive the Solar Codes now available. As we become this New Self, we are then positioned to co-create AS and WITH the Cosmic Mother, transmitting our newly activated Crystalline DNA to Gaia, to the old and new Grid Systems (vesica piscis energy here) and the New HUman Heart Grid, all inclusive!! Oh Holy, Divine and True WOW!

No matter where you are in the world, no matter your circumstance or the details that currently define your reality ~ the energetic patterns, sacred geometry of true life are opening and expanding like a flower drawn to the sun. This solar light is a radiant transparency burning away the veils of oppression and separation, calling new hUmans out of the shadow to now transition in the full view of humanity. This energy of truth and feminine essence began in earnest around the time of the inauguration ~ so beautiful in its wisdom, confidence of Self, showing up in great unity and peace. Now we, as the purest truth of the light in form, must each step into these new templates of Self ~ allowing our lives and circumstances to completely transform. If you are paying attention, listening within and taking care of your Self, body mind and spirit, this passage will be quite effortless, almost too easy as with a childlike sense of wonder. Embodiment feels transcendent, deeply peaceful ~ synchronicity becomes the order of the day and there will be much evidence of new tribe coming into your experience. More and more you will experience a reality where all of life welcomes you ~ resistance is not known to the higher vibrating potentials.

So many things are happening so quickly since arriving in Tepoztlan ~ I AM doing my best to stay in the moment while equally so attuning to you (new hUman collective) and this ascension movement. And yet, I know, as a teacher and wayshower of this New Paradigm, that my experiences become model and metaphor for much that is happening for the evolving collective. One of the reasons we are here for an extended length of time, is so that we can just be, relax into and allow “life” to do its thing. Synchronicity is at an increased high, one minute we are standing on a sidewalk looking at a t-shirt hanging outside of a shop, the next a young local man engages us for no particular reason. It did not take long to realize this was not a random, passing conversation… the next thing we know, we made plans to go rock climbing the next day with another local young man who knows much about the ancient Cerros (mountains of the light), sacred valleys and ley lines in this area. In addition to learning truly phenomenal wisdom about this landscape (which I will share on a future show), we spent the day “ascending and descending” ancient rock that radiated exquisite frequency, wisdom, strength and peace. It was on the way to this adventure that I discovered this Amatte tree, breathtaking in beauty and grandeur and energy. I AM quite certain that it was no coincidence that I came upon this “otherworldly” tree the day after my dream of climbing in such a tree!

Know that what is happening within and all around the new hUmans of this planet, the wayshowers of a new dimensional level of existence, is unique to both this Earth Star and this time. We have come to assist Gaia in revealing her Higher expression through our own beingness and lifestreams, our joy, our Truth, our gifts and our love. It is we, a new tribe of hUman, that have come to show humanity what is possible with Ascension as the higher frequencies intensify and reveal higher truths. I feel myself IN the center (again vesica piscis energy everywhere, the scared geometry of a new earth/humanity) of this process ~ I AM not resisting, I AM following the energy of the vibrational world no matter what it asks of me or where it calls me. I AM not looking for anything, my mind is still and in receiver (not learner) mode. It is so very important and sacred in opportunity to be devoted and consistent in calling forth the Light, holding space for the feminine energies in our own interaction and choices, thoughts, actions, words and deeds. This is a time to really show others how dedicated you are to the Truth, to Love ~ standing up, even if it is all on your own, as a being others can trust and look to as wayshower to new life. Be open to and really creative in honoring your new skills as they present ~ there will be no doubt that something very different is unfolding.

As always, the messages from this New HUman consciousness and energy are encoded with light, this blog is an energy transmission communicating directly with your interior light and wisdom. Breathe in and be with the energy of it ~ hang out and follow the threads that are offered here… for they are numerous. I invite you to three, 30 minute windows to unite in peace and sacred space coming into the Equinox Gateway, aligning our new hUman intentions to assist Unity/Christ Consciousness. 11:11am est Saturday, March 18th, 11:11am eastern Sunday, March 19th and 11:11am eastern Monday, March 20!  This is a very powerful passage for hUmanity. It is also a remembrance, everything you need to know, feel, be and embody is within you ~ it is time now to radiate that wisdom as a New Sun from your heart, upon a humanity in desperate need to wake from a deep sleep. Take the sun into your heart center as well ~ offering the New Human mantra of, “my mind is a clear pool of water, my heart a chalice of light.” Breathe, center your Self often in this new light and remember that as old systems break apart, your focus must stay on the higher experience, the highest outcomes. You have had much modeling of this over the years! ???? We connect in this way not only for the acceleration of the Ascension, but to develop our capacity to connect telepathically as ONE consciousness, offline, without the need for grounded technology. It is all remembrance dear hUmans. And it is perfection that I AM in Mexico with little technology with which to connect with you at this time… know that we are so close in the frequency of this intention ~  you are climbing the mountains with me and I sit in your stillness, with you. This activity of connecting with One Consciousness is always more powerful outside in nature, especially at this time. Plant your crystals, climb a tree, sing your mantras, if you have been on vortex with me you know how to leave the gift of your DNA with the trees and rock, which they love… open the grids along with your hearts, be a child in celebration and trust of this holy unique NOW and assist in welcoming forth the higher reality.

In Unity,


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5 comments on “Deepening, Embodying, Becoming ~ Equinox Timeline Shift
  1. Kathleen says:

    So welcoming this reality ~ joining in celebration with you DeAnne✨????????✨

  2. Michele says:

    Deep gratitude for your message and this long awaited transition. Feeling love and sending love to our beloved elemental kingdom! Looking forward to the new messages for our tribe and knowing that light is accelerating as we stand in truth and Presence, much love to you Deanne and Jim.????

  3. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    That was a wonderful dream. Thanks for all you have shared. I knew Mexico would be a magical for you and Jim. I have set aside those times to sit for 30 min.

  4. cyro says:


  5. Karen says:

    My Gaia heart is with you DeAnne. May I ebb & flow with Ease & Grace ***(((((((+)))))))***

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