Open Your Heart To It All

We Love and Give Thanks
and do the best we can
in each moment
of every hour
of every day

Blessings to ONE and ALL,

There is an incredible stillness and reverence present as the new timelines anchor ~ this energy phenomenon is creating a spaciousness that is inviting us into a new relationship with Self, with the Earth, with ALL of our known experience, with the humans we encounter and most importantly ~ a brand new experience of reality! Life is very different, these new timelines are very organic with the primary objective of moving humanity, individually and collectively, into Unified Action.

As the New Human Transmission ( The Divine Self Emergin) downloaded this past Sunday (5/7) – our individual and Collective Light level on the planet took another jump – marking the beginning of the May shift. Gratitude to those who came and shared the space with me on Sunday – this is an opportunity for Unified Action, as well as, an experience within which Creative energies flow… assisting us in our return to empowered creator beings, purified, renewed and ready to manifest the New.

There is a very amplified passage coming up on the 19th through the 21st; again, Unified Focus! As we use this Light, it aligns us with the Christed Timelines and we no longer see or experience separation in our experiences, our thoughts, our beliefs, our observations, our emotions or our world. Joy is spiraling out of the heart and defining our experiences with trust, with devotion, with wonder and with love. As we are present to and embody the future self (the Higher, Christed, Galactic Self) we begin resonating with a New Primary Timeline that effortlessly traverses dimensions, clearing the way for pure experiences of Ascension in circumstances and settings that may look familiar, yet are anything but! This isn’t an intellectual experience – and quite honestly translating the felt/intuited aspect of the new organic timelines into words is challenging ~ which is why this New Human/New Homoluminous teaching shares through multimedia presentation (video, photography, sound, music, verse, light intel, nature etc.). Photonic rays are activating the ascension process within, stimulating true HUman DNA and heart consciousness ~ allowing for a higher, felt and witnessed experience that is allowing us (new hUmans) to interact with higher dimensions, ongoing.

To feel and witness and embody the organic timeline experiences personally, while helping to amplify them for the collective, we must continue to align ourselves with the New Earth/5D/Ascension timeline. Imagine your thoughts, your words, your actions and deeds, choices and intentions to be opportunities to give more light. Spiritual power is built through consistent practice! The New Human meditations on DeAnne Live, the nature experiences and 5D Forum (along with your active participation) and especially so the live transmissions are opportunities to polish your light, awaken cellular memory and expand the light chalice that is your heart. These focused activities, along with the greater new timeline activities, are training us how to connect organically as ONE consciousness, without the need for grounded technologies. I have had this experience with many over the years since the New Human was published (2008), in the Walk The Path Of Light program. That is the goal, that is where we are headed as a New HUman family, that is what we are remembering so magnificently with the new timelines.

Say yes to the greater dream of who you are, New Homoluminous. Come out of the ordinary spaces – for they are all illusion. We are in preparation for much larger, global missions of Unified Service. Please share the New HUman offerings here with your groups, gatherings, friends and family of Light. The higher realms, the Shining Ones, ascended dimensions are able to thread frequencies through this community of intention, unified purpose and joyful participation. The sensation is wondrous. Join us!!

Deep Gratitude, Light Of Eternity, Love of Oneness ~

(beloved local artist, Billy Jonas – enJOY!)

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3 comments on “Open Your Heart To It All
  1. Karen says:

    & God is in me & I AM in God …….. a very smiley song!????

    • DeAnne says:

      yes Karen, Billy’s claim to fame around here is as a children’s singer ~ but he has branched and expanded over the years – is definitely a local favorite of MANY ages! ????????????????

  2. joyfuljudy says:

    I loved the song and all the different images. Profound!

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