Full Moon, Mercury WHAT? and a Brand New Webcast!

Take a moment to tune into all you have done to BE in this moment… much has been cleared, much has been prepared, much as been surrendered and much has been embodied. There is much promise in this NOW ~ and you are very much a part of that promise. As we step back and witness so much surreal and unimaginable in what is coming undone, dismantling, breaking a part in our world… we feel the depth and power of another type of surreal and unimaginable coming to “light” – to transparency, into focus for our minds, our hearts, our wisdom and deepest knowing. Ascending spiral, descending spiral ~ side by side ~ each gathering in momentum to reflect levels of conscious awakening or fearful resign.

I wanted to share an energy dynamic in anticipation of the next New Human Transmission on the 10th. This is a most interesting and auspicious time. It can be easy to either immerse ourselves in our 3D lives with doing and routine, habits and even rituals that have become mundane… or to feel the fatigue of these times as overwhelm that then manifests as emotional unrest and impatience at the WAITING. Make no mistake about it – the reconfiguration and recalibration of time, timelines old to new, the deep reset of the how things have always been done from deep ancestral, psychic roots to something very different, very new, zero point ~ everything is different! But we must really pay attention to what life is communicating to us. It takes deep and profound trust in “what” is driving this intensity.

Here is the energy dynamic to be paying attention to: the energies/the field – the fast moving river we find ourselves in may, at times, feel like “it” is forcing you into a move you might not otherwise make. You will feel itchy, antsy, gotta get out, give up, give in, force a hand, even do something rash in response to the intensity and momentum present. I get that! I can relate to that. Something big is coming – everywhere speaks to a significant crescendo in ALL that we think we know and have figured out and are prepared for. This will affect personal lives and our collective world. AND IT IS INTENSE. Geesh, intense! Even for the most seasoned light-worker veterans. Now, don’t interpret intense as bad… I do not sense or experience any of this seismic shift negatively. But it will test your center of Self and teach you a LOT about yourself, your spiritual fortitude and center… and it will significantly refine the path you are on and those you journey with.

This morning I was out with the dogs, 2 hour hike in deep wilderness and solitude. I was working deeply, from my deep heart on clarity of purpose, non-attachment, seeing all things clearly (including myself) and remaining as untethered as possible to both my emotions and to any outcome in this expansive NOW. Suddenly and from no where, it was as if I had walked into a sea of sweet grass, the aroma and sweetness, the energy of sweet grass just enveloped me. It was both surreal and magical. I could feel spirals of sweet grass energy, so pungent and so strong, all around me. It was incredibly comforting and peaceful. I felt no “need” to define the experience – I just felt embraced and loved.

Sweet grass is known as the hair of our Mother, the Earth. It is often associated with cleansing and purification. I was grateful to receive. I could almost feel the braids of the mother on my head, my body swathed in green nature adornment: utterly no separation. For me, this experience was my own doorway into a massive energy shift coming in with tomorrows Gemini Full Moon coupled with Mercury turning Retrograde. ALL of this brings me back to the energy dynamic I encourage you to pay attention to as we move into this powerful month of upgrades for the New Year.

*The energies are intense. They might provoke the need for gut level, radical movement in some or all areas of your life. But the deepening of your personal alignment with these energies, the Divine Feminine, The Mother and your own Cosmic Self… will come from, instead, STILLNESS and TRUST. This is our power. This is your power. BE STILL AND KNOW. We are not clever or smart enough (in our human aspect) to outwit and leap to our next highest level of expression. (try as we might and as much as we might long for it) But we are unequivocally wise enough to be STILL and TRUST who we are now; the work we have done to prepare for this moment. It is all so incredibly beautiful… even as the ego squirms.

BE with this Full GEMINI Moon… its invitation is ON POINT with the energy dynamics of this entire month. An astrologer friend of mine recently said that (according to my chart) I was like a Cosmic Archer – I need only set my sights on something – take aim and pull back the arrow. And whatever I aimed at – would just come right to me. This is a great analogy for the supports of this Full Moon. Get still, find your center – and get in touch with what you are ready to truly change in your life. Not from the mind, not from emotions, which will leave you feeling frustrated, at best. But from your center, your core ~ your Oneness Principle. Invite the energy of this Full Moon to anchor in and initiate the process of this change. ALL THE WHILE, you are STILL. You are TRUSTING. You are resting in the embodiment of ALL you have done to BE HERE NOW. In this moment.

I have a really dynamic meditation to share with you on the show next week – it is ALL about your Center; moving from where you are weighted and confined to the remembrance of your Light in relation to ALL of existence. I feel contentment and gratitude in being able to share this meditation with you in support of the greater ascension movement at this time.

December will be a month of UPGRADES to support massive expansion in 2018. The theme of these upgrades is really about SHOWING UP, fully: in your life, in your mission, in your service, in your expression and authenticity, in your power and desire to be a representative of a very new, Divine Human, potential. I invite you and the many to be my guest on the December New Human Webcast.

Showing Up, Embracing Our Divine Destiny
Sunday, 12/10/17 11:11am eastern

Breathe deeply into this now ~ allow the fullness and beauty in and remember, it is your own wisdom.
With Deep Gratitude and the Highest Love,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones


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2 comments on “Full Moon, Mercury WHAT? and a Brand New Webcast!
  1. Michele says:

    I am just loving trusting, it is so helpful to turn to when in a dilemma. Driving someone to the airport the other morning I was starting to feel anxious in the traffic and I thought of trusting and “tried” to relax, when I saw a sign on the truck in front of us which said “TRUST”! I am grateful to you DeAnne ❤

  2. Susannah Furr says:

    Yes Ma’am, the energy IS like sweet grass! New revelations and connection to Source are huge for me right now, and all who are open to them as well. Love to you, blessings!

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