The Aftermath And The Beginning

Good Morning Beloved Light Family,

It was a powerful show within a powerful time for our planet and world. Gratitude to each and everyone of you for your presence, support, loving kindness and most of all, your strength and courage to BE HERE NOW.

Shortly after the webcast yesterday, I went into meditation. I needed to recharge, I needed to be still and calm and I wanted very much to create a space to absorb all the magnificence and gratitude present after a transmission. It was in this meditation, this stillness, still very much connected to all of you, that the Shining Ones reminded me of an image. I am quite sure it had to do with the focus of Irma in the Collective, in our hearts, at this time. Yet, as with the storm itself and all the chaotic forces on our planet currently ~ this remembrance was about something far greater that I was guided to stream to you here.

I have shared this imagery with you before over the years, it is a timeless reminder of our Cosmic, Galactic, True Self… as well as, the power we have been entrusted with at this time. Many years ago, as I began to step into my Priestesshood, my mastery and power as a warrior, my agreement to be an agent of change in this world ~ the Shining Ones took me into a transdimensional state and showed me an image of myself. It was very vivid – for me it was not an image, but an alignment that I felt in every cell of my being. I saw myself happy, free, standing very still, unscathed, clean, fresh, firmly rooted where I stood. Yet, all around me, within a mere foot of my person, was chaos, ruin, the fury of nature, the destruction of war. The image of Diana in the recent Wonder Woman movie comes to mind, where she is walking across a field of war – cannons and bombs dropping all around her, yet she is fierce, she is focused on her purpose, she is untouched quite frankly – because she is beyond the affect of that unconscious world!

And the impression I am guided to share with you here is not that I was safe and unharmed in an environment that was clearly not safe… (although that is true, as well) but the greater energy I wish to transfer to you with this image is that I, my person, was expressing a calm center, a state of balance. Even when fear swirled in the outer field all around me, I was demonstrating peace. I understand the wisdom and love of the Shining Ones bringing in this remembrance while our Beautiful Mother undergoes transformation, cleansing, renewal and rebirth. We can all acknowledge that birth is equally messy and beautiful. This Advanced Light Race so intimately connected with both our planet and our entire genetic potential, they were impressing on me, AND YOU, that in the aftermath of all this dismantling – is the beginning of New Life. We will not build on the old foundation. We cannot move forward with the same consciousness of destruction, fear and utter disconnect with our humanity. Do not underestimate the level of control you have, the power you have to send stability, calm, love, support and BALANCE into all these areas that are experiencing the great reset of this time.

Life is incredibly challenging for each and every one of us at this time. We are all in the throes of reset, transformation and renewal of all we have been and known ~ so that we may walk forward into the NEW horizon of this beautiful planet, whole and wise. Divine Consciousness is an embodiment. It is a responsibility we accept and embrace and must be accountable to in every moment of our waking lives in this now. I had a riveting, pivotal dream last night that metaphorically placed me in the position of Diana in the battle mentioned above… but with the oldest, enmired feminine ancestry and archetypes outpicturing in our history and world at this time. It was otherworldly, the power and reset I felt both in the dream and upon waking, now to walk forth with.

Let us love one another to the extent we are challenged ~ remembering, as the Shining Ones so powerfully shared in the current webcast – each of us is a channel with the capacity to stream the light and intelligence of a higher vibrating choice and dimension of existence. May we honor our ancestry, our higher teams of such wisdom and light – and our Selves in the new choices and new decisions we make everyday ~ on behalf of a new human existence. Aho ~

New Webcast – Time To Rise UP! September 10, 2017

ॐ ♫*¨*•.¸¸☼
The Aftermath And The Beginning, Are One.
♫*¨*•.¸¸☼ ॐ



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3 comments on “The Aftermath And The Beginning
  1. Susan Philpot says:

    What a beautiful, inspiring post Deanne. Thank you for the webcast yesterday and your message of love and support. I can still feel the energy of the webcast this morning and feel that it will stay with me as I move forward from here.❤️

  2. Cyndie says:


  3. DeAnne says:

    Gratitude Susan and Namaste Cyndie, it is a beautiful, inspiring time in the truest flows of existence. I am SOOOOO grateful for the gift of sharing these energies and the Shining Ones with so many in this way. We are LOVE and we are remembering. ????????

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