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A few days after the Summer Solstice, I was riding my bike through the Swannanoa Valley. I just love the meditative quality and peacefulness of a long bike ride through winding roads that are literally surrounded by the most ancient mountains on the planet. I have ridden in this valley for over 15 years… I know its nooks and crannies, its secret side roads and unique treasures, by heart. So, I was both taken aback :-O and filled with wonder when I came upon the large “swamp” that I know well. I am from Florida and I know swamps – low lying, uncultivated ground where water collects, creating a stagnant (and not very appealing) bog or marsh. But on THIS day, in THIS now – this swamp that had remained unchanging for over a dozen years that I know of … was literally covered with lotuses: hundreds of pink lotus blossoms. You cannot make this stuff up! Was I dreaming ~ better yet, was I now AWAKE in a dream?

Still very much in the currents of the immense Summer Solstice Gateway, so profound with feminine love and invitation to new existence, there was not a moment’s hesitation of knowing that this swamp was mirroring the transformation, light and rebirth of a new timeline humanity; the new human, emerging. It was/is a manifested gift, from the Light.

Words cannot do justice to what is unfolding and opening, on behalf of a new day, a new beginning, for this species. The metaphors of Universe-as-Self, Solar Self or Christed Self, (with all the miracles that would entail), are manifesting into our realities, by us and for us, through our embodiment of Creator consciousness. Each moment feels other-worldly, psychedelic, blissful and liberating. The mind and body are immersed in this rushing sea of liquid light, surrendering to it while pondering the creation of a new shore… or in this case, an immense and utterly exquisite, lotus pond.

Right now, there is a tremendous pull, like a cosmic vacuum, reverberating from the August Eclipse. The feeling of balancing on a tight wire or even flying through the air like a trapeze artist and wanting to grab onto something and cling really tight … and when the small self, (denser consciousness, old dna) senses that there is nothing to grab onto – that is when the old constructs of thought will come in to help the ego feel safe, secure, on solid ground. And yet, there is no solid ground. Transparency, Clarity, Strong Visions and evidence of seeming Miracles Manifesting – this is the pull of the August Eclipse! As the Cosmic threshold nears – timeline divisions may present in your visions as dividing DNA, train tracks, trees, roadways splitting, torus loops and division, spirals, parallel planets or stargates in your visions. Regardless of the archetypal representation – these visions are mirroring what is unfolding right here – right now. Be very vigilant in paying attention to synchronicity, opportunity, invitation that seems to come out of no where yet are very succinct and direct. And follow them, say yes, no matter what… and quickly!! MOVE WITHOUT THOUGHT. With the synthetic timelines dropping – the organic experience of ascension arises as divine choice. And the new reality is beyond our wildest dreams, it is beautiful far beyond our imagination, it is generous, gracious, abundant and flavored with the impossible. But that is just it – in the new timelines – NOTHING is impossible.

What makes this time of ascension so powerful is that we are transcending time constructs – there is a felt knowingness that it is we who open the doors and demonstrate what is possible. I am having experience upon experience where I am standing in a moment and beholding something so seemingly impossible and yet not only recognizing it as the truest reality – but that I have somehow delivered this new existence, to my Self! We will go into the various timelines, what is dropping away and what is anchoring in so powerfully, on the next webcast – July 16th. We will also run a good bit of energy around how to stay aligned with the miracles and watch for the triggers that will tether you to the old time dynamics that in all honesty, are nearing extinction.

Take a moment to experience the energy of the photo above… there is all this mist, like a veiled existence … and then there is the light shining through that shadow, illumining a single lotus. That lotus is your heart and the light is directly communicating with that center within. All else is secondary as you keep your focus on your heart ~ and the light. We jump timelines via the heart center, divine service, consistent alignment and earnestly clearing our lower timeline experiences. We are the ones opening and closing doors, we are the ones walking towards the light, toward experiences that expand… and we are the ones choosing the lower energies that will separate and cut us off from new existence. It is all divine choice.

All focus now is on the massive cosmic gear shifting. The possibility of ascension, created in the future, along with the higher timeline which traverses multiple dimensions – is allowing the lower self to access a higher trajectory when engaging with the ascension process. The upcoming Eclipse is a key player in the timeline jump – which is why I was guided to create and offer through this intention, 2 powerful, vibrational opportunities in September, to assist in anchoring this rare cosmic event. I feel really good about both of these offerings ~ there is a powerful force of love, of new human consciousness and energy, along with the Shining Ones, overseeing both the Sacred Medicine Journey to Tepoztlan and the combination of Yoga, Vortex and Sound in the Fall Equinox Retreat. WE ARE ONENESS, RISING. We must refine our focus, eliminate all distraction, deepen our connection to and care of the body temple as it undergoes this whole body ascension process and open unconditionally to the miracle and gift of this time. A lotus can take the dankest, darkest, murkiest of situations… and turn it into something beautiful. You have that same power within you… in your heart.

Oneness Rising LoveLight~
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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  1. Karen says:

    I AM Shining from the lotus of my heart & truly thankful for this birth day blessing ~ Namaste ???? ✨????

  2. DeAnne says:

    Did you have a birthday… Happy Day you were born to a beautiful shining light! In Unity and with much love xoxo ???? ✨????

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