Rising To New Expression (Through Gateways and Holidays!)

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and feel the stillness of this moment ॐ ♥

November Gateway

The November Gateway is already open, (Nov 21-25) this is a time of deep healing. Revisit what emerged in you with the August Eclipse – the power, the clarity of mind, the renewed focus and strength of purpose. Then notice who or what has shown up since then… notice with a neutral awareness. Many have appeared in my field, beings passing thru, those coming in for support or a boost in their personal trajectory. Some other events that stand out for me are the experience of an unplanned, 2 hour yoga lab I wandered into that tapped into some deep memory and emotion for me… and a few days later, an injury I sustained while attempting a “flying” yoga pose I had not been taught. ( I AM completely mended in just 3 weeks thanks to systemic enzymes, Prime My Body and my amazing rolfer, Kate.) Also, there are several new directions I have embarked upon, personal and professional in the last month to 6 weeks. Standing in the recalibration radiance of Solaris as the November Gateway approaches, I see and feel clearly how all of these experiences are related – both to the August Eclipse and the new levels of Self now emerging. Each of these Cosmic Stargates are presenting for Gaia, for Solaris and Divine, New Human in service … to push us through to another level and expression of being.

We are in an incredibly sacred passage now; the November – December Gateway holds deep support for our expansion and Ascension. This passage amplifies our desires, intentions and connections with pure Source consciousness – which sounds wonderful, even blissful. However, this amplified desire, intention and connection to Source will bring up irritation around anything that is perceived or felt as blockages, resistances, things or persons perceived as being in the way, not aligned with or even threatening this new and stronger alignment. I feel Kali and Durga often of late – I feel them as fierce protectors of the higher intentions and purest of hearts. Imagine the presence of a 12 foot form inside your current body – anything outside of you (think routines, relationships, experiences and the like) that is clinging to old constructs and pacifying the ego in any way will feel like something clamping down on the size of the old container while your new connections and desires and intentions no longer want anything to DO with the old, confined spaces.

Core Self Revelation Passage

Now, of course, nothing appears outside of you that is not shining light on something within you. And yet, what you will find is a greater awareness around who you were/have been/used to be and where you are now very intent on stepping to. There will be less patience, less tolerance for the old mirrors and greater authority and strength in the new direction you are pivoting to. This does not feel negative or old to me in the least – this feels like a new level of Mother, Divine Mother, Cosmic Mother, all encompassing Mother, ultimate Feminine power and wisdom. In aligning with what is most true within – with crystalline essence, we will be much more intent on taking care of the Self and polishing the power that is set to emerge. Be still, and know. Be still and listen, deep within and you will hear/feel the new harmonics of Gaia’s crystalline core, the new Diamond Heart of a New Earth and the Shining presence of Divine New Human. This is a core self-revelation passage. We are prepared for the great unknown as cosmic factors amplify and accelerate the shift and Ascension.

As we continue to journey deeper into our Selves, this new energy and the magnetics of these new timelines – you may find yourself either less irritated or more irritated than previously around a situation. Bring the breath into these moments, there is nothing to judge or correct. The main focus will be noticing ~ becoming aware, zoom the lens of your perception way out and deep within, to embrace and even fuel what is different. The Shining Ones encourage relistening and spending time with the presence of Divine Mother, Kali, Durga and the repatterning of the small self through the Mother’s frequency and light, as well as, the transformational energies around the shift from the outside to the inside of the ascension spiral! (current webcast: Allowing Expansion https://deannehampton.com/webcast/new-webcast-sunday-115-allowing-expansion/ HUGE, VAST and BEAUTIFUL recalibration underway, in each moment of every day. The refinement of these passages continues – trust who you are in relation to the greater spiritualization of planet and species. Call forth the wonderful, the unexpected, the boundless. Give nothing and no one permission to pull you down or fill your mind with doubt. Truth is on your side in this NOW!

Awakening To Galactic Legacy

I had an exquisite and blessed experience in a recent vortex outing. It feels so incredibly relevant to the Human Heart Grid, connecting races and generations across all time and space. I took a young woman into the New Feminine quadrant of the Shining Ones vortex. As most of you know, I have just begun working with the energies there this year. The spaces are incredibly high in terrain and vibration, crystalline stream beds and waterfalls are abundant. I know with deep wisdom that these new spaces within the Earth’s body are opening up to mirror the new genetics and consciousness now activating in Divine Humans. I trust Gaia without reservation and experience her guidance and wisdom again and again as a child being led into the magic of life’s deepest mysteries. Albert Einstein said “the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.” The mystery is sustenance for Divine New Human. More and more ancient phenomena is activating in this now because we have unlocked the Gateways of Christed/crystalline DNA. The resonance of your DNA is speaking to, and interacting with, the cosmic consciousness of Gaia, Solaris, Galactic levels and Universal Creator levels. The nature and ALL of Creation knows us by our DNA which is speaking loudly to the Cosmos and planetary consciousness at this time. BE IN LOVE, RADIATE YOUR LIGHT and dare to interact with the Cosmic Stargates during this passage. Be creative in expressing this new unity.

