Gratitude Unlocks The Fullness Of Life

Breathe and take this moment, this now into your heart. We are so loved, so blessed as a species ~ even with the sorrow of separation that is reflected in so many facets of human life. When I meditate on the energy of this photo, I feel the energy pouring into the being at the center ~ and I feel the energy equally so, radiating out ~ all at once. This is what it is to Embody Gratitude; allowing the fullness of life to fill us in each moment and then without pause or thought, allowing that same fullness to flow from us into each moment and every experience and all beings everywhere. 

On this Thanksgiving Day and always ~ may all hearts be full and minds be free, may all bellies be content and may all bodies find rest… may the joy I have in my life, spill over into an inclusive joy in the world around me and may Gratitude be the Abundance that all seek and find. I AM so grateful for this New Human Family of Light ~ for your love and presence, your light, your intention and your support all inclusive. YOU are my abundance.

Sat Nam, Namaste, Sukhino, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti ॐ
Immensely Grateful, touched, astonished, full heart, humbled, expansive, free.

The New Human


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3 comments on “Gratitude Unlocks The Fullness Of Life
  1. Marianne says:

    This fills me with such abundant joy, may all of us spread the light-ness, full-ness, love abounding, to all, Marianne

  2. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    I woke up today with sadness in my heart. At first I could not figure out what it was about. Then I realized it was about how much animals love us and yet we kill them and eat them.

    I had a good cry.


  3. Merina says:

    So beautiful and so relevant for Every Day! Thank you for continually selflessly sharing your insight and wisdom as we move through these times.

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