A New Place To Be

Namaste’ New Humans,

The Equinox was an exceptional Gateway and passage ~ I have witnessed a goddess embodying a young Soul on this planet, have ascended to a pyramid that seems to touch the Sun and understand a new depth of living in synchronicity with the vibrational world. I AM sure you have had equally beautiful and impressionable moments leading into and on the day of welcoming the Spring Equinox. We are in the midst of an incredible timeline shift, affecting every facet of our inner crystalline being and the multifacted crystal that is our beautiful earth star. The momentum continues with another energetic trigger March 23 – 27th and again April 3rd – 7th.

I AM learning much about integration while in this New Human/New Earth immersion in Mexico. These gateway triggers in such close succession are present to help us maintain new embodiment while integrating the new levels of Self into our lives and known reality. Integration is crucial at this time, for the timeline shift to anchor and our new lives and roles to come into clarity, we must cut the threads to all old experience, habit, thoughtstream, relationships, patterns and fears that limit our expression in the world. This time calls us to be WARRIORS! Nothing less. It is time to move on and up, into the frequency and Light of the True Self. This is not a mental or intellectual endeavor ~ it is about honoring well your feeling nature, heart consciousness, the presence and pure love of Source, which is Light. As you maintain the shifts that are occurring within while making the necessary adjustments in your outer world, you will experience deeply waves of completion, of leaving, of revelation and joy, ecstatic freedom, lightness and a profound sense of knowing, of rightness. The knowing may not come with specific details YET – but you will feel the center of the journey you are walking and trust not only in your Self, but what is unfolding. Take care with the mental chatter of “but what about this, and how will I do that” – pay attention, as well, to what happens to your energy when the mind is in the drivers seat. For the New Self, this is not a death ~ this is NEW LIFE. We are ready now for rapid manifestation of the New. Command all limitation to your personal process and to the greater Ascension, anything blocking or interfering with the expansion of HUmanity to cease across all timelines and realities and return to the light. Dream and envision new creations while binding all uncomplimentary creations back to Source, to make a full transition, never to return.
The higher purpose of this shift is to assist Gaia ~ the question is not ‘how will I change my life’ but moving into greater service to effect Global embodiment. Keep your focus pure and your intentions impeccable. “How can I be of the greatest service, where does Gaia need me to be, what would my Higher Self say to me in this moment, what is the quiet yearning that I don’t always listen to?” Know that your deepest yearning on this planet at this time, is the Earth Mother’s yearning, as well. Her light body merkabah is shifting, changing, morphing greatly… as we embody the pure crystalline consciousness necessary for this process ~ we will be awakening to new levels of splendor visually, spiritually, emotionally and in purpose all over this planet.

I am fascinated and humbled by the Cerros here, these great giants of light and mystery that comprise the landscape of this area. Asheville sits in a bowl surrounded by the Ancient Appalachian and Blueridge Mountains. You can stand in any one spot and spiral your being and heart 360 degrees and be met with their majesty and protection. The same is true in Tepoztlan, every detail just described. The Cerros here are poised for great awakening and activation connected to a great clearing and healing of the history of this planet. Similar activations are occurring the world over – ALL of which you are a necessary and empowered part.
Over the next 2 weeks your most important work is to visualize the highest and brightest vibration you can hold, see the New Earth in every circumstance, if you catch a glimpse of something negative happening anywhere on the planet – bind it and transmute it with radiance… feel the freedom and love, the joy and ecstasy that is here now to mirror your Divine, New HUman essence. Increase your creator being identity with art and dance, song and color ~ this is another simple but powerful mirror I AM experiencing in Mexico, this culture LOVES color, vibrant, joyful color. FILL YOUR LIFE with color New HUmans ~ emotionally, physically, visually ~ renew, revitalize, rejoice in this celebration of New Life. You have done the work, you have called it forth ~ SURRENDER to this embodiment. It is already in progress and we have enough willing participants to allow this to occur. I would not be where I AM having the experience of such Unity, the anchored embodiment of 5D, if this were not the case. The effect on Gaia, kingdoms, elementals, and the collective consciousness, will be quantum as this unfolds. I have had experiences of my ancestors going back 7 generations while in this ancient, sacred land – the ripple of our love and courage, our willingness to be warriors is far reaching across all timelines. Our intention is to raise all willing beings into Unity consciousness as the division occurs. We will arrive at the point when the lower realities will be energetically cut off. We have critical mass to reveal the alternative reality of freedom, peace and Divine Love. It is here NOW for many. This a Divine opportunity for Ascension, Masters. Focus on what is lifting and ascending and your role in that ~ know that Light is present in every level, leave the details to Oneness, to Source, to Love.

It is essential that you tend to your New Self with meditation and stillness and SPACE and nothingness. You must allow your central column of light to align in stillness, so the Higher Self can take over. Rest, stay hydrated, seek much solitude, get out on Gaia to receive the maximum light influx, especially during the trigger points. Stay clear and open to the experience. Join me in connecting with the higher frequency templates entering our Solar system ~ this is what we have incarnated to do at this time. We will be experimenting with them as this unfolds ~ but the remembrance is in Heart Consciousness ~ the core of your being, Divine, New HUman, you.

With Love to you from me and my Ascending Self ~ always in my heart, each and everyone.
DeAnne, the Shining Ones and our Beloved Earth Mother, Gaia.


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4 comments on “A New Place To Be
  1. Helenka Eastman says:

    Totally enveloped in beautiful energy while reading your wise words… Blessing to you for sharing!

  2. joyfuljudy says:

    I trust in what is unfolding.
    I surrender myself and all my parellel lives to our Higher Self daily.
    Live is becoming easier.


  3. Karen says:

    …..and I would not be where I AM @ a place called Unity House, out in Nature & right on my doorstep I now travel through rainforests teeming with pristine waterfalls & majestic mountains & ranges, & trees swaying blissfully in the winds of change, & the butterflies dancing & the frogs croaking their tunes towards transformation & oneness……ahhhhhhhhhh the SURRENDER into the SERENITY of DIVINE MOTHER EARTH/STAR…..Blessed BE & So It IS ~ this Autumn Equinox is soooooooo beautiful to behold…..just a few more birthing groans to release….ahhhhhhh…. (((((((*+*)))))))

  4. Karen says:

    You are Blazing Amazing DeAnne xxx

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