New Webcast: Integration And Wholeness, Moving Into Alignment

Good Morning New Humans,

I have returned to my beautiful home, welcomed by the wisdom and love of the mountains. One of the first things I did was go to the Shining Ones woods, we had glorious rains and I knew the creek beds and waterfalls would be abundant with sparkling, crystalline waters. They did not disappoint. We are very much in the midst of a very dynamic gateway this first week of April that will continue into this weekend. The guidance was clear this morning to wait until after this gateway for the next New HUman transmission. Next Tuesday, April 11th @ 11:11 feels good to me and vibrates with a strong YES.

For NOW, one of the highest spaces you can be in vibrationally at the moment is deep, intuitive feeling ~ NOT doing of any kind really. The mind is very still. It will seem as if you are following, guided by a sound with your movement and choices, thoughts and decisions. This sound is a very pure, succinct frequency, tone being created by Solar Light, co-mingling with the hUman heart grid and the New Earth Grid at this time. Personally, I AM experiencing a profound understanding of my Solar Self, I feel a new grid withing my body amplifying the Solar Cosmic Christ State of beingness wherein I AM aware of a golden lighted cross running from my pineal, across and through my heart and down to anchor in a new “seat” of identity at the base of my spine. Ascension is truly a sacred experience. This gateway is vibrating a profound level of beauty ~ as tired (jet lagged) as I was, the fatigue of coming down off SUCH a high from my time in Tepoztlan, my first full day home I went and bought FLOWERS – LOTS of color – and redid my flower beds. I AM also rearranging, clearing out – giving away, creating space – adding a new altar – just embodying the essence of beauty in my surroundings as much as possible. This is the Divine Feminine, holy, sacred, reverent Light that is having great impact on the lower realities, the denser realities have shifted significantly. We will look at that in greater scope on the 11th –  just my experience in the woods today was COMPLETELY different – the waters, the trees, the rocks – even the flow of energy, the sacred geometry in nature – very, very different.

The human heart field is expanding on our planet at this time – exponentially so – allowing for a blessed and beautiful – exquisite merge with the earth mother – Gaia, crystalline earth. The meditation for next week’s show is the perfect meditation and harmonic to accompany where we are as an ascending collective at this time. The music, which was gifted to me in Tepoztlan, creates a beautiful synergy between nature and the human heart. This meditation is about expanding our service and presence – it is a vibrational experience to merge the magnificence and wisdom, the beauty and power of the Light – with your identity aspect. Good Stuff.

The current Gateway is anchoring the timeline split to full capacity. The clearing and creating beauty above is to mirror the new vibrational spaces that are here. Focus your awareness like a laser ~ intuit how your Solar aspects desires to purify and expand your current environment. Beauty is a frequency – intentionally adding beauty and LETTING GO of stuff – raises the vibration therein. Place all your intent and heart, your love and mastery on being pure conduits of this beautiful light ~ I had an experience the last day of my time in Tepoztlan where I was able to truly claim my Self – my Solar Self… I was able to see and experience my Self, as the Light does – through holiness and honor, a very grounded power and sense of Mastery. This process of reclaiming our Solar Self is what allows the new reality to be revealed. The Gateways are opening through us ~ we are the co-creators of something so vastly different than what we have known or imagined for ourselves and our world. Come join me next week, Tuesday April 11th @ 11:11am eastern as we surrender to the ascending spiral and allow this new Light to reveal to us the consciousness and energy of our truest, divine embodiment!

Love to ALL, Great Gratitude to the ONE~

The New Human Webcast
Tuesday April 11th 11:11am
Theme: Integration and Wholeness, Moving Into Alignment
Meditation: Expanding Presence and Service
Music: Heartwave Meditation

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4 comments on “New Webcast: Integration And Wholeness, Moving Into Alignment
  1. Kathleen says:

    It will be so good to hear you again DeAnne. I thought of you many times in March ~ it made me smile.

  2. Arne says:

    DeAnne , sending you some energy from the North, good to see you are healthy back West from the South, before Easter. Impressive (wow) new upside down position from your April 1. picture below, guess it was no joke to learn that one …

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Arne and Kathleen, I do love to lift my heart to the light! 😉 I am happy to be back and looking forward to digging into this new timeline with all of you – sharing the insights and energy gathered. It’s a NEW DAY ~ may we all be new and embrace the gifts being given in this NOW! xoxo

  3. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    Looking forward to your webcast and, hopefully, a pix of your new colorful and vibrant garden. I just recently made the decision to put 2 colorful azaleas in my front garden.

    Kudos to seeing yourself as pure Light.


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