Deepening In The New Self, Virgo New Moon

Such a sacred pilgrimage we are all on… this now, this time is resplendent with the energies of Emergence! We traveled to San Juan to access this cerro, mountain of Light, the highest peak overlooking Tepoztlan. This mountain is electromagnetic energy ~ the shamans who work here call this a portal that draws the energy of the earth up into the cosmos. I could feel the vortex lifting my heart to the sun… at 2400 meters, the turkeys vultures circled below us.

We are in the midst of great amplification of what is true ~ as we deepen in the nature of the true Self, the mind softens and the heart’s consciousness invites us into the perfection of it’s wisdom. Consciously prepare space for your New Self to emerge with stillness meditation prayer time in nature… dream and visualize 5D New Earth ~ allow all reflections of the old paradigm to drop from your reality.

We are on no timeline in this pilgrimage … we make no plans and yet everyday some shiny being(s) appear to invite us into magical experience… there is so much love and sense of family everywhere we go. Time is different, relationship to space and things, totally different. There is much opportunity to focus on our personal heart center and the Collective Heart of the human family, as well. I invite you into that experience wherever you are whatever your circumstance… come together in Oneness, in Unity, surrender to this frequency that dissolves all barriers and expand your heart to hold the divine perfection of this NOW ❤✌

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2 comments on “Deepening In The New Self, Virgo New Moon
  1. joyfuljudy says:

    I’m so glad you got to go to the mtn of Light and feel all the wonderful energies.
    I’m headed out to my lawn swing to read “The Martian”. I rarely read fiction but I’m drawn to this book because we saw the movie.


    • DeAnne says:

      It felt like we were in a hot air balloon so high above EVERYTHING! Thanks for checking in with your lovely self and enJOY your pleasure reading in the garden Judy! 😉

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