Opening To More ~

Blessings Beloveds ~

There is expansive, radiant, multidimensional activity underway for the purpose of opening us up to more of everything true; more love, more vision, more unity, more peace, more compassion and forgiveness and surrender, more strength and remembrance of the Supreme Self, Cosmic Self, Divine Human Self.

We had a Cosmic Trigger on Thursday the 23rd ~ the day much of humanity celebrated Thanksgiving. This was a magical day in my world, unplanned, without attachment, there was a sense of waking up and allowing the day to just be what it wanted to be. Jim, Bodhi and I started out on a hike around 11. The paths we took, the ways we turned, the rhythm between the pauses and purpose driven pace of this hike became divine conspirators in what turned into 3 hours of reunion, seeing, joy, community, polishing, remembrance, expansion and invitation to more.

Now, the choice of hikes in Asheville are many and endless. There are places you are more likely to run into others and places where you typically will find solitude. But this day, none of the usual knowns and expectations and rhythms seemed to matter – THIS DAY, was intent on bliss and inner sustenance. Every encounter on this hike, a large group with many dogs, a single gentleman with one insanely cute dog, a family from out of town who were missing their dog… there were these ongoing, magical pauses in our hike that mirrored something beautiful about the new timeline, a new day, new human existence all around us but also, very much, within. Everything was JOY, everywhere was peace and lovelight.

We even had the opportunity to “guide others into new territory.” The family we met was from Miami – and they were lost! They weren’t too concerned about this… 😉 they were happy exploring the woods but had kinda given up on the idea of getting to the “lookout with expansive views” that they had set out to find. Cosmic Triggers are synchronized events, when Galactic, Solar, and Planetary factors align and create an opportunity to accelerate the Ascension. Thursday’s Cosmic Trigger was strong; I felt I would disappear into the bliss-realm. Fortunately, the activity of climbing mountains on rugged trails, along with this synchronized moment of alignment ~ truly it was an intersection of “time”, old and new ~ the day was both amplifying and grounding, all at once. We hiked with this beautiful family for about 30 minutes, until we got them back on track with their desired summit. Metaphors abound in all of this sharing ~ spend some moments with the energy, invitation, the love and activity of the new rays now amplifying order and bliss as a new direction for divine new human. Thursday’s Cosmic Thanksgiving Trigger began an initiation into a 7 week transitional phase into the Higher Light of New Human/New Earth existence. Really pay attention to what and how life is mirroring YOU! Gaia is singing, along with our hearts, in this cosmic alignment.

Even though we cannot effectively describe this experience in linear terms ~ you know that I, along with the Shining Ones, give it a very heart centered, vertically attuned “best effort” in the new human transmissions. In the December webcast, I will share information about the New Emerald Ray that is now present and how it compliments the Magenta Ray that grounded in with the Summer Solstice. Even though much is unsettled, chaotic, without a rudder and often void of feeling or understanding in the world around us… there is an ecstatic, merging-with-Source aspect of this Divine return that can be comprehended. Be dedicated in redirecting all thought, all emotion and unsettled energy to your heart. The new human meditation comes to mind where we swirled the activity in the head (counter clockwise) into a vortex cascading down through the throat and into the heart chakra. Perhaps use the colors of the Magenta Ray you see here, to enliven this activity.

Additionally, in the December Webcast (stay tuned, waiting for Shining Ones go ahead) we will explore the ancient “new” portals of communication activating between the earth plane and cosmos and how to direct and best use the amplification of our Christed Bliss in this now. What I know for sure is that we MUST be intent on Coming Home to the Self, of Showing UP for the Self, of trusting the Self and deepening our relationship with the Self. I have a powerful personal story to share with you on a new Cosmic Alignment that anchored this Gateway week because of the relationship I have with my Self. Curious about how to tell the difference between the small self and Cosmic, Supreme Self…. we will open that up, as well. 

For now, please join us in this Sunday’s Global Unity Meditation. We gather in numbers every week ~ All invited, All inclusive, One World, One Love There is no more powerful thing we can do than to gather in intention, in vibration, in love and vision for the highest potential of our beautiful world.

We are Oneness Rising ~ May we all continue to SHINE!
I AM, YOU are, WE are… Sat Nam ॐॐॐ

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3 comments on “Opening To More ~
  1. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    Looking forward to hearing info about the New Emerald Ray that is now present. Green has always been my favorite color.


  2. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    PS Also looking forward to hearing your personal, powerful story because of your relationship with Self.

  3. sfurr says:

    Glory be!

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