Integration And Wholeness ~ Moving Into Alignment

In my center, I AM a force
In my center, I hold the Light
with compassion, forgiveness and love for the hUman family ~

In my center, beauty fills my sight
and I AM moved to be the highest version of my Self.

In my center, the world outside of me
reflects the peace and potential within ~

I bow to my center that holds steady
like a lotus resting within a murky pond

grateful for the many experiences helping me to remember.
In my center I move like the wind yet remain rooted,
steadfast, like a tree.

In my center, there is Truth always ~
and it shines as a quiet strength illumining The Way
as I journey into deeper knowing ~

greater service, higher love.

Namaste’ New Humans,

These photos were taken early morning on the Spring Equinox after sleeping under the stars in a night of shamanic ceremony. The location was a retreat center called Las Cabanas in Amatlan de Quetzalcoatl Morelos. Sleeping and journeying and being in community around grandfather fire was an experience to treasure, an experience without measure. All night long, surrounded by the giant Cerros, (mountains of light) the night sky flashed with distant lightening ~ the light making its presence known as this “family” of 11 dedicated their lives to deeper devotion and greater service. Just after first light, I knew I had to get up on top of one of the cabanas and lift my body to the Solar Light, the New Sun. What I felt within me is expressed in the psalm above, to the extent I could get it into words.  Gratitude to all who held the highest intentions for our world and this Solar focus as the flares arrived.
As I worked with the fire for much of the night ~ I saw an image of the old external reality being burned away. The fire shapeshifted within hues of orange, yellow, white and blue radiance and I saw again and again an image of our earth shining as a brand new creation. This new creation represents the Ascension of the new homoluminous, as well as Gaia’s transformation. Each in our family of 11 had their own unique experiences, all of which reflected a more vivid beauty emanating from the nature and a new clarity about their identity as Divine, New beings, very much loved by existence. The first thing I saw as my eyes adjusted from my higher vision to the first moments of dawn, was a white horse – not 15 feet away from me (yes in real time!), standing as a presence of power and movement, new levels of freedom and greater expression of passion, which is the energy of the True Self.

With the New Moon that followed, we gathered again for our second Te Mescal (Mexican sweat lodge) together. The fire and stone beings were fierce with a force of devotion to the Light, to Source, to the God of our Being and the Love that defines our experience here. The second phase of the timeline shift completed with the New Moon and I, along with the beautiful beings that gathered here from different parts of the world, felt great gratitude for ALL who held intentions high and surrendered the outer experience to the inner Light during this time.

I have been surrounded by ancient life for the better part of March ~ the mountains of Light, the temples and pyramids, the amate trees, sacred caves, crystalline waters, tribal elders and those who hold great ancestral wisdom. This time has been one of synchronicity and flow, of unconditional sharing, giving, receiving and transformation. Everywhere I go and in every experienced gathered this month, I was shown and continue to be shown the effect of the incoming light on lower realities.

Now we focus all our being, our world and intentions on integration of all that has been given, of all that we have received. As we prepare for the next influx the first week of April, we must dedicate our flow to maintaining what we are now embodying. This beautiful young man from New York asked me for an energy attunement after the New Moon Sweat Lodge. He was aware I am an energy intuitive (and I must say that “sight” has increased exponentially during this phase) and was being challenged by the strangeness he was feeling in this embodiment period of the New Self. From my experience with his energy and what was going on for him mentally, physically and emotionally… I will share with all of you that “strangeness” is the nature of the integration process. It is important to keep your field and reality as peaceful and clear as possible, reinforce grounding daily through grounding exercises, diet and visualization, begin and end your day with prayer, meditation and gratitude ~ send LoveLight and gratitude to the Earth and all the dedicated hUmans embracing embodiment at this time. Remember, this influx since the Equinox is a very high level of Divine Light, the truest of gifts for all who are living more deeply in the heart and resonating with the 5D experience.

Finally, this is a remembrance New HUmans ~ we have been waiting for this NOW for a very long time. Let us trust our Selves and this experience unconditionally and in our Mastery, assist Gaia in what has already been created. The frequency will rise exponentially after this split is complete; it will continue to expand your consciousness into higher realms of creation. Expect time to increase its cadence and for new life to be revealed ongoing. Trust what is revealed and avoid mental gymnastics about what you may or may not be ready for or can handle. This is a passage for Spiritual Maturity, which will demand your highest discernment and non-judgment of the external or internal effects. I have some exercises to share in the next webcast to help shift into divine neutrality and allowing. We are stepping into our new roles as co-creators of a very new reality of unity, community, cooperation, color and light, joy and abundance. As co-creators, we know that the Light needs our human form as much as we need the frequency of this massive cosmic stargate. Let us embody our new templates of Self NOW and open as pure conduits of the highest intent. I will be returning to my beloved Asheville the first week of April as the next gateway opens… the meditation for the next New Human transmission downloaded after the sweatlodge on the New Moon ~ I will post the date of that webcast soon so stay tuned ~ I welcome you to assist in creating that space with me! A LOT going on for us all. LET GO, VISUALIZE, CALL FORTH 5D, FEEL THIS FREEDOM and EMBRACE the JOY THAT YOU ARE. I AM SO GRATEFUL for LIFE and each of you and the Spirit of this NOW.

Great Love, Light and Gratitude to ALL and to the One,
DeAnne                                                                              *tap thumbnails to enlarge



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4 comments on “Integration And Wholeness ~ Moving Into Alignment
  1. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    This New Day entry brought tears of joy to my eyes. And then to top it all off with a the presence of a white horse. What is the symbology of a white horse? So pleased that your trip has been a phenomenal experiece. Looking forward to hearing what you have to share.

    Blessings, My Beautiful Friend,


  2. Merina says:

    Stunning on all levels! You bring consciousness to my own unfolding through your experiences of the Divine!

    So much Love and Gratitude!


  3. Karen says:

    Your poetic heart song, sings to mine. Namaste & blessings DeAnne.✨????✨ Thank you for your guiding Sacred Soul Self enlightening my/our way & thank you Divine Mother Gaia….. One Love ????????????????????

  4. DeAnne says:

    Gratitude to my sisters here ~ it may be intense, no doubt – but this is just SUCH a beautiful and expansive NOW – so much new life beckoning, it feels like a massive cosmic heart opening to this humanity ~ offering a different way, a very new experience, a greater love than we have known in human form. May we continue to say YES to that LOVE along with the JOY and inner peace that accompanies it. ಌॐಌ ????????

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