As this young starseed and I, along with Bodhi, began making our way back down the mountain edges ~ Bodhi kept calling us in a different direction. Pulling our energy and attention to the left – toward something unknown and mysterious very much responding to the galactic pulse. We came upon a giant mass of rock with harmonics I have worked with prior to this moment – but everything was amplified. The etchings, angles and intricate design of the rock formation appeared as puzzle pieces – from the size of a rubiks cube to many feet in diameter. We wiggled and played with these pieces, we crawled inward and viewed secret places that spoke of ceremony and ancient rites. There was a felt knowing that this massive rock sat on top of doorways and passages – that it protected something very special.

Knowing this entire vortex as I do and able to piece together a lot of phenomenon I have experienced and gathered over the years… what became apparent is that this site was an interdimensional portal of communication and contact between Native Americans and Star Beings. It served/serves as a recalibration and rejuvenation grid of sorts. I have met and interacted with up to 40 different Native American tribes in this nature – it resonated strongly that these peoples/nations/elders had interaction with star beings. Call forth the wonderful, the unexpected, the boundless… this is the invitation in this NOW – MUCH is wanting to interact and co-create with us. Across dimensions and all time space – Unity consciousness is pulling us together as one force of Source. Really breathe and feel into this awareness. Make time to be with the nothingness and create space for these reunions. Humanity has suffered a long time in separation… this is NOT our true nature. The strength of this light radiating around and within us is calling us home to the remembrance of Unity – our truest nature and heart is the essence of Oneness.

Galactic Pulse Emanations

Take a moment to be with the image above… breathe. When I first experienced this photo I felt the energy of Ananda. Ananda आनन्द is a sanskrit word meaning bliss, or divine joy. This image conveys truth on the deepest level. In its harmonics, tones and detail there is one pointed focus, there is a strong center, balance and unwavering purpose. (Notice the all seeing eye, the goddess, divine feminine power, vesica piscis, consciousness, SO much going on here.) The energy of devotion is palpable, the pulse of the Galactic Center can be felt in both the devotee and the light, the remembrance that calls to her, deafening all other distraction. Feel this center in your being, this discipline of purpose, still mind, vast heart, the bliss of knowing who you are, the divine joy of trusting that knowing above all else. We are love, we are remembering WE ARE LOVE – there is nothing else, ALL IS LOVE.

Everything is very still right now – for those of you adept at intuiting energy, follow the energy beyond what you can see in this image (visual detail) and what you will discover is the still point of Creation. The highest course of action as we come into this Gateway next week: don’t react, refrain from impulses, this intensity will feel like being on a hot skillet – gotta move, change, do something! even radical – GO IN – send that impulse, intensity INWARD – use this image as a focus for your meditation to calm the nervous system and still the mind. Deeper into the nothingness, the mystery, to strengthen your remembrance and vertical connection. Both the jump rope metaphor and the shift to being inside the crystal that the Shining Ones illumined in the current webcast – FEEL THAT PASSAGE.

All Inclusive Redirect and Rewrite Underway

Even my yoga practice is shifting dynamically to reflect this pivot of consciousness and light. I AM experiencing my asanas from the inside out as I practice. There are no longer poses that my mind is directing my body through… I feel yoga as a body memory that is awakening from deep within. I know this is one of the reasons I only needed 2 days respite after my injury. When I came back to the mat, my consciousness went inside the injury and my body guided ME into each pose with poise, mindfulness, strength and a strong union between my breath and movement. I wanted to share this experience with you because it truly demonstrates the very different experience of the new timeline. We are no longer outside of ANYthing looking in. NOthing is happening to Divine Human you. You are now inside the ascension spiral looking out and seeing with much clarity and power the magnitude of this experience on Gaia and the potential you have to redirect, rewrite and influence it ALL anew with humility, wisdom, love, strength and service.

Surrender Becomes Quantum

The mental and emotional body – the small self will be on high alert in this now – it senses the dissolution of false realities and deeply ingrained illusions. The Shining Ones have cautioned for years, especially since the 2012 Gateway – about psychological fallout from intensifying energies. We are seeing much evidence in our world of the instability and subsequent consequences of those without a center, without anchor to goodness and light, Truth and higher understandings. Whatever you can do on a personal level to release, purge, clear, purify and support leveling up, will greatly assist in balancing the collective. Cry, clear, detox, meditate, pray, decree, connect with nature, and create wonderful. CREATE WONDERFUL!! That is a pretty great assignment. Be not swayed by lesser vibrations. Own your Mastery, it is your birthright. Whatever the mind latches onto – be gentle, kind, like a mother soothing her frightened child. Be that loving and forgiving with one another, as well. Worlds beyond worlds, beyond time, beyond mind… this is a very disorienting time for the ego, a very empowering time for the Cosmic Self, Divine Human. The old systems are breaking down within and without, illusions are collapsing much like the melting icebergs in the polar oceans. See through the illusion, welcome the teachers that come in many guises to your door, cling to nothing. Love it all, embrace it all, release it all ~ ALL IS FORGIVEN!

New Moon Saturday 11/18

This Saturday we have the supportive gift of a New Moon whose energies perfectly align with this passage and coming Gateway. This New Moon will support anything new! New thought, new belief, new emotion and expression, the desire for new circumstances, new understanding of current circumstances, new creations, new supports and relationships that align with your SHINE. We have been so conditioned as a species to focus on what is old or wrong and see it as a limitation. GUESS WHAT? With the energies of this New Moon and the Merge Sequences ready to activate with the November Gateway… you are empowered to take any remnants of old that you perceive, feel, hear, experience or are challenged by in anyway – to fuel the NEW levels now emerging from within. Give all your heart, mind and being to focusing on the gifts emerging, the inspirations streaming in, focus on what you are discovering about your Self and the world around you in this time.

A new human recently shared with me that she was just gifted a harmonium and is learning this instrument, practicing everyday. With this New Moon and the coming Merge Sequences… even if she had a dozen things that were complicated or in separation or weighing heavy on her heart, FOCUSING her energy on that harmonium will feed new sustenance to the remaining old in her life.

Recalling in this moment the newly discovered Native American, interdimensional portal that recently beckoned for awareness in this current time. Merge Sequences are very much about collapsing the inbetween, they come when we are ready to abandon the old beliefs and levels of consciousness, to then see clearly Creation from the Eye of God, the heart of God, the wisdom and love of Source. Call forth the wonderful, the unexpected, the boundless…

Seeing The Eternal Behind The Ephemeral

Whatever your struggles or perceived limitation – everyone is feeling the same intensity. As JFK so beautifully conceived, “the movement is toward lifting another up – a rising tide lifts all boats.” As we continue to allow the Christed Logos to escort us through these Solar and Cosmic Stargate experiences over the next 2 months, we must continue to deepen in our connection with the multidimensional self through stillness, through meditation, through the Earth, through devotion and through the essence of and commitment to, Unity. This will bring forth the veil lifting visions of intense light through the Ascension column, activating the crystalline DNA resonating with the vibration of the Primary timelines. This is our etheric timeline task at the moment. Get centered in the stillness and allow these transformative rewrites.

As we come into this Holiday Of Gratitude ~ overseen and enveloped in this beautiful Cosmic, Stargate  Sequence… invite the whole of humanity into your heart. Breathe into the perceived veils and envision the New Vistas of an Enlightened World. A part of me, or perhaps many parts of me sense this will be the most meaningful Thanksgiving of my life. And it is not because of what I have or where I am or who I am with… it is because of what I remember, right now, in this moment. I intend to share my Shine with every human I encounter this next week ~ through a smile, a word, a thought, a deed, a compliment, a hug, through compassion, understanding and surrender. From my table and heart to yours, may we each and all honor the active, unique expressions of the Christed Self this Thanksgiving ~ and always.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti ~ with the Deepest Gratitude and Love,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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***Next Unity Meditation this Sunday 11/19 –  these will continue through the Winter Solstice on December 21st. https://deannehampton.com/blog/new-human-global-unity-meditations/

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3 comments on “Rising To New Expression (Through Gateways and Holidays!)
  1. joyfuljudy says:

    I had just finished re-listening to the last 1/2 of your recent webcast when I discovered you had posted a bonus audio. So I began listening to it too. And I was pleasantly surprised to hear you talk about my harmonium. I continue to play daily-enjoying harmonizing with the different tones and chanting.
    I’m glad you recovered so rapidly from your yoga injury. Yoga has certainly helped me recover from some injuries which occurred when my 60 pound exuberant dog ran into me.
    I love hearing about the interdimensional portals having to do with the Native Amer and Star Beings. It is wonderful that the Native Amer can now talk about what they have known for many generations.
    I recently had to state my truth to a relative who wanted to come stay with us for 2 weeks. After discussing this with my husband I said NO! She was upset but now I feel it was the best thing to do for her and for us.
    Time to go harmonize with my harmonium.



    • DeAnne says:

      Yes, I knew you would love the Shining Ones bringing you in on this post Judy… it is always good to have real time examples of what is being conveyed energetically. Thank you for that. Excellent insight on the recent energy choices that have come to you. Essential times for us all. Happy Oming~

  2. joyfuljudy says:

    Thanks, DeAnne.

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